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How to Darken Your Eyebrows: 3 Methods

How to darken eyebrows: the eyebrow dye + bio-tattooing with henna + how to darken your eyebrows with eyeshades.


Dark eyebrows are the dream of the most girls.

We’ll teach you how to darken eyebrows at home using the simplest methods.

In this article, we are going to discuss the techniques which are sure to help the ladies discover how to darken eyebrows.

How to darken eyebrows choosing the right color?

Those who have light hairdo have almost invisible eyebrows.

They really need to be darker.

If case the natural color is dark but you are dyed in blonde, the brows need to be made lighter so that they looked more harmonious.

Such girl can cope with it only by dying but it must be done very carefully lest she became an albino.

If a lady darkens her hair, she should choose the right color for her eyebrows which will also be darker.

Everybody knows that they must be a little darker than the hair but this rule does not always work.

If they are thin, dark color will only emphasize it.

Remember the women with thin lines and agree that it looks bad.

Too dark eyebrows won’t be suitable for elderly women because they are sure to drive the attention to the wrinkles and disproportions of the face oval.

The tone must be chosen according to the hair color:

  1. If you have warm hair color, the brows must correspond – choose the brown tones.
  2. If the color is cold, you’d better prefer gray tones.
  3. Women with cold black haircut have no choice – they need to make their brows also cold and black.
  4. Those who have red hairdo need to pick brown and terracotta tones.
  5. If you have your hair dyed in the extremely bright or the unnatural pastel colors such as pink, turquoise, lilac, etc., you should take the color which will look harmonious or create a contrast.

How to darken eyebrows using simple methods?

Some people are gifted with light and thin brows from nature.

Very often such thing happens even to the girls with dark hairdos.

The hair on the brows is so thin and light that there is an impression that there are no brows at all.

Besides, the natural blondes who dye in dark shades are likely to be eager to discover how to make the brows darker and thicker.

Surely, you can always go to the beauty salon and waste much money on the eyebrow artist.

However, you can also do it on your own.

The eyebrows of the right shape can actually change the appearance and make it more attractive and young.

Here are several methods which you may try at home to find out how to do it on your own.

How to darken eyebrows using a special dye?

One of the methods is to create an illusion of the density – to try the synthetically made dyes.

If you decide to perform the procedure at home, you’ll need to buy a set which is made especially for this purpose.

Choose the dye which is a couple of tones lighter than your natural color.

In case you have black or light-brown, you may buy black dye.

When the hair is white or red, the wheat tone will be a good option.

The paint stays there 2-3 weeks.

How to darken your eyebrows at home:

  1. Mix the paint according to the instruction you have in the set for eyebrow dye.
  2. Remove the makeup and disinfect the skin around the eyebrows.

    Apply a fatty cream to the skin so that the hairs remained untouched.

    It will prevent the unwanted traces.

  3. Apply the dye with a special brush and avoid its appearing on the skin.
  4. Leave it for the required time and then remove using warm water and a cotton pad.

How to darken eyebrows using bio-tattooing with henna?

Special cosmetic henna for bio-tattooing is a wonderful alternative to the usual tattooing or the permanent makeup.

Firstly, the product is natural and is not harmful to your health.

Secondly, henna is washed away and if you make a mistake, you can easily fix it.

Henna remains for 10-14 days on the hair and skin.

Everything depends on the skin type and how often you remove the makeup.

What Vitamin Helps Your Hair Grow?

How to darken eyebrows:

  1. Take special henna and blend it with boiling water in a small glass container.

    You’d better mix two tones like brown and black for the brunettes or brown and transparent for the blondes.

  2. Add to this mixture several drops of oil.

    You’d better prefer the professional oil but you may also take jojoba or almond oil.

  3. Clean the skin and brows from makeup and skin fat.

    If there is exfoliation, you should use soft peeling so that henna covered the area evenly.

    Then you need to disinfect the area (do not use peroxide!) to have a more lasting result.

  4. Using a special brush, comb, and style your brows.
  5. Apply henna with a sloped brush beginning from the middle.

    Then you need to make a thick layer for a better effect.

  6. Wash it away with warm water after henna dries.

    If you want to get a darker tone, you can apply another layer.

  7. After the procedure, you are not allowed to wet them within one day.

    Every day before you wash your face you can apply oil to protect the color.

How to darken your eyebrows using brow makeup?

The third method of how to cope with the situation is to apply eyeshades or special powder.

This is probably the simplest and the most effective method.

It is not permanent, unlike the previous methods.

Its advantage is that you can remove makeup any moment and change the shape.

All you need is the brush and eyeshades which are one tone lighter than your hair.

Simply fill in the gaps between and fix it with the gel or special mascara.

Advice: if you have oily skin type, red spots or pimples near the eyebrows, you should not apply synthetically made substances or henna.

The procedure can be made only in case there are no inflammations around the skin.

How to Determine Your Skin Tone?

A step-by-step instruction on how to darken eyebrows with eyeshades

You are able to achieve the required tone mixing several shades of the gray-brown palette.

In order to do it in a perfect way, you need to follow this instruction:

  1. Comb the hair against the direction of its growth in order to denude the skin.
  2. Take some matte eyeshades you picked beforehand with a sloped brush.
  3. Go very close to the skin, along with the line of the arc with the pressing movements.
  4. Comb the hair back along the direction of the growth.
  5. Paint the careful short strokes from the beginning to the end.

    The brightest must be the middle while the end must be a little lighter.

  6. Apply the fixing wax and process the brow to fix the result.

Tips: the makeup artists advise to process the brows with hydrating creams and foundation before application.

The cosmetics will last longer and won’t bring any harm to the sensitive skin.

In order to make the ombre effect, you should firstly apply light tones and then add some dark ones.

Now you know a lot about how to darken eyebrows and make your appearance even brighter and more charming.

Stick to the above-mentioned pieces of advice and enjoy the new image you create simply using dye, bio-tattooing or eyeshades.

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