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How to Strengthen Hair Follicles: 4 Receipts + Healthy Food

Are you eager to find out how to strengthen hair follicles? Read our article and discover how to use the most effective ways.


Polluted environment and aggressive products for care terribly influence badly on the locks of the most women, but for some rare cases.

This is the reason why the question of how to strengthen hair follicles is very topical nowadays.

If you treat yourself properly, you will solve the problem of the sick hair follicles in the shortest terms and it will allow you to make your hairdo thick, shiny and very attractive again.

How to strengthen hair follicles discovering the most widespread reasons for weakening?

The necessity to strengthen hair may appear because of:

  1. All possible inner problems of the organism from some chronic diseases of the inner organs to the chronic vitamin deficiency and other illnesses, which are connected to poor nutrition.
  2. Wrong care and aggressive styling using a straightener, a hairdryer, rough shampoo and other cosmetic products will definitely make women’s locks weak, damaged, poisoned by chemicals and then they’ll start to fall out.
  3. Stress stops hair growth and decreases the diameter of blood vessels.

    As a result, the follicles receive less oxygen and nutritive substances and then become weak.

  4. A little less influence have the following factors: not having enough sleep, wearing tight hats, a habit to walk without hats, etc.

How to strengthen hair follicles at home?

  1. Systematic head massage.

    This way will definitely secure the follicles with oxygen and nutritive substances.

    It is very effective, if there are some problems with blood vessels in the head zone and if you suffer from vitamin deficiency.

    In order to make this procedure even more effective, you should apply to your fingertips any essential oil – hair roots and scalp will be enriched with vitamins.

    Besides, you should mind that the weak follicles badly keep the locks, that’s why the movements during massage must be light and you should not do it longer than 15 minutes.

    You can repeat it every day, and one week later you are sure to see the effect.

  2. Oil masks.

    Masks with oils are known to be extremely useful in fighting the receding hair.

    If your locks are closer to being oily, you may add citrus juice because this will make them less oily.

    You should also take into account the fact that the masks should be applied very carefully in a thin layer.

    If the hair consumes too much oil, the oily surface will appear and make the locks heavier and you’ll lose even more hair.

    Nevertheless, you should not worry too much – only weak hair will fall out, while the rest will strengthen and regain its health and beauty from the castor, burdock, and other oils.

  3. Hair rinse.

    If you have no desire or possibility to wear oil masks on your hair for several hours, you should use the burdock or nettle to make useful strengthening hair rinse – 2 tablespoons of the ingredients mixed with one glass of boiling water will make one portion of the rinse, which you may use after every washing.

    A few weeks later your follicles are likely to strengthen a lot, your hair will become shiny, and you’ll lose less hair.

    Aside from traditional burdock and nettle for the strengthening rinse a person may take birch buds and leaves, poplar buds, oak bark, chamomile, coltsfoot, etc.

  4. Liquids with spirit to massage into scalp.

    Alcoholic tinctures with onion, nettle or burdock juice demonstrate great effectiveness because the influence of the useful extracts and juice is increased by the warming action of the alcohol, which activates microcirculation of the blood in the head’s dermis.

  5. Readymade cosmetic products.

    If you have no desire to make masks, rinses and other options of hair care cosmetics at home, you should buy the readymade products, which have a note “for weak hair”.

    Every manufacturer has such series of products, so you are only left to choose the fitting one with the needed substances, which are impossible to use in home receipts – the pearl’s extract, panthenol and so on.

  6. Masks.

    Speaking about those, which strengthen hair roots, the folk medicine can offer at least one hundred suchlike options with various ingredients.

    Oils, extracts, infusions and tinctures from herbal substances, mustard, and alcohol tinctures allow making multicomponent mixtures, which have a complex action on the locks and scalp.

    It helps people to find the answer to the question of how to straighten hair follicles.

How to strengthen hair follicles using 4 receipts of homemade masks

  1. A mask to strengthen oily hair.

    Milled parsley is mixed with castor oil in proportion 1:1 and applied to the roots.

    You massage your scalp and spread the mask all over the hair leaving it for a half an hour together with a shower cap and a warm towel.

  2. A mask to strengthen oily hair.

    In order to cook this strengthening remedy, you need to blend an egg, cognac, lemon fresh, burdock oil and fresh yeasts – the proportion in nearly the same.

    Apply the homogeneous mixture to the locks and leave in the warm bath for half an hour. Use soapy water to remove the mask.

  3. A mask to strengthen dry/damaged hair.

    The porridge from the grated onion and beet is mixed with burdock oil.

    This way we’ll get the hydrating mask.

    Such components are applied to the scalp because it allows controlling the biological skin fat production, feeding the follicles with vitamins and softening the locks by the burdock oil.

  4. A mask to strengthen dry hair.

    The porridge from banana is mixed with the egg yolk, honey and sour cream in the proportion 3:1:1:3 and applied to the locks for one hour.

How to strengthen hair follicles by healthy food?

The unbalanced diet is reflected on the supply of nutritive substances to the follicles.

The priority to fill the vitally essential systems by the vitamins and minerals often means that there are simply no resources for the locks.

That’s why in order to improve the lock’s health condition from the inside, you need to satisfy the need of the organism in vitamins B, C, E, and A.

Learning how to strengthen hair follicles you need to include the following products to your everyday diet:

  • Vitamin A (is required for elasticity) – spinach, asparagus, red vegetables and fruits;
  • Vitamins B (needed to produce coloring pigment, silkiness, and shine) – wholegrain products;
  • Vitamin C (antioxidant, which slows down the process of aging) – citrus fruits, berries, fruits;
  • Iron is the element which is responsible for the delivery of the oxygen to all organs and tissues through the blood.
    The lack of iron causes oxygen starvation of the hair follicles, which makes them very weak. Iron is contained in liver, pomegranate, apples, eggs, etc.

The changes in the diet allow strengthening the hair follicles, stopping baldness and improving the locks’ condition fast.

How to strengthen hair follicles in the beauty salons?

The main procedures how you can strengthen hair follicles and improve their condition:

  1. Low-intensity laser emission stimulates the activity of the metabolism in the follicles, prolongs the growing phase and helps to transfer most follicles from sleep to active condition.
  2. Ozone therapy gives the hair much oxygen, which stimulates the metabolic processes and encourages improvements in hair growth and scalp.
  3. Mesotherapy using special cocktails to stimulate its growth.
  4. Darsonvalization of the scalp.
  5. Massage of the head.
  6. Special cosmetic products which stimulate the hair growth.

Now you know all the ways how to strengthen hair follicles.

To sum everything up, you must know that it’s quite a difficult task to learn how to strengthen hair.

It depends on many factors and on the person’s health, that’s why it’s significantly important to take preventive measures against infections, immune, hormone and other diseases.

Moreover, you need to keep the proper diet and lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

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