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How to Stop Hair Growth on Face: 4 pieces of advice

You are worried by the question of how to stop hair growth on face? In the article below you are sure to find efficient methods of fighting this problem.


Many women of different age face the problem of excess and unneeded hair growth on face.

Even a little deviation from the norm develops their complexes concerning their appearance.

Mostly women are very anxious about having moustache and separate hairs or vivid hair on the cheeks and chin.

When a person has much hair, aside from worrying why it appeared, he wonders how to stop hair growth on face!

Reasons for hair growth on face

The presence of body hair coat is a natural thing, which was provided by nature.

It’s almost impossible to find a person without hair on the body, including face.

If you look closely, you’ll clearly see that every human body, even women’s, is covered in small hair – nap, which does not bring any troubles.

The problems begin when it begins to grow intensely and this may be triggered by the whole chain of reasons:

  • Sexual maturation is a delicate period, when the organism has active hormonal reconstruction, in particular, the teenage problems with skin and changes in the hair structure.

    The main reason of girls’ problems with hair growth is the male’s hormone androgen.

    The more of it there is in her blood, the more complicated the problem is.

    Since time, when the hormone level is stabilized, the problem will be eliminated on its own.

  • Climax is the time, when the ovaries’ activity is gradually fading, the androgen’s manufacturing is increased and it triggers intense hair growth on face.
  • Heredity means that if your mother, grandmother or sister had to face similar difficulties, the reason of it is hidden in heredity.
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome and any other illnesses, connected to the hormone imbalance in the women’s organism, may boost the manufacturing of male’s hormones and, as a result, your face and body has unneeded hair, of which you dream to dispose.

Sudden appearance of hair or gradual, but excess hair growth on face is a reason to immediately turn to the specialized doctor, so that he could reveal the reasons why your appearance changes.

It’ll be better, if this is a gynecologist-endocrinologist, who will send you to other specialists, if needed, in order to state the diagnosis.

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Only after the treatment is prescribed, more precisely, simultaneously with it, you can look for a way how to stop hair growth on face, because the treatment is going to bring the visible results not sooner than 6-12 months.

How to stop hair growth on face by means of electrolysis?

Nowadays, this technique is considered to be old-fashioned by many people, but we strongly suggest you did not dismiss it, because it has no competitors by its efficiency.

The principles of how to stop hair growth on face using this method:

  • How does it work?

    A specialist puts a special needle in the hair follicle and destroys it by current discharge.

    After it, the hair is only left to be removed by the pincers and it comes out without any efforts.

    If you feel how the specialist pulls it out, something definitely went wrong and a new hair will surely appear at the same place.

  • Whom will it fit?

    This method works with any skin type and removes even the lightest hair, with which other kinds of epilation cannot cope.

  • Will it hurt?

    Before you have a séance, the required zones are anesthetized by lidocain.

    Nevertheless, if you are too sensitive, you’ll still feel unpleasant.

    All process usually takes about 30 minutes.

    The procedure is painless, but the efforts are sure to be rewarded by the perfect smoothness almost forever.

How to stop hair growth on face by means of laser hair removal?

The procedure is almost painless and takes less time than the previously mentioned.

Your skin won’t be damaged, that’s why you do not need to be afraid of consequences.

The principles of how to stop hair growth on face using this method:

  • How does it work?

    A laser heats the hair, destroying follicle and the vessel, which feeds it. After the procedure, the hair stays on the skin’s surface.

    It’s very important to wait 1,5 – 2 weeks and do not remove it waiting till it comes out on its own.

  • What are the contra-indications?

    The most widespread are considered to be skin illnesses, diabetes, pregnancy and breast feeding, plenty of moles, allergy aggravation, sunburns, abrasions, scratches, herpes, oncology diseases.

  • Is it risky?

    You should pick the clinic and the specialist very attentively.

    After the procedure, which was made by the unprofessional cosmetologist or if the machine did not work properly, you risk getting bad burns or provoke the appearance of pigment stains.

  • Whom will it fit?

    Most machines work even on the tanned skin, it’s quite enough to wait 3-5 days after you stayed in the sun.

