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9 Methods, How to Fix Receding Hairline

Are you eager to find out how to stop receding hairline? In the article below you are going to find various ways how to fix this problem.


In general, there are more than 100 000 hairs on a human head.

Most of them (about 85%) are in the phase of active growth with the speed of 1-1,3 cm per month.

The remaining 15% are in the non-cycling state.

At this stage they are very fragile and often fall out if you comb roughly, use a hairdryer or other styling devices and products.

You should not be afraid of it because there will grow the new hair unless you suffer from the receding hairline and you do not know how to stop it.

If you faced this problem, you must definitely learn how to stop receding hairline.

In order to learn how to stop receding hairline, you should firstly learn why such problem appears

95% of men and 60% of women in different age face this androgenic alopecia (hair loss) which leads to the receding hairline.

The progress in men happens quicker: 25% of men discover alopecia under 20, 65% — till 35 years and more than 85% — till 50 years.

It is genetically presupposed and this factor has almost everyone regardless of the sex.

Still, not all people have the receding hairline.

The reasons why receding hairline may appear:

  • Serious diseases like diabetes or lupus;
  • Wrong diet;
  • Thyroid dysfunction;
  • Constant emotion tension or stresses;
  • Frequent usage of styling products;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Hormone imbalance;
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Age changes (sexual maturation, climax);
  • Vitamins and minerals deficiency in the organism;
  • Disturbed blood circulation;
  • Immoderate drinking and smoking.

Before you pick how to fix receding hairline, you should stop and eliminate the factors which caused it in the first place.

What kinds of receding hairline are there and how to stop them?

Alopecia has plenty of forms, the character of which may be determined by how the receding hairline looks like.

Circumscribed or patchy alopecia

The receding hairline may appear in any part of the head and sometimes even strike the beard and eyebrows.

The disease looks like several places which have round form and no hair.

Gradually they may unite in the bigger ones.

The reasons of such appearance are usually the allergic reaction, stress, head trauma or it might be hereditary.

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Diffuse alopecia

Such type is usually characterized by the hair loss all around the head equally.

The scalp starts to be seen through the hair: mostly in the temples, forehead or the crown of the head where some time later receding hairline might appear.

Androgenic alopecia

This form of receding hairline develops because of the high level of sensitivity of the hair follicles to dihydrotestosterone.

Such problem may begin from 20 years and the hair falls out in waves.

You should turn to a doctor with the question of how to stop receding hairline as soon as you notice receding anywhere on the head.

If you postpone the visit to a doctor, it might lead to the inconvertible consequences for your hairdo.

In the course of time, the hair follicles will be simply covered with derma (skin) and it’ll be extremely difficult to stop and fix this condition.

What ways you should use to fix receding hairline?

The ways how to stop and fix it and what treatment to pick will directly depend on the reason that triggered receding hairline and the form of alopecia.

There are the following ways how to fix receding hairline:

  • Complexes of vitamins and minerals

    Enrich the food with additional vitamins and minerals because they are prescribed to stop and fix any problem.

    Besides, massage of the head may be also considered to be a stimulating method to fix the receding hairline.

  • Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapeutic devices, as a rule, do not lead to toxic or allergic damage of the organism and are able to fix the situation extremely effectively.

    The main kinds of physiotherapeutic treatment of the receding hairline are stimulation current therapy, ionophoresis, darsonvalization, electrical stimulation, vacuum massage, cryotherapy (massage with liquid nitrogen).

  • Pharmaceutical treatment

    Pharmaceutical therapy fixes everything by applying special cosmetic products: gels, sprays, shampoos, ointments, and balms.

    Moreover, a doctor may prescribe some medicine to fix alopecia.

    There have been held a very effective treatment using laser illumination lately.

  • Transplantation

    In the worst case scenarios, hair transplantation is chosen as a way to fix receding hairline.

    The modern methods of how to fix receding hairline also include fake hair implant.

    This method is based on fixing a hair implant in the head’s skin.

    The quality and color of the fake hair are chosen in accord to the natural.

    After implantation, it’s impossible to differentiate the fake hair from the real one.

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How to fix receding hairline by a hairdo?

A properly chosen hairdo will help you hide this drawback and is sure to add confidence in your own attractiveness.

