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How to Fix Crooked Teeth without Braces?

Do are dreaming about having a beautiful smile, but you do not know how to fix crooked teeth without braces? In the article you will find out 4 different ways.


Crooked teeth look terrible on both adults and children.

Though, speaking about the young generation, they have to wear braces, because parents make them do it.

Being in a more conscious age, people prefer other methods of orthodontic treatment.

Modern medicine allows fixing crooked teeth, causing no damage to the patient’s aesthetic feelings.

How to fix crooked teeth without braces?

Who can use these methods?

In which cases can you fix crooked teeth without braces?

  • Crooked teeth do not have integrated nature, i.e. only one or two teeth are crooked.
  • Occlusion differs from normal only a bit.

    Open occlusion can be fixed only with braces.

  • Patient needs quick result, and treatment with braces lasts for several years.
  • Patient is allergic to the metal, which is an integral part of any brace system.
  • Low gums, because of which you can injure them by the locks and there is no opportunity to install sapphire braces, which are able to solve this problem.
  • A person will face difficulties wearing braces and taking care of them.
  • Low pain threshold due to which the pain during treatment is unbearable.
  • Work and everyday routine presuppose perfect appearance and nice diction, and usual braces do not fit here.
  • Fix wrong breathing and troubled swallowing.
  • Preventive measures from crooked teeth for children under 12.

How to fix crooked teeth without braces in children?

It’s not desirable to use braces in children as a way how to fix crooked teeth, and it’s better to use them when they are already teenagers.

It’s never too early to start taking care of child’s occlusion.

If you fix the problem on the early stage, when a kid does not go to school yet, you can avoid having long-term treatment in the future.

Besides, the younger is a child, the easier it is to persuade him to wear uncomfortable “things” in his mouth: a teenager will not be very happy to wear orthodontic construction being afraid of teasing from other children.

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So, in order to fix crooked teeth without braces in children you should use:

  1. Lip bumpers

    • eliminate bad habits, which form wrong occlusion;
    • lessen muscular tension on teeth;
    • lower the activity of the genial muscles;
    • widen the dental arch;
    • look like metal arch;
    • fit children under 5.
  2. Stretching sheets

    • fix occlusion on the early stages of having crooked teeth;
    • press on teeth, gradually placing them in the correct position;
    • look like a plastic basis to which different metal arches, screws and hooks are connected;
    • fit children, who already have their permanent teeth.
  3. Trainers

    • solve logopedic problems;
    • normalize swallowing functions;
    • fix the location of the lower jaw and fix cooked teeth;
    • train muscles, “teaching” them how to work properly;
    • lessen the muscular tension;
    • look like a silicone splint;
    • fit children older than 5.

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Only a doctor can define which construction will be better for a kid.

Nevertheless, parents should not stand aside from the choice, because they’ll have to learn how to control their offspring and watch he actually follows all the orthodontist’s prescriptions.

For example, children who like to talk a lot, can face some difficulties wearing trainers, wearing which a child must keep silence at least for an hour.

Some parents are sure that it’s better to wait and then put on braces.

However, it should be noted that braces fix crooked teeth by purely mechanic method, shifting them.

Trainers, lip bumpers and sheets eliminate the reasons why crooked teeth appear, that’s why they lower the risk of relapse.

How to fix crooked teeth without braces in adults?

Many people, having become mature, regret that parents did not take care to fix their crooked teeth when they were still children.

Nevertheless, the age is not an obstacle for treatment.

The main condition of successful teeth extension is persistence.

Adult patients are usually offered to pick one of the following orthodontic constructions:

  1. Aligners.

    They look like a transparent splint made from the elastic plastic.

    In general, they are used in the following cases:

    • cheek-teeth are either shifted or located too close to each other;
    • there are diastemas;
    • you were diagnosed open occlusion, distoclusion, anterior bite, direct bite or crossbite.

    Aligners are manufactured individually for every client, which assures that the construction will perfectly fit.

    Besides, there is a possibility to make every cap of the splint of a different thickness: this way you are sure to preserve the needed tension on a definite tooth.

    Thanks to its soft material aligners are perfectly safe and there is no way how they can damage the lining.

    There are other advantages, which cover such important factors as obscurity, simple requirements for care, and the possibility to take off the aligner any moment, for example, before going out on a date or during eating.

  2. Elastopositioners.

    These things are made of the transparent hypoallergic silicone and are considered to be one of the newest ways how you can fix crooked teeth.

    They are able to fix any cosmetic defects, such as:

    • narrowed teeth arches in the area of premolars and molars;
    • crossbite;
    • wrong location of teeth on the jaw;
    • the need to fix the result after treatment by the irremovable orthodontic constructions.

    Elastopositioners are not implemented if there is a need to remove a tooth or there are some skeleton anomalies.

    When you wear this construction, you must regularly visit your dentist in order to control the condition of the mouth cavity.

    Elastopositioners are extremely easy to use, but the only peculiarity is that you cannot wash them in hot water; otherwise they will deform and lose their qualities.

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  3. Veneers.

    This is a wonderful alternative for braces, if a person is worried about some slight drawbacks of the dental arch, such as:

    • lightly crooked teeth;
    • split teeth or small diastema;
    • too short teeth, which look unaesthetic.

    Veneers do not fix the drawbacks and do not fight the reason of their appearing.

    They just hide what a patient would like to hide.

    These constructions are made of the ceramic sheets, which are not more than 1,5 mm thick and are fixed to the front of the teeth.

    Veneers are manufactured for every patient exclusively and it takes in average 14 days to make them.

    Before you install such construction, your dentist will mill your teeth, lest the veneers differed from the rest of the teeth and were unseen.

    As soon as the procedure is done, the patient can enjoy snow-white even smile for the next 10 years – that’s how long they will serve you.

  4. Lumineers.

    Such method of hiding the drawbacks is very similar to how you install veneers.

    They are recommended for installment:

    • if there is a wide diastema (or a trema), or the traces of teeth’s reconstruction and restorations;
    • if adamantine substance of the teeth changed its color;
    • if there are split teeth or in order to fix crooked teeth.

    The only significant difference is that lumineers are much thinner and do not require milling, that’s why you can simply take them off, if only you need it.

    Nevertheless, lumineers will fit only those, who have very slight imperfections.

    Clinical investigations have proved that lumineers can serve you 20 years.

Though, before you think how to fix crooked teeth without braces, regardless in a kid or an adult, you should understand that this is a long-term process.

That’s why it’s extremely important to treat it seriously.

Successful treatment depends not only on the chosen orthodontic construction, but on how much patience and obstinacy you have.

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