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  • Will it hurt?

    The updated machines have a cooling system and you probably won’t have any unpleasant feelings.

    The maximum you’ll feel is the warmth and light tingling.

How to stop hair growth on face by means of photo-epilation?

Such procedure is sure to help you get the fast visible result, but in order to eliminate hair completely, you’ll have to be very patient.

The principles of how this method stops hair growth on face:

  • How does it work?

    Hair bulbs are removed by intensive impulsive light.

    The flash kills the hair, when it is in the growing phase and within the next 20 days it goes away.

    The cunning thing is that you should catch this phase.

    Otherwise, the hair will appear again, but thinner and fair, it’ll be almost invisible, but still be there.

  • Whom will it fit?

    First of all, it is going to fit all brunettes.

    It’s important that the hair was darker than the skin, so if you a tanned blonde, this technique is definitely not for you.

    Mind that the full course of photo-epilation is rather long and it takes in average from 6 months to one year.

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  • Will it hurt?

    The modern machines are said to have the cooling system, which makes the process almost painless.

    You’ll only need to find the clinic, which has this modern equipment.

    Besides, all professional machines are approved by the American Association of Healthcare FDA.

    It means this method is safe and effective.

    You should request the machine’s passport, because the lack of such document is the biggest violation.

How to stop hair growth on face by means of elos epilation?

It has been considered very effective and safe for a long time, but the high price and plenty of limits significantly decreased the number of fans.

The principles of how this method stops hair growth on face:

  • How does it work?

    The growing hair is destroyed by electro optical synergy.

    On the outside the procedure does not differ from photo- or laser epilation.

    Sometimes, there may stay a small edema on your face, which is gone within a day – such reaction usually happens because of electricity.

  • Whom will it fit?

    In order to have a visible result you need a powerful contrast between the skin and hair.

    Mind that a procedure may not be carried out, if you just returned from the beach very tanned or you are going to the sea.

    Otherwise, it may cause a disorder in pigmentation and lead to pigment stains.

  • Will it hurt?

    In fact, everything depends on your inner pain threshold.

    In any case specialists must firstly apply anesthetic to the needed zone.

    However, many people admit that even after it they hardly overcome this procedure.

4 pieces of advice, how to stop the hair growth on face

If you do not have enough money to solve the problem of how to stop hair growth on face, you might try at least to slow down this process.

So, we have 4 pieces of advice for you on how to do it:

  1. Drink tea with mint

    A research has showed that drinking mint tea may lower the level of androgens, male’s testosterone, which is considered to be the main reasons of extensive hair growth in women.

    Buy mint tea or fresh leaves of peppermint.

    Drink it twice a day for several weeks and soon you are sure to stop the process.

  2. Eat more food, which contains soy

    Soy products boost the level of estrogen in the organism, which may help you reach the balance the male’s hormones in your body.

    Male’s hormones stimulate the hair growth and, accordingly, if you decrease or balance them, you’ll stop the growth of the unwanted hair.

    Add to your everyday diet such soy products as edamame beans, soy milk and soy hamburgers.

  3. Prepare a face mask from the curd cheese and Gram Flour

    You need to cook the mask from curd cheese and Gram Flour, which is also known as Besan.

    Take 1 spoon of flour and a pinch of turmeric.

    Add 1 spoon of curd cheese and mix everything well.

    Add a little water till you get the thick cream.

    Apply this mask to the face with massage movements and let it stay till it dries.

    Then you should easily wipe your face.

  4. Use lemon scrub and sugar scrub

    Mix 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice with ½ of glass of water.

    Apply the mixture to the skin along the direction of hair growth and leave for 15 minutes.

    Then wash it away with water.

    Apply such scrub few times a week and it’ll stop hair growth.

This way, you can pick the most suitable way from all methods of how to stop hair growth on face, which were mentioned before.

Choosing the right method depends on the lever of the problem’s expressiveness and individual peculiarities of the organism.

Mind that you should never save money on this issue, that’s why you’d better pick only clinics with cosmetologists with high professional skills, which work on certificated equipment.

Be beautiful!

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