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How to Win a Beauty Pageant: useful advices

Are you looking for the information on how to win a beauty pageant? In our article you are sure to find an instruction and recommendations.


Many girls dream of winning a beauty pageant.

For every one of them it’s a bright even, extremely interesting time, which is replete with worries and excitement, uncertainty and decisiveness.

Beauty pageants are held mostly in big amounts and on different levels: in the university, city, or the beauty queen of the world.

There are always plenty of people, who desire to take part in them and demonstrate their talents and appearance.

A win in such beauty pageant may bring you fame, recognition and, what cannot fail to excite, friends’ envy.

Very often a win in such competition becomes a start of the career in the prestigious model agency or cooperation with the premium magazines.

Putting in differently, the picture, which your imagination draws you, is surely pleasant and desired.

So, what do you need to increase your chances for victory and how to win a beauty pageant?

Instruction on how to win a beauty pageant

  1. Surely, it’s better to have a slim figure.

    If a stoutish girl is eager to win, she’ll have to work hard to get rid of the excess weight.

    Nevertheless, slim ladies should not get relaxed either, because they still need to spend most of the free time in the fitness centers or gyms.

    This will be good not only for the figure, but will definitely reflex on their physical condition.

  2. Neck and face’s skin must be beautiful and clean.

    Regardless of the competition everyone should do cleaning face masks, make sure to wash her face before going to bed and always remember to take good care of the décolleté zone.

  3. Everything must match and be in harmony with one another: clothes, shoes, hair, nails, make up.

    Prefer good cosmetics, let it be less, but it will definitely be of high quality.

  4. Have high self-esteem and, accordingly, watch yourself on the highest level.
  5. You’d better work with a model agency before the beauty pageant.

    It’s a huge advantage over the rest of participants, when you are recommended by the serious agency.

    Besides, the experience of right behavior and communication will be essential and practical when working on beauty pageant.

  6. Finally, you passed the elimination rounds and you’ve been chosen to take part in the beauty pageant.

    Here starts the hardest work.

    You must always be dutiful and remember everything the stage managers, choreographers and stylists say to you.

    Forget about laziness and tiredness for good.

  7. When you communicate with all people around you, you must show your spiritual beauty.

    Be always in good mood.

    Treat everyone friendly.

    Never take parts in the quarrels or arguments.

    Moreover, never start them, if you actually wish to win.

  8. Prepare professional portfolio.

    Here you must include all successful photos, which were made by the professional photographers.

    A portfolio is required to pass the elimination round.

    The committee must see how you can present yourself, how good you are at posing and how good you may be on the shots.

  9. Order the outfits in which you are going to appear on the stage.

    Learn beforehand whether there will be theme march-ins of all participants and whether definite costumes are required.

    All clothes must fit, suit you perfectly and emphasize your merits.

  10. Finally, the beauty pageant begins.

    Appearing on the stage the most important thing is not to be at a loss.

    Do not be afraid and be confident in yourself, because you’ve been preparing so thoroughly and long.

    You are the best!

Look at the jury – at least the half of the people, who are sitting there, are familiar to you.

In order to win you should be nice and smile to everyone from your heart.

Do not be nervous or, at least, do not show how nervous and anxious you are.

Mind that with beautiful and confident walk today, you are making a big step to start your superstar career tomorrow!

Go ahead, you can do everything, you can win!

How to win a beauty pageant: 7 steps to success

  1. Motivation

    The most successful beauties can motivate themselves.

    What, when and how to do things – they know all the answers to these questions.

    Fundamental truth: a photo from the first step of the beauty pageant must capture you in the most advantageous angle and the light has to draw attention to your beauty – all girls know it.

    They know it, but do not follow, because they do not have enough motivation.

  2. Be satisfied with yourself

    The feeling of your own dignity, self-respect and confidence in your abilities – these are the things which differ the leaders from the rest.

    They believe in themselves and the most important thing – they feel pleasure from everything that happens.

