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How to Make Your Beard Thicker: 3 Receipts of Masks

How to make your beard thicker: by a healthy diet + masks + medicine + cosmetic products.


Nowadays many men wish to have a beard.

Thick and healthy beard will definitely make a man look respectful and let him emphasize his personality and uniqueness.

Nevertheless, many representatives of the strong sex face the problem when the bristle grows not as intense as desired.

Such men are sure to be extremely interested to find out the ways how to make your beard thicker.

How to make your beard grow thicker: 4 useful pieces

  1. Going in for sports.

    Physical loads stimulate the production of the main male hormone – testosterone.

    It is responsible for the secondary sexual characters which also concern the beard’s growth.

  2. Healthy food.

    A special emphasis should be laid on the products which contain protein such as low-fat meat, cottage cheese, dairy.

    The diet which is rich in protein is very important because the hair consists of keratin which must be regularly renewed.

    Moreover, every day you should eat enough fruit and vegetables which have all the essential vitamins and microelements.

    In order to increase the level of testosterone and make your bristle thicker, you must add to your diet enough eggs, fish, and nuts.

    These products have very important and useful saturated fats which have a positive impact on testosterone.

  3. Proper shaving.

    On order to learn how to make your beard thicker, you must shave regularly.

    It is more likely to become healthy, thick and get more volume after it.

    Moreover, shaving is going to make your beard more even and stronger.

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  4. The level of hormones.

    The hormone level plays a very important part in the beard’s growth.

    That’s why if you wish to find out how to make it thicker, healthier and shinier, you should balance the hormone level.

    In this case, we firstly speak about testosterone because this is the hormone which is responsible for the bristle on the face.

    To normalize the level of male hormones you must definitely go to a specialist – endocrinologist – who usually deals with such problems.

    The highly qualified doctor will prescribe you the required tests and course of treatment.

How to make your beard grow faster and thicker using vitamins and microelements

If you wish to fulfill your desire, you’d better add to your everyday diet some vitamins and microelements.

The required vitamins and microelements which are sure to improve the situation:

  1. Vitamin A is a component responsible for the hair and follicles’ hydration, which prevents them from damage and weakness.

    Such vitamin is contained in such products as carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, spinach, cheese and eggs.

  2. Vitamins of the B group are very essential and you must pay attention to the vitamins B3 (nicotinic acid), B5, B6, and B12.

    You can make your beard thicker eating the following products: liver, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, fish, carrots, bananas and wheat germs.

  3. Folic acid makes the beard grow faster and improves its condition.

    The sources of it are nuts, whole grain bread and green leaf vegetables.

  4. Vitamin C strengthens the organism in general.

    The wonderful source of vitamin C is the citrus fruit but you are likely to discover even more of it in currant or bell pepper.

  5. Vitamin E is responsible for the health of the skin and follicles.

    Oils are rich in this vitamin the most, such as olive oil.

  6. Iron is also an irreplaceable component of the hair’s health.

    You can find it in meat and dark green vegetables such as spinach.

  7. Zinc prevents hair loss that’s why you should eat meat, fish, and seafood to maintain the needed amount in the organism.

How to make your beard grow faster and thicker using 3 receipts of masks

If the beard does not grow at all, we suggest you trying some receipts of how to fix the situation.

  1. A mask with the eucalyptus oil.

    Eucalyptus improves hair growth. In order to make a mask from eucalyptus at home, you should blend 1/5 of eucalyptus oil and 4/5 of warm water.

    Put a cotton pad in the solution and then apply it to the skin with the wetting movements.

  2. A mask from amlaka oil and mustard.

    You are able to make a mask from amlaka oil and mustard because amlaka is considered to be one of the most useful natural oils for the follicles.

    Blend almost 60 ml of amlaka oil with 3 tablespoons of mustard powder and make a mixture like paste.

    After you applied this mask, wait 20 minutes and remove the rest of it.

    Besides, you may add jojoba or wine-stone oil in the mask.

    Use them directly on the skin and let them soak in. 15-20 minutes are likely to be quite enough.

  3. A mask from the milled cinnamon and lime’s juice.

    In order to make your beard grow, you should use milled cinnamon and lime’s juice.

    Apply this mixture to the skin twice a day to stimulate hair growth.

    To make this mask you should take 1 tablespoon of the milled cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of the lime’s juice.

    Keep it on your beard for 25-30 minutes.

    If you have irritation from it, you should not use it anymore.

How do you make your beard thicker using medicine?

Science learned how to stimulate hair growth long ago using various medicinal drugs.

However, you should definitely consult your trichologist doctor first.

He is sure to examine you and give some useful recommendations on how to take good care of your beard using medical drugs, which are sure to fit you.

  1. Minoxidil.

    This is a medical drug which stops hair loss and stimulates its growth.

    It is generally used to fix the situation on the head but you can use it to grow your beard or on other areas.

    You are sure to have the situations when your hair does not grow even but only in islands and bunches.

    Minoxidil is likely to help you in such situation.

    It’s very easy to apply it because you just put it on the skin and rub minoxidil into it.

    However, the concentration of the medicine and the periods of using it must be learned from the doctor.

    It may have some side effects so you should make sure you consult the doctor first.

  2. Finasteride.

    The market also offers another option how to stimulate beard’s growth.

    Finasteride increases the level of the male hormones and is used for receding hairline in men.

    Finasteride increases the amount of hormones in the organism on 10-20% and it stimulates the growth on the body, head, and beard.

    The product is made in the form of pills and it is very easy to take them.

    Before you use finasteride, you should visit a doctor because it might have some side effects like impotence, weakened libido or the decreased volume of ejaculate.

How do you make your beard thicker using the cosmetic products

  1. A cream for beard growth.

    The main function of such cream is to take care of the skin, activate the blood circulation and feed the follicles.

    Such complex approach can increase the growth on the face, especially if the cream contains hormonal components.

    The skin, which is hidden under the beard, receives less oxygen, becomes dry or, on the contrary, oily and it prevents the beard from growing.

    The cream eliminates these problems.

  2. Shampoo.

    The bristle on the face has almost no differences from the hair on the head, that’s why you should wash both using shampoo.

    It’s important to pick the proper product for the certain type of the hair.

    Together with the shampoo, you should buy a balm or conditioner which won’t let your hair electrify, become flaggable or too oily soon after washing.

  3. Spray.

    The spray is used to amplify the beard’s growth.

    They have the vasodilator effect, increase blood flow to the follicles, which improves the growth.

    There is also another category of sprays – deodorizing products.

    They are invented to eliminate and mask the smells, which the hair soaks in.

    They consist of the perfume components, aroma essential oils, and hydrating ingredients.

If all these methods on how to make your beard thicker failed to help you, you’d better wait for some time.

You may try to grow it a couple of years later as the hair on the face grows better with the lapse of time.

This is the reason why the older men usually have so big beards.


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