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How to Look Younger at 50?

How to look 10 years younger using 6 pieces of advice on the proper care + 4 tips for those who are 50 years old + the recommendations on how to take care of the hands.


Women often dream of looking younger than they really are.

This wish is quite natural because outer attractiveness is one of the most important components of the self-esteem.

If you wish to know what you can do to look 10 years younger, you should study all pieces of advice on how t look 10 years younger and start acting right now.

How to look 10 years younger using the proper care?

6 recommendations on how to take care of your appearance in order to look 10 years younger:

  1. Use facial cleansing lotion every day.

    Make sure you choose soft and not too oily cleansers.

    If your facial wash is too rough, it might lead to the skin’s dryness and, consequently, the premature aging.

    You must use the cleanser before applying any makeup.

  2. Always hydrate your face after washing.

    Hydration of the skin is as important as its cleaning in order to maintain it fresh and clean.

    Find a special anti-aging hydrating cream which definitely hydrates the skin well.

  3. Protect the skin from the influence of the sun rays.

    Choose a hydrating cream with SPF which is sure to protect your face from the impact of the ultraviolet rays.

    The damage from the sun is one of the factors of the premature aging, that’s why you should make sure that every day you apply sunscreen cream with at least SPF 15.

  4. Exfoliation of the skin.

    This procedure is sure to make your skin softer and add brightness, allowing you feeling the renewal effect.

    Make sure you picked the proper cream, which is supposed to be used by the people of your age, in order to receive the maximum effect from its application.

  5. Hide the uneven skin using the concealer.

    A concealer is the essential anti-aging product because it helps to hide the under-eye circles and the vascularity spots.

    Consequently, the skin looks fresh.

    In order to eliminate the dark circles, you should use the tone which is much lighter than the natural one.

    Apply it directly under the eyes and in the areas of the inner corners of the eyes.

    Cover the pigmented spots with the matter concealers.

  6. Save your teeth healthy.

    White, straight, clean teeth will definitely help you in your attempts to look younger.

    If you have no serious problems in this sphere and at the same time you do not pay enough attention to your teeth, it’s time you secured the teeth’s cleaning twice a day and the regular use of the dental floss.

4 tips, how to look younger at 50

If you are eager to find out how to look younger at 50, you should start taking care of yourself while you are still young and your appearance is sure to be grateful.

However, what should you do if you started thinking how to look 10 years younger only now?

  1. Make a habit of taking care of your face twice day.

    Choose the skincare products for the corresponding skin type with anti-aging effect.

    Thoroughly clean the skin every morning and evening using the non-aggressive cleansers.

    Apply a cream or a serum and use a scrub to remove the dead cells and a hydrating mask once a week.

  2. Pay a visit to a good cosmetologist.

    Try the course of acid pilings, the injections of hyaluronic acid or botox.

  3. Watch your diet.

    Pick the natural products with low glycemic index and refuse to eat semi-finished products.

    Try to have a fasting day at least once a week and eat only yogurts or vegetables.

    Cook your meals on the steam or in the oven.

    Refuse to eat the food fried in the vegetable oil and it will significantly decrease the number of calories and help you to lose some extra weight.

  4. Go in for sports.

    Sign up for the fitness classes, dances, yoga, gym or swimming pool.

    Choose the loads which are optimal for your physical data and health condition.

    Try to go on foot more.

    Proper posture, graceful walk, and the slim figure will reveal your real age to no one.

How to make hands look younger: 5 recommendations

  1. Protect your hands from the influence of the negative factors.

    When you clean pots or frying pans in hot water or when using bleacher, you should always put on rubber gloves, lest hot water or chemicals got to your skin.

    In winter, you should wear warm gloves.

  2. Use a hand scrub.

    If you apply a hand scrub at least once a week, you’ll notice at once how smooth became your skin on the hands.

  3. Keep the cream close to the sink.

    If you keep a tube with hand cream near the sink, you’ll get a habit of applying it after you washed and wiped your hands.

    You are sure to notice the difference precisely one day later.

  4. Hydrate the cuticles.

    Take a bit of oil and apply to the cuticles with the rubbing movements.

    You will not only make it smooth but will take good care of your nails, too.

  5. Every day apply sunscreen cream on your hands.

    If you regularly protect your hands from the sun, you are sure to notice how good they look.

    This is definitely one of the ways how to make hands look younger.

5 products which show you how to look 10 years younger

  1. Omega-3 fat acids and lecithin.

    Due to their peculiarities, lecithin regulates the level of fat and cholesterol and decreases the risk of atherosclerosis.

    It cleans the walls of the blood vessels and strengthens the heart.

    Omega-3 is essential for the cardiovascular system, too, as it makes wonders with the blood vessels.

  2. Ginkgo.

    This is one of the components for the medicine which cures the neural disorders which are accompanied by the memory problems, mental alertness, and breakdowns.

    Besides, it effectively removes dizziness, the noise in the ears and the balance disorders as well as it has a positive impact on the regeneration of the nervous connections.

  3. Glucosamine.

    The important role in the regeneration of the cartilage belongs to the glucosamine which is the important component of the joint fluid.

    When the organism lacks glucosamine in the joints, they lack fluid and become amenable to damages.

  4. The ginseng root.

    Ginseng brings energy because the cells use the received oxygen better.

    The regular take of ginseng improves the memory, concentration, and fastness.

  5. Folic acid.

    This acid takes part in the production of the blood cells and mucous coat.

    The lack of folic acid can lead to inhibition of the cells’ growth.

    Due to the folic acid, your skin becomes more beautiful, smooth and elastic.

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How to look 10 years younger wearing suitable clothes?

It’s extremely important to pick suitable modern clothes which will make your figure slimmer.

Until you try to wear something that prefers the better half of your generation, you can use your clothes for your own benefit.

Wearing the clothes, which are appropriate for your age and figure, you make yourself visually older.

  1. Women must wear blouses which emphasize their merits but do not have too big neckline.
  2. In case your last purchase of clothes happened few years or even a decade ago, it’s high time you went shopping with the fashionable friend in order to buy fashionable new clothes and reconsider your points of view.
  3. Do not wear too tight clothes in attempts to look younger.

    Instead of it, you should pick the proper clothes which are sure to emphasize your merits.

  4. Wear the clothes of bright colors.

    Brighter colors such as light blue, red, green or pink are likely to create the cheerful and energetic image.

    In order to avoid the complete refusal to wear dark colors, you should combine them with light clothes and jewelry.

  5. Women should also choose right jewelry and accessories.

    The set of the same necklace and earrings make you look older (as a rule).

    Instead of it, you should wear bright rings, nice stud earrings, and fashionable less big jewelry.

How to look 10 years younger?

Firstly, you must stay optimistic, good-minded and cheerful.

A smiling woman attracts attention and prepossesses the people around regardless of the age.

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