What Colors Go Good with Grey?

What colors go good with grey – general recommendations + the examples of matches in clothes and interior + secrets.


Light, pearl, almost black, soft and iron, deep and sparkle…

So rich in shades but often underestimated and considered dull and uninteresting.

However, this universal color, calm and elegant, can be used in different matches where it is sure to “calm down” the contrast colors or emphasize the brightness of other tones.

In order to define what colors go good with grey, one needs to understand that it is a neutral color which can be used almost anyhow.

The most important thing is to match it carefully with other neutral tones, otherwise, the received color-grade may actually look faceless.

The peculiarities of grey

Before you pass over to the information what colors go good with grey, you need to talk about its peculiarities first:

  1. It is an achromatic color which appears from the mixture of black and white.

    They make not 50 shades of grey but many-many more!

  2. The most neutral and calm for perception ensembles occur if you match it with the evenly light colors such as light-gray or light-pink, dark grey and dark red, etc.
  3. It is often called the modern black putting in it the idea that it is easier to combine it with other colors than black.

    However, the universal shades are very light-gray and the dark one.

This color has plenty of various shades which can be produced by the addition of other colors to it.

Depending on the color which was mixed with it, there can be made two big groups which are called warm and cold:

  • The usual gray is a classic color.

    It is the most universal and goes good with all colors;

  • Warm gray – the shades from this group are received by the addition of warm colors (red, yellow).

    The more additional pigment is there, the warmer tone is produced.

  • Cold gray appears when it is mixed with blue.

The combination with other colors

These shades often go to the background and become the basis or the handler of the riotous, bright and rich colors.

Creating the color combinations you should keep in mind that any suchlike combination has the simultaneous contrast which you can always neutralize taking it with the subtone of the matched color.

So, what colors go good with grey:

  1. Grey and pink

    Gray tones go good with soft pink shades: apple blossom, orange pink, salmon.

    They create sensuous compositions.

    Such match gives pink the basis or foundation for its unsteadiness and makes it calm, quiet and peaceful.

  2. Grey and red

    This one is more positive than red and black but nevertheless, there are some definite responses.

    More cheerful combinations will be with light-gray and bright red: scarlet, light-red, and alizarin.

  3. Grey and orange

    The impulsive orange just like pink finds the foundation here.

    It ennobles and its solar energy is not so oppressive for the psychic.

    In most cases, it is combined with other bright shades of orange: orange, tangerine, carroty, while the softer colors such as powder, flesh make more stabilized combinations.

    It may be also combined with darker orange – ginger.

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  4. Grey and yellow

    Such combination is even more popular than the previous one.

    Usually, the light-gray and not very bright yellow are matched.

    So, pink yellow, sand, and pale yellow will go good with it.

    The darker gray requires the more tropical shades of yellow – lemon or canary-yellow.

  5. Grey and warm green

    Green is rather calm on its own that’s why it is combined with gray very seldom.

    However, in case you need to combine it, pick juicy, rich, if possible bright shades of green such as pistachio green or bright green.

    One can use such dark green as the needle tone.

  6. Grey and dark green

    Here, just like in the previous option, you need to use more expressive tones: fluorescent green, turquoise, mint.

    This mixture is sure to make green even colder and it will bring an interesting effect.

  7. Grey and blue

    This couple increases the authority and it will be a matter of course.

    Even if this will be a positive aquamarine, silver will be the one which frames, protects and adds value to the finished product.

    Both turquoise and topaz will go good this way.

  8. Grey and violet

    Very often it is matched with violet that has pink subtone.

    These are blue-violet, violaceous, and thistle.

    They are very romantic and stable just like with soft pink.

    The bright mixture will go good if you take purple.

  9. Grey and brown

    This is not a typical match because brown is somehow similar to gray and it can easily drift into it.

    Together with brown, gray is not in contrast and in most cases it is lost becoming only an invisible additional detail.

  10. Grey and such neutral shades as grey and beige

    Such match is like the previous one but unlike brown, neutral gamma has a wide range of very light tones such as cream, milk, papyrus, etc.

    Grey and neutral which is very close to white become the achromatic contrast, the peak of which is white and black.

    However, it goes good for people with low contrast in appearance.

What colors go good with grey in clothes?

Speaking about wardrobe, it’s not so important what colors go good with grey but in what amount of it is used.

No one wants to look like a mousy person.

Though the basic color can be mixed with any tone, there are several perfect matches.

The examples of what colors go good with grey in clothes:

  • Grey + red, pink, fuchsia

    The blending of red and grey goes good and looks grandly and nobly, especially if in this duet the gray shades dominate and red is the additional accompaniment: accessories, shoes, red lipstick.

