What to Do if Someone is Stalking You?

Are you eager to find out what to do if someone is stalking you? Some pieces of advice and useful tips on how to secure yourself are gathered in our article.


Being ready to counteract, if someone is stalking you, does not necessarily mean that all of us must become paranoiacs.

Nevertheless, being careful will hurt no one.

If you are in a big business, politics or services, which are connected to the influential people, you should study the literature on safety regardless of whether you have a security team or not.

Besides, there is an old saying, which is very common in the countries with highly developed secret services: even if you are a paranoiac, it does not mean no one is stalking you.

If it did not happen to you before, it does not mean it’ll never happen.

No one can be secured from being stalked for trivial robbery.

So, what to do if someone is stalking you? Read some tips in the article below.

What stalking means?

Stalking is the deliberate targeted destruction or expulsion from someone’s usual life surrounding, creation of the sequence of situations, which one after another threatens life, health, work of a person or his relatives, close people, friends and acquaintances.

Systematic stalking and chasing are usually distinguished.

There are three stages of stalking – surveillance, threat and harassment – but they are not always present.

Threatening stage can be absent and one will pass from the surveillance straight to harassment.

Sometimes systematic threat and harassment may be organized without previous surveillance, if there is no time for it or the victim is well-known to the stalker.

What are the motives of a person, who organizes stalking?

  • profit,
  • fame,
  • career,
  • revenge,
  • envy,
  • fear,
  • self-defense,
  • love (passion and jealousy),
  • motives which appear during the psychological disorder (disappointment, perversion, obsessive fears and so on).

What to do if someone is stalking you in the street?

  1. Be constantly attentive.

    Every time you walk, run or walk the dog, you need to train the acuity of vision, attention and observation skills.

    The first defense from all aggressors is being aware of their presence.

  2. Make sure someone is actually stalking you.

    When your intuition tells you someone is probably stalking you, there is some sense in checking your supposition.

    Implement several ways to check it:

    • come across the street and make sure the person does the same,
    • change the speed (not sharply, do not provoke the attack) and make sure the person does the same,
    • listen to the steps and check whether he tries to keep in step. If you have no more doubt, it’s time to act.
  3. First of all, calm down.

    It’s extremely easy to start to panic in such situation and a panic attack will only ruin everything.

    In such condition people stop noticing the trifles, which can save them.

  4. Quickly estimate the surrounding scenery.

    There is probably a chance to prevent the attack without loss from your side.

    If you know the neighborhood well, it’s your great advantage, because you know how to find safe and crowded places nearby.

  5. Do not be afraid to stop in the lighted places and look directly in the attacker’s eyes.

    Probably, the attacker will panic in such places, because you see him. Be confident and look straight in his eyes.

  6. There is always a question of what to shout.

    You should not scream “Do not kill me”, “Do not rape me”, “Do not rob me”.

    People are cowards by their nature and no one will probably react to such screams.

    It’s better to scream that there is a fire.

    It will definitely attract attention to the sound’s source.

  7. Continue screaming until someone gets interested in the scream.

    In case someone is looking at you, change the phrase to the more appropriate one.

  8. No one canceled the saving by running.

    You must definitely estimate the attacker’s abilities beforehand.

    Do not try to run, if you know what a bad runner you are.

  9. Call the phone.

    Loudly and distinctly describe where you are and what is going on.

    Start describing the attacker’s description details.

    Try to sound so loud that the chaser heard you, especially his description.

    Even if no one is picking up, speak and describe the neighborhood, the street and the chaser.

    Your main goal is to frighten away someone who is staking you.

  10. Use the wallet and keys.

    In case your wallet is empty, you may easily drop it. In most case the stalkers just want to rob you, so you’d better simply lose your money.

    You will definitely earn more.

    If you have the keys, you should take them and put between your fingers.

    You’ll have something like knuckles.

  11. Attack.

    Your main rule is not to hesitate doing anything, because your life is the most precious thing here.

    Save it and do not be sorry for the criminal.

  12. Avoid going straight home.

    Pay a visit to your friends, police, wherever, but not home.

    Finally, some general pieces of advice:

    • never panic,
    • do not draw attention to yourself,
    • check twice, maybe you are just afraid of the darkness,
    • go in for sports,
    • avoid unknown places and walks at nights without necessity.

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What to do if someone is stalking you systematically?

  1. The most significant here is to share the suspicions with your friends and people, whom you are confident in: family members, colleagues, close friends.

    When your stalker is one of them, he’ll become alert and will probably stop doing it.

    Possible candidates are usually your ex-partners, who cannot accept the refusal.

    It may also be a co-worker, a neighbor from your street, a group mate or completely unfamiliar person.

  2. When you discovered the stalker’s identity, try to understand why he does it, what motivates him and what he wants to declare with it.

    Try to draw a picture of his psychological portrait, feel and understand his actions, understand his fears.

  3. When you receive anonymous calls or e-mails of the alarming character, think how to store, record or resend to the provider.

    Never answer the calls or e-mails.

    Telephone companies, internet-providers and so on, know the ways how to define a person responsible for it.

    You should send everything there.

  4. Pay a visit to the local police department and state the suspicious activity.

    Police stations usually treat such cases in all seriousness.

    A police officer will open the case and recommend you what precautions you should take and what information is sure to be useful.

    When you are aware who is threatening you, share it with the officer.

  5. In no case attempt talking to the stalker.

    Such people are obsessed and never rational.

    This action might even inspire them for further activity.

    They have no respect towards you, your rights or personal life.

  6. Turn hidden threats into open ones.

    Make your chaser act in front of witnesses at least from your surroundings.

  7. Try to stay with reliable friends or family members, when you go out.

    Let them walk you home and try not to walk, jog or ride a bicycle alone.

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  8. Keep the doors and windows closed, even being at home.

    Never open the door, if you are unsure who came to you.

    If a delivery man is knocking at your door, call the service to verify it before you open the doors.

    Regularly check your house and studies on the presence of listening devices, yourself on the presence of surveillance (fixed facts can be the proof, which you can show to the public).

  9. When you make new acquaintances be well-mannered and sympathetic.

    However, you should not give your personal information like the phone number, address or your working place and schedule.

    Keep the distance.

  10. Change your timetable, bus route, café, mail address, e-mail address and password, phone number.

    Constantly watch what is going on around you.

  11. Do not blame yourself, but protect yourself.

    If someone is stalking you and he knows you did all the actions mentioned in the text, he might get off your back, because you won’t be an easy target.

People, who faced stalking under the circumstances, where their powers and the stalker’s powers were not initially even, are worth respect and always need the support and help.

That’s why we hope that our pieces of advice on what to do if someone is stalking you turn to be helpful.

Anyway, never be afraid to call for help.

Moreover, do not turn away from a person, who says someone is stalking him, help him.

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