However, you must choose the hairdo, which will definitely suit you.

Male haircuts which are likely to help you hide the receding hairline:

  • Caesar cut or brush cut does not demand great attention and due to light finger movements, you may create a chaos on the head, which will cover the needed zones on the forehead.
  • Combed back hair will be a nice option for the relatively thick hair.

    It will let to mask receding hairline rather well and effectively.

  • Long hair will be suitable to prevent receding hairline from being seen on the forehead and temples.
  • Medium texturized haircut presupposes several layers with different hair length, which consequently adds volume to the hair.
  • Number one haircut is likely to make you look manlike and attractive.

    If you pick this style, you should remember to refresh it every 2 or 3 weeks.

Tips for women on how to fix receding hairline by hiding:

  • If you have receding hairline near the forehead or temples, you should not comb the hair back, even if you have such habit.

    Try something new – for instance, make a new haircut with a fringe or a short ragged haircut and make lightened hair.

  • If you have the receding hairline at the crown of the head or at the side, you can fix it refusing from short haircuts and stop attracting the attention to your drawback.
  • The procedure of hair extension will stop you from worrying about your appearance for long.
  • The owners of the dark hair should better dye the skin with receding hair by the hair-dye of their natural color.
  • One can mask receding hairline doing the proper hairdo with plenty of hair sprays and gels, which boost the volume.
  • The owners of the long hair are much luckier – when styling they may make the locks which will frame the face and there will prevent the trace of the receding hairline from been seen.

    Moreover, such hairdo will emphasize your attractiveness and eliminate the complexes which concern appearance.

How to prevent receding hairline?

Specialists, who believe that a lifestyle is able to influence on the receding hairline or even prevent it, advise sticking to a healthy diet to prevent this problem in the first place.

Not many people are aware that our hair almost completely consists of protein.

The balanced diet is able to prevent, or, at least, to slow down the hair loss.

Regular physical activities, yoga, meditations and respiratory exercises help to stop stresses, which supposedly play an important role in alopecia.

9 methods how to prevent receding hairline:

  • Avoid high temperature

    Hot air and water are extremely harmful to your hair, that’s why you should stop their usage and use only warm water and without a hairdryer.

    If you need to dry your hair fast using a hairdryer, you should firstly use a towel and then turn the hairdryer on the low temperature to prevent the future drawback.

  • Eat meat

    The hair structure contains keratin which is represented by protein.

    Include in the everyday diet enough protein and you’ll prevent receding hairline – so, do not refuse eating meat.

  • Wash your hair regularly

    Every day your hair and skin gather dust, dirt, smog, that’s why you need to clean them often.

    Washing your head every day will prevent the harmful elements from gathering on your head.

    Besides, it will prevent the gathering of excessive skin fat, which blocks the pores and follicles.

  • Do not touch your head with your hands

    The scalp and follicles are very sensitive, that’s why you should prevent yourself from making a habit of scratching the head – the sharp nails may easily damage the skin and follicles.

  • Use hair conditionerHair conditioner does not only make it softer but helps to prevent fragility.

    A conditioner should be applied to the locks, avoiding the roots and then removed with warm water.

  • Do not overuse the styling products

    Various styling products help to make a stylish hairdo but have a terrible impact on the health of the hair.

    If it’s possible, stop using styling products, but when necessary, apply the hair-gel to the locks avoiding the roots to prevent blocked pores and follicles.

  • Protect the hair from ultraviolet

    Protection from ultraviolet is needed not only for your skin.

    If you have weak and damaged hair or you lose it, always wear a hat in the sun in order to prevent the consequences.

  • Consult a doctor

    In some situations, alopecia may be a symptom of a disease.

    For example, it is connected to anemia and problem with thyroid glands.

    You’d better consult a doctor, who can diagnose a real reason of hair loss and prevent the development of an illness.

  • Secure the blood flow

    According to the widespread belief, standing upside-down can improve the blood flow to the head, which in its turn stimulates hair growth and prevents many problems.

    Another even easier and more pleasant way to gain the same effect is the head massage.

Now you know various ways how to stop receding hairline.

Regardless of the fact that it does not bring the physical harm, it is really threatening for the quality of life causing worries, stress, and low self-esteem.

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