  3. Total dedication

    Anything for your business.

    Dedicating all of you to achieve the goal, without right to be weak or change your heading to success. Only really strong personalities are capable of it.

  4. Optimism

    Right spirit is the better half of the victory.

    Moreover, success likes those, who see the solution instead of the problem.

    Such focusing on the search of the way out of a difficult situation, comparing to the passive search of the guilty party or thoughts “Why do I get all of it?”, brings its fruits, which result in the successful outcome of the matter.

    The belief that everything can be solved and that even from the most dead-end situation one must get the maximum of benefit is the key to understanding how the successful participants think.

  5. Enthusiasm, enthusiasm and once again enthusiasm

    Do you like posing to a photographer?

    Do you feel excitement and nervous agitation from the fact that you’ll have to walk on the podium in front of the jury?

    If the answer is yes, there is another secret of success for the beauty queens all around the world.

    The desire and aim to work is the idea, which must prevail over the rest of the thoughts in the head of every girl.

  6. Non-standard behavior

    For instance, most girls put a lot of efforts to show their beauty at once.

    What does the winner do, who knows the cost of the first impression?

    Correct, she creates an intrigue!

    At her photos you can see the image of an attractive, but mysterious girl.

    This way she attracts more attention to herself and secures successful passing to the next round.

  7. Persistence and the sequence of actions

    For every beauty to succeed means to be disciplined and persistent in achieving her goal.

    It’s not enough to be optimistic and know how to get on well with people, because the most important thing is not to give up, when the success is really close.

Stylists’ pieces of advice on how to win a beauty pageant

In order to take part and then win a beauty pageant, girls need to do enormous work with herself.

  1. Surely, the first position is occupied by the work on your appearance.

    These are huge efforts, which are focused on the improvement of the condition of the skin, hair, body, which consist of the whole complexes of events that concern pampering herself.

    Here you can’t cope without the services, help and pieces of advice of the cosmeticians, make-up artists, massage therapists.

    Besides, it’s important to make your body tight and slim.

    In order to achieve this goal, many girls regularly go in for sports in various fitness centers.

  2. Girl’s appearance is not all that is needed to win a beauty pageant.

    The criteria, which are not less significant, and to which the jury pays great attention, include the traits of character and the life goals of the participants.

    Surely, the jury will prefer more educated, kind and determined girls.

  3. Besides, the jury and the audience find it very important that the girl has her own style, ability to dress well, to show her outfit and to walk beautifully.

    Here the tips from stylists come at handy.

    • Stylists are divided on stylists in make-up, hairdos and clothes.

      Hairdo and make-up specialists will teach you how to pick a style and which colors to prefer, which make-up will really suit you, how to make your image harmonious and make it so that your clothes, hairdo and make-up matched one another.

    • Clothes stylists will help you to choose the most fitting and impressive outfit to win the competition.

      Moreover, they’ll take into account that this outfit suited your figure.

      Nevertheless, the main goals of all stylists are to reveal the one-of-the-kind beauty of the girl with the help of clothes, and to add her confidence in her abilities.

      Moreover, stylists try to express your personality with the help of dresses, suits and accessories.

  4. Professional stylists put their vision of your beauty into life without any limits.

    With their help you’ll be able to look classy, brightly and impressively at both demonstration of the bikinis and evening dresses.

    Even when you show your talents you’ll shine with your individuality.

    Moreover, a right stylist is able to create a wonderful image for a girl without any expensive outfits, dresses or accessories.

    So that you looked like a girl from the magazine’s cover, it’s not necessary to buy expensive clothes in the top shops.

    It’s quite enough to turn to an experienced stylist.

Getting ready and thinking about how to win a beauty pageant, remember one simple truth – the beauty cannot be only outside.

An impressive dress, professional make-up and a hairdo are just instruments, which can emphasize your personality, uniqueness and inner world.

That’s why the one will win, who lives in harmony with her inner and outer self.

Be yourself, stay confident and you dream will definitely come true!

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