How to Track Someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing for Free?

How to track someone’s phone without them knowing for free using 4 apps for Android + by means of GPS + spying with iPhone?


There are plenty of various programs which allow tracking your phone or someone’s without them knowing: child’s, relative’s, etc.

As a rule, such software can show the location of the phone on the city’s map almost in real time.

How study the general material and track someone’s phone without them knowing for free?

The obligatory condition of how to receive up-to-date information concerning the person’s location (or his device) is his connection to the Internet.

Besides, it is desirable the GPS was turned on, or it may be Wi-Fi because it serves not only as the access point to the Internet but as the network to define where the device is located.

It helps to find where the person is even inside the buildings.

Such software also has the following functions:

  1. It shows the battery charge of the tracked gadget.
  2. It saves and shows the histories of the movements within a certain period.
  3. Moreover, it creates “the places” and in case a person goes in/out, you receive the notification automatically.

    It improves the quality of tracking (for instance, such function is installed in the app KidConrol).

  4. The changes of the cards and other functions which vary from one program to another.

4 apps to track the phone

For such purpose, there have been invented plenty of programs with the possibility to find where the device is and now we are going to discuss some of them.

  1. Lookout Security & Antivirus (works on Android/iOS).

    There was created the whole system of protection and it’s quite clear from its name.

    After the registration, you may access from your private page to the data concerning how to track the location, how to activate the loud notification (regardless of the settings), how to block the gadget remotely, how to restore its data.

    In case the phone is turned off or the program was removed, another person will only see the latest coordinates when the guard was yet active.

  2. Phone Guardian (Symbian).

    After the software is installed, you’ve got a possibility to block it using the SMS.

    In such situation, the gadget is blocked, all functions are not accessible and a person is able to unblock it only after sending the SMS with the corresponding code.

    After such blocking, the app sends a text to the owner with the coordinates of the lost phone.

  3. Where’s My Droid (Android).

    This is wonderful software for smartphones.

    Sending special texts with the codes, you are able to make the phone produce sound (even if it’s on mute) or get its coordinates.

    The gadget may be controlled through the web interface.

    After you buy a Pro version, you can make photos (and discover the appearance of the thief with the help of the front camera), uninstall apps or block the functions of the lost device remotely.

  4. Android Lost Free.

    It is a very interesting program which is completely free but still has many different functions!

    Moreover, it is a wonderful way how to track someone’s phone without them knowing for free.

    There is an opportunity to uninstall the activation of the fixed alarm with glowing screen, turning on and off GPS and Wi-Fi, and the most significant – to remove all data and discover the made calls.

    In addition, you’ll have a chance to make photos remotely using cameras (both front and usual), to turn on the reading of the entered text.

    In case the user changes SIM-cards, you’ll get a letter in your e-mail.

    This software is not reflected in the menu of the

How use other programs to track someone’s phone without them knowing for free?

Aside from the already discussed software, one may discover the phone using plenty of other programs, such as:

  • Avast! Mobile Security;
  • Plan B;
  • Mobile Defense;
  • AntiDroidTheft;
  • iTag;
  • Prey Anti-Theft;
  • Cerberus;
  • SeekDroid Lite;
  • McAfee Antivirus & Security;

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How use GPS to track someone’s phone without them knowing for free?

Nowadays, people can use the GPS technology to study how to track a phone with the precise accuracy.

Various developers invented plenty of programs which allow finding the devices which have them.

The software has to be installed on the devices you wish to discover.

The most popular options are GPS Tracking Pro (Android) and GPS TRACKER (iOS).

Such software as GPS Tracker Hidden for Android works through GPS in the hidden form.

If you wish to install hidden apps on iPhone, the device must have the jailbreak.

  • The smartphones are sure to exchange the data with each other from time to time after the installment of the programs.
  • It’s important that both devices were connected to the Internet and the tracked device must also have the GPS module.
  • The program provides with the access to the history of movements with time and date and places on the map.
  • It also shows the level of battery charge on the other smartphone, lest the sudden loss of connection caused panic.

9 steps how to trace someone’s iPhone

It’s very simple to find someone’s iPhone using the installed GPS and plenty of other special inventions.

Launch Find My Friends ion order to discover where one’s phone is.

  1. Launch your app Find My Friends.

    Trace the movements of your family members and friends and to show your coordinates if you wish with the help of Find My Friends.

    It is installed on iOS 9 automatically.

    If you work with the previous versions of the operating system, you’ll have to install it from App Store.

  2. Press on the icon of image of a friend in the bottom of the screen.

    It will open the setting for sharing the current location is there is a necessity.

  3. Turn on the function Share My Location.

    Such function is required to trace where another man is by means of his iPhone. Just turn on the function Share My Location and enjoy.

  4. Turn on AirDrop.

    Let Find My Friends stay open on iPhone of another person and turn on AirDrop from the Control Center on your own gadget.

  5. Press Add on someone’s phone.

    Soon you’ll see the image of your profile but it will appear some time later.

  6. Press on the icon of someone’s iPhone and pick Share Indefinitely.

    It will allow the iPhone sharing its coordinates with you constantly and you won’t have to set the connection every time.

  7. Accept the mutual connection to your iPhone.

    It’ll provide you with the admission to the information about the phone’s location.

  8. Press Share in the appeared window.

    This action will allow another person tracking you, too.

  9. Trace someone’s location using Find My Friends.

    You are sure to find out the location of friends and members of your family any time – for this, you’ll only need to press on the corresponding profile in Find My Friends.

    People, with whom you shared your location, will definitely see where you are if they turn on the app.

How to track someone’s phone without them knowing for free?

For such purpose, you’ll need a special program.

A spy program provides people with the possibility to track the direction of the person’s movement.

Here you’ll also see the speed of someone’s movement, too.

The system saves the history.

You’ll have your private profile and anytime you may find the date that is interesting for you.

This way you’ll find out where the person is or was within any period of time.

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