How to Make Candles in a Jar: 11 steps

How to make candles in a jar learning everything about the materials + 5 stages of manufacturing + coloring and aroma + 11 steps on how to make candles in Mason jars.


Make a candle in a jar to save the flame from the wind and to turn the light into a beautiful and bright glow.

Such thing will become an excellent present for friends, members of your family and everyone who likes aroma candles.

In today’s article, we are sure to discover how to make candles in a jar.

What materials you’ll have to buy in order to start?

  1. A container to melt the wax,
  2. A jar to put the paraffin,
  3. A pan (to make the steam bath),
  4. Sticks (the first one – to fix the wick, the second one – to stir the liquid),
  5. Some beautiful elements to decorate it,
  6. Wax chalks or pencils,
  7. Household candles or the old candle-ends,
  8. Cotton threads (only 100 % cotton).

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How to make the wick for a candle in a jar?

Choosing the perfect wick you’d better find the natural cotton thread without any additions.

If your plan is to study how to make wax candles in a jar, you’ll require thick threads which are not very tightly braided.

The candles from paraffin or gel, on the contrary, need the tightly braided threads (otherwise, the wick is going to smoke when burning).

In case you choose a thick wick, the candle might melt too much and it may result in smoke black.

However, in case the wick is too thin, it’ll constantly fade.

How to prepare a jar for the candle?

Take a jar and put a pen (or any long object) with the fixed wick on it.

You should locate it exactly in the center and vertically because this is the only way the candle will burn and melt smoothly.

5 stages, how to make candles in a jar

  1. Set on the steam bath the container with wax or paraffin.

    If you wish to speed up the melting process, you may chop it into small pieces or grate.

    Melt it on the slow fire and constantly stir.

    The readymade consistency has to be homogeneous without any lumps or pieces of paraffin.

  2. Pour at the bottom some melted wax and it will fix the lower part of the wick in the right place.

    If there is a necessity, you can correct its location.

    Wait a minute for the wax to thicken and the wick to become steady and pass over to the next step.

  3. Fill the jar with the rest of the melted liquid.
  4. A day later, after it completely cooled down and became solid, you should cut the excess wick.
  5. The ready-made item is recommended to be used not less than 24 hours after it has been produced.

Nota bene! The candle must not necessarily be left in a jar. When it’s ready, you can take it out.

You should pick the container with a straight even side, which is not narrowed at the top before you start working.

In addition, you may use plastic cups, ice trays or the handmade containers from Tetra Pak.

How to make colorful and aroma candles in a jar?

  1. Colorful candles.

    When you know how to manufacture simple candles, you can extend their variety or create more complicated ones at home.

    In order to make them colorful, you should put in the container with paraffin the pieces of wax chalks.

    The shade of the ready item will correspond to the color of the added chalk.

    The combination of several colorful chalks will paint them in the rainbow strips.

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  2. Aroma candles.

    Use some essential oils and you’ll get handmade aroma candles.

    In order to add smell, you must add several drops of oil to the melted wax before you pour it into the special form.

    The combination of lavender and bergamot oils will have the relaxing impact, while lemon and rosemary eliminate bad thoughts.

    In order to gain spiritual balance and calmness, you may add to the mixture one part of cranesbill and rose and two parts of lavender oil.

    A perfect combination to improve your mood is orange and cloves, while cedar and lemon are sure to eliminate stress.

How to make gel candles in a jar?

At home, you are also able to make another type – gel candles.

The technology of making is the same as with paraffin.

The only difference is that the form is filled not with paraffin but with special candle gel.

This gel is transparent and this fact allows creating extremely beautiful things.

You can put different shells, beads, stones, glass beads, buttons, flowers or even candies fruits inside it.

One can pick the location of the decorative elements of his own.

The elements put at the bottom before the gel will stay at the bottom while those you put in the poured gel will stay on the surface.

The form for gel must also be transparent (glass or plastic) – otherwise, no one will see the beauty you created inside of it.

You can add some shade of color using special gel dye.

Besides, you are also able to put essential oils there.

Before you pour the melted gel, you should heat the prepared form because this is likely to prevent the appearance of the air bubbles.

How to decorate candles in a jar?

You can decorate the handmade candles differently.

Everything depends on your leap of imagination.

We suggest you several bright ideas which are sure to inspire you on the designer’s breakthrough and make your work a charming attribute for the holiday interior.

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So, you can decorate it using the following materials:

  1. Coffee seeds.

    You may add coffee seeds in the paraffin.

    This is the best option of handmade candle decoration because of the several reasons: firstly, it looks really attractive, secondly, the seeds will be tightly fixed by paraffin (or wax) and won’t be able to drop away and thirdly, they will produce a pleasant aroma when the candle will burn.

    Coffee seeds can be also put on the surface of the ready-made item if you dip them with the paraffin.

  2. Ice cubes.

    Ice and fire are the weird and controversial combination.

    However, if you want your work to be extraordinary, you should definitely try this.

    You must cut the ice and put it in the warm paraffin when making candles.

    After it melts and the candle becomes solid, its surface will remind you of the snow or the bubbled ice.

  3. Creative vessels.

    You may pick not only classic glasses for the candles but the more original vessels, too.

    Take a teacup on the plate, hollow wooden stubs, stem glasses of the interesting forms, shells, cans, egg shell, orange or lemon peel, wooden bark, etc.

  4. Glass beads.

    Add to the paraffin or wax the colorful stones for an aquarium – this is a wonderful idea!

    Nevertheless, their size must correspond to your candle so that the composition looked harmonious.

  5. Shells.

    Besides, you may add them to the paraffin when you are melting it or put at the bottom before pouring the mixture.

    Moreover, you can use them to decorate the vessel, too.

  6. Dried fruits and cinnamon.

    They’ll make your candles original and remind you of New Year and Christmas.

    There are several ways how to decorate them using these materials: either you add them to the wax, or you stick them to the surface or the jar.

    Cinnamon is usually just winded up and there are plenty of ways how to do it.

How to make candles in Mason jars?

11 steps of how to make candles in Mason jars:

  1. Flatten the wick.
  2. Fix one end of the wick to the pen or a similar object.

    Put the second end in a jar making sure it goes to the bottom and is located right in the middle.

  3. Turn on the oven on slow fire and put a container for melting there.
  4. Add the pieces of wax in the container and stir them constantly.

    They must melt but they must not get the bubbles or boil.

  5. Go on stirring till the substance is completely melted.
  6. Add the essential oil, aroma flavor or the dye.
  7. Carefully add the dye until you receive the desired shade.

    In case you add it too fast, you might get the brighter color than you wanted.

  8. Stir the dye and aroma flavor until they completely dissolve.
  9. Pour the melted substance into the jar as soon as it is homogeneous.

    The well-melted and stirred wax must remind you of the smoothie.

  10. You might need 20 or 30 minutes till the wax acquired the required form.
  11. Let it cool down.

    You are allowed to use the item after it becomes solid.

How to make candles in a jar?

Having created a beautiful candle once, you are not likely to stop experimenting with them.

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