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How to Become a Fitness Model: Useful Tips

In our article you are going to find how to become a fitness model. Work on your body to make your dream about beautiful and healthy figure come true.


Who is a fitness model?

It’s a model, who is constantly in a perfect physical form and spends much time in sports gyms with various press machines.

If a girl has well-muscled body, is not very tall and has a big desire to become a model, becoming a fitness model is just the thing.

Such term appeared quite recently, in 2010.

Though, there were models, who promoted different sports equipment and fitness centers, in 2010 the first competition was invented only for fitness models – “Fitness bikini”.

Now, we are going to give you some recommendations, which will teach you how to become a fitness model without intrusions of some kinds of miracle, but only with the help of your own hard work and strong desire to win and become better!

How to become a fitness model with the help of training activities?

The most important thing, which should remember all girls, who wish to look as good as fitness models, is that they should not be afraid of big weight-scales and gyms with plenty of “unfeminine” iron-pumping kits.

Big weight-scales will never make a man out of a woman; do not be afraid of it!

Men are more genetically inclined to growing muscles due to having much testosterone in their blood.

This hormone is responsible for big volumes and muscles, but girls have much less of such hormone, comparing to men, that’s why unless they take special products, which, by the way, are forbidden, if you want to become miss fitness bikini, it’s just impossible to become manlike.

Speaking precisely about the training activities, the future fitness model must seriously treat this question and make up a training program together with her couch.

A specialist can send you in the right direction and teach how to use exercises and to which body parts you should pay more attention and to which less; how many times a week you are to have strength training and how many times you need cardio training and so on.

Lest you spent all your time in the gym, you should buy some fitness equipment to install at home.

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However, you should learn which one you need from your couch and, in addition, you’ll need to learn how long you must work with it.

Speaking in general about the key moments, which most fitness models stick to, we may describe the following:

  • You must train using both strength and aerobic exercises.

    Strength training will help you acquire the needed amount of muscles, while aerobics will demonstrate the beauty of these muscles to everyone.

  • Strength training, in most cases, has not very big weight-scales and the system of “repeating things many times”, which leads to a small growth of the muscles and emphasizes the body relief.
  • In order to achieve better results you need to use the method of super-sets and circle training.

    In the end of your main training you should devote 15-20 minutes for short cardio training.

  • During body shredding (the final step in getting ready for the competition) you should additionally do the cardio exercises aside from the strength training for 30-40 minutes.

Mind that shredding and exercises to get relief for the girls must not lead the future fitness model to full exhaustion and desiccation.

The untouchable store of fat (for the participants of fitness bikini it is 8-12%) must definitely be in the girl’s body.

Remember that competitions are only competitions, but you have only one health and you should not sacrifice it just to win the competition of your dream.

How to become a fitness model with the help of a diet?

Usually girls, who set goals on becoming fitness models, hire not only a professional couch, who will help them achieve the desired, but also a nutrition specialist, who develops a special menu.

Fitness models are to eat in a special way.

Her diet must include much protein and carbohydrate, thanks to which the mass is growing, and some fat, lest the muscles looked too desiccated.

If you really want to become a miss fitness bikini, at the very beginning you must define how your weight and fat correlate and only then start making your individual diet and counting how many calories you need, taking training into account.

Otherwise, random eating may lead to undesired results, or even worse – to sad results and damage to your health.

That’s why proper meals are very important in preparations to the competitions and you should not neglect them ever.

The main principles of fitness bikini diet:

  • We eat 6-7 times a day, i.e. every 3 hour.
  • We do not decrease the number of calories rapidly, otherwise, you’ll decrease the muscles’ mass.
  • Only fresh products!

    We never use frozen food or processed food, refined, canned and packed products.

  • Food which does not contain fat has to be eliminated, too.

    You should have 30 grams of right fat.

  • 1/3 of the daily ration is fatless protein.

    For example, a turkey or hen, dairy products, eggs, fish or tofu.

    Your daily norm of protein is calculated by the proportion – 2 grams for each kilo of weight.

    It is obligatory to have it in your each meal.

  • Products which contain amylum are to be eliminated! Give rice, macaroni, sweets and bread to the enemies, too.
  • Fibre is obligatory to eat.

    You should have at least 3-4 portions of fresh fruits/vegetables per day.

  • Alcohol is completely forbidden.

    However, you must drink lots of water – 2,5 l/day.

Criteria for participating in the category “Miss Fitness Bikini”

Miss fitness bikini may become almost every girl, who has high discipline, determination and wish to win, firstly, over herself.


It’s important to remember:

In this kind of sport it’s not enough only to stick to a diet and lose a couple of kilos, or even ten of extra kilos.

In such situation it’s significantly important to work hard and eventually create sporty body with good posture and proportional figure, first of all, due to your obstinacy and hard work.

Well, why then almost every girl can become a fitness model, but not every girl?

This is because the judges estimate many parameters beside the figure of the participants.

Here are some of them:

  • body’s symmetry and its proportionality,
  • girls’ personalities,
  • self-confidence,
  • confidence in the walk,
  • muscles’ tonus and the condition of the whole body (it’s not important to have the biggest muscles to become the winner, but you need to have a tight and slim body),
  • photogenicy,
  • sexual attraction and beauty,
  • posing (being relaxed and feminine).

There are three categories in the competition according to the height:

  1. To 163 cm
  2. To 168 cm
  3. over 168 cm

So, you can see that there are no restrictions in height.

If you don’t have long legs and high height, but you have proper genetic skeleton structure (this fact is very important), you can exhale with relief – long legs from nature, unconditionally, will work for your benefit, but you can win without them.

Everything depends on you and how much you desire to win!

How to become a fitness model using some useful tips?

  • Take good care of your skin.

    Regardless the fact that a girl spends most of her day in the gym, she must have time to go to the SPA and care about her appearance as much as any other model does.

  • Fitness models simply cannot have any bad habits, so you must give up smoking and drinking alcohol.

    Ignoring this rule will only worsen your physical condition and lead to regress in training.

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  • Unlike the fashion models, which can deviate from the day regimen and go to the night clubs, fitness models must have very strict timetable.

    They must go to bed and wake up at the same time.

    Besides, they must do certain exercises in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

  • Lest a model overate or did not have enough (which is also forbidden), she must have a journal of what and how much she ate.

    Moreover, she should include everything, up to the amount of water she had.

    All factors influence on the formation and maintenance of the figure.

  • It is desirable to decrease the number of calories every week, but gradually.

    Fast shortening can bring harm to your health and lead to the loss of muscles’ mass.

    Moreover, you should not eat “empty” or “hidden” calories (alcohol, sauces for salads and so on), and eat more protein than carbohydrates, and more carbohydrates than fats.

So, now, when you are aware of the information and recommendations, you might have at least the slightest idea of how to become a fitness model or, at the outside, you should already be thinking which gym you are going to attend and how to find a good couch.

The main important thing here is neither to be afraid to start, nor to sit on the sofa doing nothing.

As soon as you make your first step, you’ll start the mechanism and gradually, but confidently will bring your dream to life and become miss fitness bikini.

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