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How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Cheeks: 7 Effective Masks

If you want to learn how to get rid of blackheads on cheeks, read and discover from the article below 5 products, 7 masks and 4 scrubs which remove acne.


Everybody knows that pimples on cheeks and the question of how to get rid of blackheads on cheeks bring much trouble, discomfort, and disappointment to both women and men.

The main source from where blackheads appear on cheeks is the disruption of the oil bags’ functioning.

Choosing a method of treatment it’s significant to know how the organism works and define how certain organs function and whether there exists a possibility of having pathology.

You are able to do it by studying the locations of acne rash.

How to get rid of blackheads on cheeks discovering the reasons why they appear?

Very often blackheads appear in young people but sometimes adults also face this problem.

The main reasons why blackheads appear on cheeks are:

  • intestinal diseases
  • pathogens with poor hygiene
  • disruption of metabolism
  • hereditary predisposition
  • weakened immune system caused by common infections and colds
  • comedogenic cosmetics
  • perioral dermatitis
  • hormone imbalance
  • gynecological diseases

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Fast?

In order to pick a proper way how to get rid of blackheads on cheek, you must define precisely the reason why they appeared:

  1. If the reason is the disruption of metabolism, you must definitely reexamine the diet and reduce the amount of fat food, preferring fresh products and vitamins.

    Moreover, in order to get rid of the future problems, you’d better learn how to stick to a special diet.

  2. If you’ve got some intestinal diseases, you must be examined.

    After a thorough examination, you’ll definitely know what kind of treatment is actually required.

    If the reason of illness is the gathered waste, it may also cause blackheads because toxins trigger inflammations.

  3. You may have blackheads on cheeks and chin if you suffer from genital diseases.

    In this case, to choose proper way how to get rid of blackheads on a cheek will definitely be the most crucial thing.

  4. They might appear because you put your head on your hands.

    Your hands may have plenty of bacteria that are said to be one of the reasons why blackheads appear.

  5. Another reason may be the irritation of the face skin like in the situation when the locks are constantly touching your skin.

How to get rid of blackheads on cheek by a proper diet?

A properly chosen treatment, healthy diet, active lifestyle as well as skin care can teach you how to get rid of blackheads on cheeks.

Now, let’s look at the list of products which can cause blackheads on cheeks:

  • Sweet and baked goods (all possible buns and cupcakes, crisps and soda, cakes, cookies);
  • Coffee (especially on empty stomach, with sugar);
  • Fats (you’d better prefer cold pressed vegetable oils);
  • Walnuts, pistachios, peanuts cannot be eaten in large amounts;
  • Dairy products which contain much fat and ice-cream.

5 effective methods, how to remove blackheads from cheeks

  1. Compress with burdock root.

    Pile some burdock root and cut it into small pieces if the root is fresh or find a dry one.

    Pour 1 spoon of root in a glass of boiling water, draw and let it cool off.

    Soak a clean cotton fabric with the infusion and cover your face with it like with a mask for 20 minutes.

    Do not wash your skin within an hour.

  2. Lotion.

    Make a mixture from the dry herbs of milfoil, mare’s tail, linden flowers, tutsan, chamomile, and celandine.

    Take one spoon of mixture and put it in 0,5 l of boiling water in a bottle.

    Draw it for two hours and then strain.

    Use it two times per day in case you have a big rash and once a day when you do not have too many pimples.

    You can also use it as a preventative measure and apply once in two days.

  3. Aloe Vera.

    Juice from Aloe Vera can be used as a lotion and in the complex treatment of blackheads and furunculosis.

    Wash a leaf of the plant, cut it along and apply to a pimple on the cheek.

    You may make porridge from it before using on the cheeks.

  4. Steam bath.

    The procedure is repeated several times only in case you have serious problems.

    Take the mixture of dry herbs: marigold, nettle, chamomile and celandine (2 spoons of each).

    Boil for 5 minutes and bend over the infusion just like during the inhalation.

    Stay there for 10 minutes and wipe the steamed pimples with hydrogen peroxide afterward.

  5. Tomato.

    Fresh tomatoes can show you how to get rid of blackheads on cheeks.

