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Coconut Milk for Hair Growth: 8 Best Receipts

Why are coconut milk and oil useful for hair growth? Today we are going to discuss coconut milk and oil as a cosmetic product, which helps to save beauty of hairdo.


Due to its miraculous benefits, coconut milk is considered to be one of the best natural resources for hair care.

For instance, masks from this product have the best feedback from those who used coconut milk for hair growth.

How is coconut milk for hair growth produced?

White hard coconut pap – is a fruit inside a fruit.

Transparent liquid in it is not milk, as many people think, but just water.

All the time, when a fruit is growing, it gathers inside the drops of oil and covers with layers the wall sides.

Progressively with the nut’s ripening, water turns into milky emulsion, which ropes and hardens being separated from the juice.

Coconut milk is the manhood’s creation.

You are able to buy it in stores or to get from a fruit on your own.

In order to do it, you need to grate the ripe milky flesh and wash the flakes with warm water though gauze.

The consistence of the ready-made product depends on the number of expressions.

The first expression makes thick milk, as if with gelatin.

The second one makes non-transparent emulsion without bright color or smell.

Coconut masks are usually made on the basis of the thick liquid from the first concentrated expression.

4 tips on how to make masks from coconut milk for hair growth

Here are some recommendations for you:

  1. Before using this product in hair care you need to heat it a little on the bath, so that the contained oil brought its benefits to the locks.
  2. Masks, which were cooked with this milk, are likely to be very fluid.

    That’s why you should apply them only in bathroom and cover your shoulders with a towel, lest you caused some stains at the clothes.

  3. Hair with coconut mask should be kept in warmth under a shower cap and a warm towel.

    Any coconut oil can be easily washed away by a shampoo.

  4. There are counter-indications for the external usage of coconut oil, but you should eliminate the possibility of idiosyncrasy by applying a drop of oil to the inner side of elbow or wrist.

Coconut milk for hair growth: 4 best receipts

Masks with coconut milk and other natural ingredients carefully take good care of your hair and scalp.

Together with the milk other useful substances and vitamins get to the cells and sufficiently feed the locks, improve their structure, fasten the growth and have antibacterial action.

  1. Coconut milk with lemon:

    Add 1/3 of the lemon’s juice to 80 ml of warm (25-26 degrees C) coconut milk.

    Mix and apply to the locks using a comb.

    Then leave it for 15 minutes, so that the mixture could soak up.

  2. Coconut milk with yogurt and honey:

    Mix 2,5 tablespoons of natural yogurt without flavors with 4 tablespoons of coconut milk and 1 teaspoon of honey.

    Create a homogeneous consistency and warm on the water bath or steam.

    Wash it off 20 minutes later.

  3. Strengthening mask with coconut milk, olive oil and avocado:

    Ripe avocado grate or cut in blender.

    Add to this gruel 1/3 glass of coconut milk and 2,5 teaspoons of olive oil.

    Mix everything and warm.

    Spread it along the hair and remove 30 minutes later.

  4. Laminating mask with coconut milk:

    For hair which does not like the products with gelatin, a mask with palm’s fruits is an alternative option to straighten the locks.

    Much protein will definitely nourish, strengthen and hydrate your locks.

    Put 1,5 tablespoon of starch to the juice from a half of lemon.

    Add 4-5 tablespoons of coconut oil and warm it.

    Then, add 1,5 teaspoon of olive oil and heat the combination occasionally stirring it till jellylike condition.

    Do not boil!

    Laminating mask is applied to clean hair and is kept for an hour and a half under the warming towel.

    Then, wash your head with warm water and shampoo.

    After such procedure, the products for straightening hair with gelatin won’t be needed anymore.

    Using starch and coconut milk will make any hair type strong, thick and very shiny.

Coconut milk oil for hair growth: the receipts of masks

Coconut oil is as useful as its milk for hair growth.

This is a product, which is made of freshly dried flesh of the fruit.

Its value is being rich in useful for our organism acids, due to which we can make our skin soft and nourished.

Such mask is advised for dry hair, because it softens and nourishes the skin, creating the tape, which protects the locks from the environment.

The tape lets the moisture stay in hair and they become soft and shiny.

  1. Mask for hair growt

    Melt on the water bath 3 tablespoons of oil stirring it from time to time.

    Apply it to the roots with soft and massaging movements, make your head warm using a towel and leave for an hour and a half.

  2. Mask against hair loss

    Melt three spoons of coconut oil and add there one ampule with vitamin A, three drops of rosemary oil.

    You should apply the received substance to the head, make it warm and keep at least for an hour.

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  3. Curing mask for dry ends

    You’ll need the following ingredients: coconut oil (3 tablespoons), fat sour cream (1 tablespoon), honey (1 tablespoon).

    Mix everything and warm on the bath.

    The mixture is spread over the head by parts: one part is applied to the roots, and the second one is applied to the full length of the hair.

    Cover your head and one hour later wash it using shampoo.

  4. Mask to care about the hair ends

    One needs the following things to cure the damaged ends: one spoon of coconut oil and 2-3 drops of orange oil.

    Spread everything over the ends using a comb and keep it there for several hours.

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The benefits of coconut milk for hair growth

Silky, shiny, flowing locks, in which the sun is overflowing, are the pride of women from exotic countries.

The secret of such beauty is not only in genes, but in the natural products, in which the tropical nature is rich.

In the oversea cosmetology the special popularity is devoted to coconut and its components: milk and flesh.

However, such sweet-scented natural hair mask is also adored by our beauties.

Its smell is like delight in paradise and the benefits can be compared to the effect from spa procedures.

Coconut milk is the cut flesh, which was mixed with juice (the fluid inside the nut).

Milk is the fat product and has 40% of oil, which contains triglycerides.

They stimulate hair growth and protect it from falling out.

The components get into the hair follicle, affect various activators and eliminate the reason why dandruff appears.

Lauric acid is the powerful protector of the organism from different viruses and infections.

They are universal for all hair types and eliminate sebaceous matter form greasy locks, hydrate the dry hair, soften the tough hair and straighten the wavy one.

The benefit of milky components is the inexhaustible amount of vitamin A, C, vitamins from group B, folic acid, choline, antioxidants, macro elements (potassium, calcium and magnesium) and microelements (cooper, manganese and zinc).

The main and priceless benefit is the active component – lauric acid.

It is responsible for the softening and soothing (just like in masks with gelatin) and eliminating problems with hair.

So this is it.

It should only be added that the feedback of women who tries coconut milk for hair growth are entirely enthusiastic.

Many of them noticed how much the hairdo changed after applying this product.

It became thicker, shinier and obedient and they do not suffer from dandruff anymore.

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