    The combination with pink looks more romantic and creates the gentle ensembles.

    Similar combinations allow mixing two colors in the same proportions.

    However, if pink is closer to fuchsia (especially, if the piece of clothes is from the luster fuchsia fabric), the share of gray must be bigger.

  • Grey + yellow

    They are more appropriate for the elegant outfits while the mixture with bright yellow underlines the extraordinary personality.

    Speaking about the brightness of colors, the brighter and darker yellow you pick the more shades of gray can be mixed with it while the pale yellow goes good with light-gray.

  • Grey + green

    It’s extremely difficult to match it with peaceful green and do not look boring.

    You can eliminate the sleep by green which is close to sea waves or young plants.

    Another way to refresh grey and green is to choose green with metallic luster.

  • Grey + blue, turquoise

    They can be mixed regardless of the richness of both colors.

    Anyway, the final result will bear the traces of nobleness and reserve.

    However, turquoise and grey have the completely different story.

    Turquoise can only play solo because even a little bit of it adds festivity and holiday mood.

    Grey is a wonderful support for turquoise and it is better if it assists in accessories, shoes, bags.

    One more impressive combination is turquoise and metal.

  • Grey + blue

    They belong to the palette of the so-called business or office colors. Similar combinations are often used for uniforms of the workers, work clothes, and business dress code.

    Just let it be not the uniform blue but the royal one, and not dark grey but pearl one.

    This way the ensemble won’t look dull! Another way to avoid it is to use various textures.

  • Grey + violet

    They are the best for evening outfits and cocktail dresses.

    This is the very situation when the surface of the fabric is more an advantage than a disadvantage.

    Everyday style requires a dark suit and a violet blouse or a pencil dress which combines all shades of violet with light-gray.

    The lilac tones look noble with the pearly tones.

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  • Grey + grey, black, white

    The achromatic colors almost always look harmoniously.

    It’s quite enough to remember the picture which is made from white, grey and black stripes or a chess board with grey elements.

    Creating such combinations you should pay attention to the proportions of colors in the outfit.

  • Grey + brown

    Brown is one of the business colors that’s why you should avoid the combination of dark brown and dark grey, while sandy, camel and beige tones of brown look noble and expensive in ensemble with it.

    Not less interesting will be the mixture of dark grey and light brown and dark brown with light-gray.

What colors go good with grey in interior?

It is widely used in rooms’ interior but it is not as simple as in the case with clothes. In order to understand what colors go good with grey in interior, you should attentively study the shades.

In general, it is used as the basic color but you should pick light and warm shades which won’t look dirty.

Besides, they visually make the space smaller and you should not use it in the small rooms with bad light.

So that the interior does not look boring and dull, you should use bright strokes which will make grey the perfect background.

The examples of what colors go good with grey in the interior:

  • Grey + black or + white

    The classic combination of neutral colors looks simple and strict.

    Various options of these colors which complement one another can appear rather calm and impressive regardless of the contrast.

  • Grey + red, or + yellow, or + orange

    Yellow, orange and red will glow wonderfully on the grey background.

    These combinations look modern but in order to make a calmer atmosphere, grey should prevail.

  • Grey + blue or + light-blue

    The elegant but cold match should be carefully used in the living rooms.

    Pick the tones thoroughly.

  • Grey + brown

    The furniture from natural wood of any color will look great on the background of grey walls.

    You might pick other brown details but you must definitely add bright strokes to your interior.

  • Grey + green

    Simple, not striking but a nice, cozy and relaxing combination.

    However, everything depends on the shades.

    For example, metal and emerald will definitely look brighter and original.

  • Grey + violet

    Very impressive combination but people should prefer light tones for the living rooms in order to avoid too dark and sad atmosphere.

The secrets of how to combine grey

  1. Properly chosen tones will add your interior or image elegance and sophistication.

    Using wrong ones will make it unattractive, conservative and sad.

  2. It goes well with white and black.
  3. The optimal choice is to pick gray as the basis, the background for the brighter and more dynamic shades (red, cherry, and orange).
  4. It provides with the unique chance to experiment, create the unusual and original designer’s solutions and images.

    The most important thing is to know that moderation is the key.

  5. It looks wonderful with woody tones: light-yellow, gingery, nut, oak and many others.

    The interior or the outfit will become more peaceful this way.

Thinking what colors go good with grey, you should remember that any combination will definitely have the simultaneous contrast which you need to neutralize.

Finally, you should know that it is used in the art to transfer the light-and-shade.

The artists believe that if you blend 2 harmoniously matching colors, you’ll get gray anyway.

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