    Take a half of tomato and wipe pimples with it.

    You can also mix glycerin and tomato in the equal proportion and apply the mixture as a lotion.

    Keep the remedy in the fridge, not more than 3 weeks.

How to remove blackheads from cheeks using 7 masks?

You’d better apply them to the steamed cleaned face.

After the procedure, you must hydrate the skin in case it requires hydration (according to your feelings).

Masks to get rid of blackheads on cheeks:

  1. A mask from egg white.

    This product wonderfully cleans the pores, narrows them and removes blackheads.

    You’d better do it twice per week.

    Take 1 egg white and blend into a foam.

    Apply it in several layers when the previous one gets dry.

    Put on 3 or 4 layers and leave for 15 minutes before washing away using cool water.

  2. A mask with soda.

    It effectively removed blackheads from cheeks.

    Do this procedure once in two weeks because it dries your skin a lot.

    Stir 1 tablespoon of soda and little warm water (1 teaspoon) and apply the remedy to the problem areas with the massage movements.

    Wait for 15 minutes and thoroughly wash away using cool water.

    After this procedure, you should apply hydrating cream.

    For the additional nutritive action, you should add to the receipt 1 tablespoon of oat flakes.

  3. A mask with apple and honey.

    This remedy perfectly clears the skin and secures additional nutritive and soothing actions.

    Fresh medium apple – 1

    Liquid honey – 5 tablespoons

    Grate the apple and blend it with honey.

    The mixture is applied to the face for 10 minutes and washed away by cool water.

    Honey (as a separate kind of mask) is a good cleanser of the pores and has the additional antiseptic effect.

  4. A mask with white clay and pineapple.

    Effectively helps to get rid of acne.

    The powder of white clay – 2 tablespoons

    Natural pineapple juice – 2 tablespoons

    Blend the components and let them stay in the fridge a little.

    Five minutes later apply it (bottom-top) to the face which was washed by cool water beforehand.

    Keep the mask for 15 minutes and remove it.

  5. A mask with banana and honey.

    Wonderfully cleans and softens the skin.

    Fresh banana’s flesh – 1

    Honey – 1 teaspoon

    Mash a banana with a fork and add honey.

    Using a blender make the mixture homogeneous and apply to the face.

    Keep for 20 minutes and remove with cool water.

  6. A mask with corn and milk.

    This remedy has a great cleaning and antiseptic action and removes oily shine.

    Corn flour – 2 tablespoons

    Warm milk – little amount

    Blend flour and milk till you get a thick substance which you apply to the face (bottom-top) by the rounded movements.

    Remove the mask after it completely dries.

  7. A mask with soda and salt.

    It fights comedones and makes the skin smooth and silky.

    Sea salt – 1 tablespoon

    Soda – 1 teaspoon

    Mix sea salt and soda.

    Cover the face with a baby soap, take a little of the mixture and massage the problem zones for 1 minute.

    Then you must leave the mixture on the skin for 10 minutes and remove with warm water.

4 receipts of the homemade scrubs to get rid of blackheads on cheeks

  1. Soda + salt.

    The most effective remedy from blackheads is a scrub from soda and salt which is recommended first of all to take care of the oily skin type.

    1 tablespoon of a usual gel must be mixed with soda and sea salt (1 teaspoon of each).

  2. Honey + cinnamon.

    Mix 3 tablespoons of honey, which was melted on the bath with 1 tablespoon of the cinnamon powder.

  3. Yogurt + salt + lemon + honey.

    Mix 4 tablespoons of natural yogurt and a teaspoon of salt.

    Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of melted honey.

  4. Clay + orange + oat flakes.

    Mix 50 g of cosmetic clay (pick the color according to your skin type), 50 g of milled orange piles, 30 g of milled oat flakes, and add some water to reach the required consistency.

Take good care of your organism!

When you begin to have the symptoms of acne, you must immediately turn to a specialist who will successfully diagnose the reasons for it and prescribe you a course of treatment.

Surely, you must love your body and care about it, lest the problem of how to get rid of blackheads on cheeks ever bothered you again.

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