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5 Top Tips How to Hide Pimples

You do not have a slightest idea how to hide pimples, do you? The article is sure to provide you with a step-by-step instruction on how to mask them.


Pimples have a tendency to appear in the least suitable moments: right before a date or another important meeting.

In such moments everyone is feverishly looking for methods how to hide pimples.

First of all, one must mention that you must treat pimples and it’s extremely important you found the reasons of acne in order to properly treat them.

Perhaps, you must consult a doctor-endocrinologist, who is likely to discover whether the rash is connected to the hormonal changes in the organism and how you should treat it.

Moreover, a proper diet is a sure-fire way how you may change the condition of your skin for the better.

It restricts the amount of fats and carbohydrates.

Surely, a crucial meaning has proper skin care, which includes cleaning from the excess oils and mud, which litter the pores and trigger inflammations.

Nevertheless, everything that was mentioned above is not a process of one day.

Well, what would you do if in the crucial moment of your life an unexpected, spiteful pimple or even few of them appeared?

Here you are sure to wonder how you can hide pimples.

Let’s discuss it and figure out how to do it.

How to hide pimples: preliminary face preparation

  1. Select a gentle cleanser and buy one.

    Choose a very soft product.

    Do not use peeling face products.

    Besides, the product you choose must not have alcohol in its composition.

    Otherwise, using such products may only make the problem even worse.

    Though you should not practice chemical cleansers, you may try effective products against pimples.

    Prefer those, which contain salicylic acid or benzol peroxide.

    Salicylic acid cleans the pores and makes edema and redness less visible; benzol peroxide kills all bacteria and peels the derma.

    Wash your face with cold water and the chosen cleansing product.

    Hot water will only make your skin dry.

  2. Hydrate your skin as soon as you wash your face.

    Make sure you apply hydrating cream before going to bed, after you wash your face.

    Use light hydrating cream, which suits your skin type.

    You may also apply hydrating cream in the morning, after you wash your face, though you’d better pay most attention to the inflamed areas.

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  3. Apply ice.

    Wrap ice cubes in the towel.

    Apply ice to the skin (clean) and keep it there for a minute.

    If a pimple does not get smaller, you should repeat the procedure five minutes later.

  4. If you have only one night to get rid of pimples, try the following methods.

    Put on your face few layers of aloe and lemon juice (in turns).

    This simple method definitely knows how to calm and lighten your skin, which is likely to help you make the redness almost invisible in the morning.

    One can also apply tea tree oil.

    This method is more efficient with acne, but it takes more time – approximately 5-6 hours.

    If you have enough time, you can use it with confidence.

    Why is tea tree oil so effective?

    Everything is due to the bactericide influence, which effectively eliminates the redness and inflammation.

    You must apply the oil on the acne pointwise, with the help of a cotton bud. Right after the first try you are sure to notice how much the skin condition improved.

    However, you should not abuse the usage of oil.

    If you often have rashes, you’d better start proper treatment instead of looking for the ways how to hide those pimples.

How to hide pimples using make-up?

  1. Choose a primer – a makeup foundation.

    The primer is applied before concealer and foundation, thanks to which you are able to hide pimples.

    Take a makeup brush in order to apply the primer on the face.

    Apply enough primer to cover the whole area, but not too much, lest you attracted even more attention to the inflamed area.

    There are different primers with therapeutic effects – those that eliminate redness (created for rosacea, acne), drying a little (with salicylic acid) and plenty of others.

    Pick up the one, which suits you most of all.

    For oily skin type (or separate oily areas in case you have combination skin type) you might need a degreaser cream, which has different names, but one mission – to eliminate oily shine from the face and minimize the pores.

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  2. Use concealer pointwise on the pimples.

    It’s better to hide red pimples with the concealer of green color (yes, this color neutralizes red).

    We take special concealer pencil of greenish color (or something, which is likely to hide your pimples) and put a dot in the middle of a pimple.

    Then you should carefully stump it on the skin by the concealer of the skin color.

    Besides, concealer can easily hide scars from pimples and other blemishes.

    In order to hide the contrast, you may apply any other product, which coincide with your skin tone (or is a little bit lighter) above the green product, or take light foundation, or a powder.

    Small redness is likely to be hidden by beige concealer.

  3. Now, right on the primer and concealer you can finally put foundation.

    Its tone must be a bit lighter than your natural skin color.

    Darker foundations look good only on the healthy face, but on the inflamed one it will definitely look very awkwardly.

    Avoid pink tones, because they are likely to emphasize all derma’s drawbacks and blemishes.

    Special BB-cosmetics is considered to be a very comfortable option how you can hide pimples.

    Such products have masking effect.

    Besides, they eliminate inflammatory process and make your skin matte.

    Foundation may be applied by your hands, by a sponge or with the help of a tough brush.

    It’s very important to shade all the borders with hair and neck, lest these borders were visible.

  4. If pimples are still seen, you may use concealer.

    Choose a suitable tone, which corresponds to your skin color.

    Pay attention that it will be visible on the makeup.

    Take a brush for concealer.

    Apply it on the pimple and slightly spread it around in order to hide it.

    Avoid pushing on the inflamed area.

    Shade the concealer.

    You can do it with your finger and spread it all over the pimple.

    Concealer must cover it with even layer and the inflamed area must not differ in color from the rest of the skin.

  5. In order to fix your makeup and smooth it, you should use fixing powder.

    Apply powder to the whole face, paying special attention to the T-zone.

    You’ll need a furry brush, which is most likely to spread the powder with a thin and even layer.

  6. Make the emphasis on the face in order to distract the attention from the pimples.

    If the pimple is located on the upper part of the face, on the forehead for example, you should make emphasis on the lower part, making your lips bright.

    If the inflamed area is on the lower part (for example, on the chin), you should make the emphasis on the upper part.

    In order to do it, you may underline your eyes or apply bright eye shadows.

    If the pimple is on the cheek, you’d better prefer natural makeup, but still emphasize eyes and lips, picking the colors which are close to natural and not too bright.

    Moreover, you should not use too much blush or bronzing powder, because they only put stress on the pimples, which were hidden by different cosmetic products.

How to become beautiful: recommendations from a psychologist

Useful pieces of advice, which will teach you how to hide pimples for as long as possible:


  • Use liquid bandage.

    Surely, you should not do it all the time.

    You might use it, if you really need to hide a pimple before an important meeting or event.

    Apply liquid bandage to the pimple.

    Put on concealer above it and stop worrying about the skin blemishes.

  • Do not touch your face after you put on hiding products.

    Otherwise, you risk ruining your makeup.

  • Have concealer or corrector always at hand, so that you could use it during the day.
  • When you apply concealer, you should do it top-down but not from left to right.

It’s very important to remember that you should think not only how to hide pimples, but how to prevent their further appearance.

Proper makeup hiding is only the urgent way how you can hide pimples, that’s why you should not use it every day.

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