How Long Does it Take to Get Sober: 11 Pieces

How long does it take to get sober using 8 methods + 3 receipts +11 pieces of advice how to get sober fast.


It often happens that after a party a person needs to get sober fast.

There are several simple ways how to bring yourself to order in the shortest terms.

Are you eager to find out how long does it take to get sober?

Study the article below and discover this as well as the ways how to get sober…

…Sobering is the time which is required to get all traces of ethanol from the blood.

The speed depends on the weight and the amount of alcohol, its kick and the peculiarities of your metabolism.

The process of sobering is called elimination.

In order to get rid of the alcohol in the blood, the organism uses a natural system of clearing the blood and ferments.

Besides, kidneys and lungs may also take part in sobering.

That’s why the most reliable way how to get sober is simply to wait for several hours.

Unfortunately, you do not always have them…

How long does it take to get sober using 8 methods?

Excessive drinking has more than a thousand year long history, that’s why there have been invented plenty of methods how to get sober.

Method 1: is simply to stop drinking immediately.

Do it early in the evening because you’ll have a long period to get sober.

To stop drinking does not mean you must drink beer instead of cognac.

Do not drink anything but the drinking water and it’d better be still!

Method 2: is to cause vomit.

You’d better do it putting the first finger in the throat.

Lest you felt worse, you should keep the head low and after you get rid of everything you should eat a cracker and have some water.

Method 3: is to eat solidly.

You need products which are rich in starch such as potatoes or meat.

Moreover, you’ll need fructose, i.e. citrus fruit, apples, grapes or bananas.

Honey is a wonderful remedy to eliminate ethanol from the organism fast.

Drink milk because it’ll create a coat on the mucous membrane in your stomach, which is sure to prevent ethanol from soaking in.

Method 4: is physical exercises.

Simply do some physical exercises because they enrich the organism with much oxygen and the ethanol will leave together with sweat and breathing.

It’s quite enough to do 10 press-ups and knee bending.

Method 5: is to smell liquid ammonia.

Take the top of your nose and pull it a little in order to increase the sense of smell.

Then you should smell liquid ammonia.

Method 6: is to drink coffee or tea.

Coffee lowers the sedative effect of ethanol but does not dehydrate you.

Besides, coffee does not improve movements or cognitive functions when you are drunk.

In this case, you should drink strong tea with ginger.

Method 7: is to take mineral baths.

Mineral baths are sure to make you cheerful.

However, they won’t suit if you are poisoned or feel sick.

Usually, the temperature in this condition is lowered and the shower will only make your condition worse.

Among the mineral baths, another procedure, which may be helpful for a drunk person, is sauna because most of the ethanol is sure to leave through his sweat.

In case you have not got sauna, you’d better walk in the open air long for an hour.

Method 8: is to take medicine.

The absorbent carbon, eubiosis or polysorbate will fit.

Besides, diuretics also have a positive impact.

Diuretic herbs or infusion from briar (diuretic with vitamin C) will definitely be wonderful options.

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3 receipt of cocktails to get sober

If someone from your guests had too much, you should make one of the offered cocktails for him.

Receipts how to get sober:

  1. Receipt 1 requires 1 teaspoon of the following products: cognac, horseradish, sunflower oil, which you mix with 2 teaspoons of tomato paste, 1 raw egg yolk and a pinch of salt mixed with ground black and red pepper.
  2. Receipt 2 requires 1 teaspoon of oil (olive or sunflower), 1 egg yolk (raw), 1 tablespoon of gin and a little pepper (black and red pepper).
  3. Receipt 3 requires 1 drop of oil (sunflower of olive), 1 egg yolk (raw), 1 tablespoon of pepper brandy, 2 teaspoons of ketchup, a couple of drops of lemon juice (or lime) and a little ground black and red pepper.

How long does it take to get sober?

In order to count how long does it take to get sober personally for you, special calculators are sure to help you as they take into account the chaser (or the lack of it), the weight, amount of ethanol and kind of drink, etc.

  1. Calculating how long does it take to get sober.

    You are likely to cope with it even on your own.

    If you do it being drunk, such calculation may even sober you: one way or another, it’s working with your head.

    So, the first thing you must keep in mind is the fact that the alcohol decomposes with the same speed: 1 milliliter on 10 kilos of your weight for one hour.

    It means that if your weight is 60 kilos and you took 100 grams of alcohol, the ethanol would go out 6 milliliters per hour and you’d need 6 hours and 40 minutes to get sober.

    If your weight is a center, the alcohol will decompose with the speed of 10 milliliters per hour and four hours later there will no harmful substances in your blood.

  2. Defining the time of drinking.

    Besides, in order to count how long it takes to get sober, you must define the precise time when the alcohol got into the organism and its precise volume.

    Alcohol starts to decompose almost immediately, that’s why it’s quite enough to divide the weight of the body into 10, and the amount of the clear alcohol into the speed of sobering.

    Add the result to the time the party began.

    The date and time of sobering, which were defined this way, will be maximum precise.

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Simple pieces of advice on discovering how long does it take to get sober fast

There are plenty of ways how to become sober fast after the party.

Nevertheless, this magic would be only 5 minutes long and only in case 90 minutes passed since the time of the last drop of ethanol.

11 pieces of advice on how to get sober fast:

  1. You may not sober a person who loses sensitivity to pain in this condition.

    Otherwise, you might get him into the alcohol coma.

  2. You should not get sober only enough to drive a car.

    It won’t happen, so you should call a taxi, wait for the bus (in case it’s not too late) or stay overnight where you were.

  3. Chew coffee!

    Not the pellets but the seeds.

    If there are some problems with blood pressure even without ethanol, you should not use this product anyway just like tea.

    Your best friend will be mineral still water.

  4. You should not mix different types of alcohol.

    In case, you have to drink cocktails based on different alcohols, you should stick to a simple principle passing from a weak drink to a stronger one.

  5. Do not drink through a straw because the alcohol soaks into the blood still in the mouth and it makes you drunk sooner.

    Moreover, you should be aware that you should not keep any drink or cocktail in the mouth because it will have the bigger influence.

  6. Rubbing the ears is a well-known way how to get sober.

    You must rub both ears with your hands simultaneously.

    A sick person will quickly come to senses but he’ll be out also momentarily.

  7. 5-6 drops of liquid ammonia dissolved in a glass of cold water must be taken in at a gulp.

    Such mixture is used to help a person to get sober.

  8. Wiping with snow or getting in the cold water for long is likely to stimulate the nervous system.

    However, after it you may not drink.

  9. Mix one glass of cold water and 20 drops of mint tincture and take it at one gulp.
  10. We also recommend you take yourself into your own hands and bring your mind to order.

    You may read a book, solve crosswords, although it might seem dull to you at that moment.

    After the brainstorm, your condition is likely to be better.

  11. Take as much water as you can and drink one glass of water for one glass of the cocktail.

    Mind that you should take at least one glass of water before bed.

How long does it take to get sober?

Everything depends on the dose of the alcohol you had, the strength and level of preparation of the organism as well as on the method you choose to use in order to get sober.

Until you are completely sober, you’d better do not leave the house or (even worse) drive a car.

The consequences may be fatal and the least predictable for the driver’s life and health.

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