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How to Trim a Mustache: 7 important stages + 5 tips

How to trim a mustache on your own and do it perfectly well? The recommendations on how to trim a mustache with a beard.


Mustaches are the classic attribute of the face of a man who never leaves the home for long.

If you decided to grow it, it’s extremely important to know how to take care of them.

Read some pieces of advice on how to trim a mustache and how to do it right.

The required tools

In order to learn how to trim your mustache, you’ll need:

  • A mirror,
  • Water,
  • A comb,
  • Shampoo (not necessarily),
  • Conditioner (not necessarily),
  • Mustache wax (not necessarily),
  • A razor,
  • A trimmer for mustaches;
  • Scissors for mustaches.

How to trim a mustache learning the all the steps?

7 important stages of coping with the procedure successfully:

  1. Find the place which has enough light and a mirror.

    It will probably be your bathroom but if your home has even a more lighted room, you’d better bring the mirror there.

    Before you start the procedure, you must create all required conditions – something like the barbershop; otherwise, the lack of light or one wrong movement with scissors can make you shave and begin everything again.

  2. Wet a mustache like in the situation when you wash your hair before having it cut.

    You must wash a mustache using shampoo or face soap.

    Moreover, you should wet a hairbrush and comb them with it.

    Wipe them using a towel and let them stay a little wet instead of completely wet.

  3. Comb your mustache and mind that you’d better pick a comb with thick teeth.

    It is required to trim them properly.

  4. Trim your mustache along the line of the upper lip and keep the scissors parallel to the upper lip.

    Carefully remove the unwanted length along the upper lip.

    • In order to make them even, you must place your arm (with the help of which you trim) in a stable position.
    • Follow the form of your mouth in order to form the lower part of your mustache.
    • It has to reach the line of your upper lip and you should not cut too short.

      Right now they are wet and when they get dry, they’ll definitely become shorter.

  5. Get rid of the volume if there is a need.

    You may cut the upper level and decrease the volume at the same time with the help of a trimmer.

    • If you’ve got no trimmer, you may take a comb and carefully put up the upper level of a mustache.

      Carefully use scissors and make them as long as you need.

    • It may be skipped if they are not too big.
  6. Create the form of the upper part using a razor.

    To be extremely precise you should shave around the area (such as top and both sides).

    Be careful and do not touch the mustache.

  7. Comb the mustache again and check if they are evenly cut.

How to trim a handlebar mustache?

A handlebar mustache may be either long or short but the most important factor is that they are curled.

Here are some useful rules how to grow them:

  1. You may not cut.

    At this stage, you should not worry how to trim a mustache.

    It is advised to form them only when you reach the desirable length.

    While the hair is growing just leave it alone!

  2. Comb.

    When it is long enough, you should start combing it once a day.

    Visually divide the mustache into two parts – left and right – and comb each one in their directions.

    Some time later your hair will start to curl.

  3. Using wax.

    Apply special wax for mustache or usual wax for hair because it will make them softer and more flexible.

    Simply wash them with shampoo and spread a drop of wax along the length, and then comb them in different directions.

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  4. Curling the ends.

    In order to do it, take the wax again.

    Just rub a drop of the product with your fingers and curl the ends up.

    After you managed to grow the needed length, you can think how to trim a mustache properly.

    • Tip the lower line of the middle part which must end on the upper lip by means of a trimmer.
      Do not touch the ends yet because you’ll need to form them. In average, the strip must be 5-10 mm;
    • Carefully even all the outer borders;
    • In the middle, you should divide them into two halves with handlebar ends.
      You should do it using a comb and wax but if the hair is too stubborn, you might have to take a dangerous razor;
    • Finally, add the desired form.

How to trim a mustache with a beard?

  1. The preparation to cutting a beard.

    How to get ready to trim a beard properly?

    Firstly, you must wash it thoroughly and then dry.

    Choosing a shampoo you should focus on the hydrating shampoos for dry hair.

    Carefully wipe the hair with a towel and comb.

    You must comb it along the hair growth starting from the ears and go down to the chin.

  2. The tool you are going to need.

    You can cut a beard using a hair trimmer or a usual trimmer, or simply using the special scissors.

    In case you choose a trimmer, you’d better get the special accessories using which you are sure to discover how to control the hair length in different areas.

    Besides, you’ll need a comfortable mirror (desirably a double or triple one) and several combs with different teeth.

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  3. The instructing on how to trim a mustache with a beard.

    In order to do it on your own, you must be aware of the sequence of actions and the methods of how to do it:

    • Using a trimmer you must remove all excess from the neck and cheeks;
    • After you define the borders of the beard, you must start moving with scissors or trimmer from the ears or jaws to the chin;
    • Then you pass over to the outer part of the jaws moving towards the ears or hair on the head;
    • The next step is to trim your mustache.

      Start the procedure from the middle to the sides.

      Besides, the upper part should not be touched because you should let them grow from under the nose;

    • In the end, you can form the temples which will finish the wanted image.
  4. How to trim a beard using scissors.

    You’d better choose professional scissors.

    Besides, you’ll need a big comb for beard and a small one for a mustache.

    A beard is usually processed from the outer side of the comb and the needed length is cut off.

    So that it was symmetrical, you may learn the following trick – start one part from the ear to the chin and the other one visa verse – from the chin to the ear.

    Then you won’t grab and cut something excess.

    This method may also be applied to the mustache – begin processing the first half from the middle to the end and the other one from the end to the middle.

  5. Cutting a beard and a mustache using a trimmer.

    A trimmer may help you cut your beard and mustache like a professional.

    Besides, you’ll need some special accessories to tip the hair evenly and avoid cutting the needed elements.

    Firstly, you should begin from the longest tool which will assure you won’t lose excess hair.

    If you decide you need to make it shorter, you can apply a smaller tool and go on till you reach the optimal size.

    The principle according to which you trim is the same as with scissors – to preserve the symmetry you should start one part near the ear and another one from the chin.

    Cut your mustache using the same rule and fix it using the smallest tool (if you need it).

5 tips on how to trim your mustache

What you should pay attention to before cutting your mustache:

  1. Despite the widespread belief, the regular shaving does not bring any effect in making the beard or mustache thicker.

    Moreover, the mustache does not grow with the same speed.

    Pick a suitable style which will fit you.

  2. In order to create a unique style, apply the wax.

    Moreover, it may be essential to make the style before having a cut or in order to define which part requires more attention.

  3. To maintain the form you should repeat the procedure once in several days.
  4. Before you trim them, you must define how you want them to look like.

    Special, unique styles demand a special approach.

    In order to define a style, you may download a program on your computer or a phone app which allows browsing your photo and trying on different styles.

  5. The hair which grows on your face is much harder than on the head that’s why you need the hair conditioner to make it softer.

Unconditionally, if you doubt being able to trim your mustache or beard, you’d better go to the professionals.

On the other hand, judging by the experience, you need a little practice to master how to trim a mustache.

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