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How to Perm Your Own Hair: 6 Simple Ways

How to perm your own hair using a straightener + wavers +a curling iron + other ways how to do it at home?


If you know how to perm your own hair, the problems with your hairdo will simply disappear because the curls are said to be the perfect solution for creating an attractive look.

The arsenal of the modern beauties has plenty of tools to wave the locks beautifully and at home.

One may do it using rollers, curling or straightening irons and some traditional ways how to perm hair at home.

The rules of how to perm your own hair safely and effectively

  1. Firstly, you should mind that you can work only wish clean and dry hair.
  2. Dirty locks will look neglectfully and unaesthetic after the procedure while the wet ones can be easily damaged.

    That’s why you must wait till you dry a little in order to comb or style it.

  3. Start waving from the top of your head because it will be easier to process the areas on the sides and at the back of your head.

    Moreover, it’s easier to save and avoid ruining the ready-made part of the hairdo this way.

  4. So that the result lasted longer, you should apply special styling products.
  5. You should spread the product on the combed lock along its length avoiding the roots.
  6. Curl at a right angle to the head but do not tighten too much, otherwise, you risk damaging the roots.
  7. Before the locks get the desired shape, some time has to pass.

    This process is individual and depends on the type and condition of the hair.

  8. After you are done perming, it is not advised to comb because it can ruin the received result.
  9. The best option will be to process it with your own fingers in order to make the hairdo you wish to have.

How to perm your own hair using a straightener?

Girls who have the natural flat hair often dream of having big and beautiful waves and spend much money and efforts to get this result and finally have the perm done.

Using a straightener you can easily change the hairdo within a couple of minutes turning a straight hairdo into elegant waves.

Lest the procedure was harmful, you need to know how to use a straightener properly and take good care of those waves.

7 steps of how to wave your own hair with a straightener:

  1. Before the procedure, you should wash your head with shampoo and conditioner or balsam.

    It is desirable to apply to the wet head a special thermo-protective mask which saves your own hairdo from the harmful influence of high temperature.

    To secure safety you should use a flat iron of high quality with the ceramic coat on the plates.

  2. In order to make the big curls, you’ll need a flat iron which is 2 cm wide.

    Heat it well and press the straightener closer to the roots.

    If you wish to get smaller frizz, you’d better press small locks.

  3. In case you wish to have only light waves, you’ll need to take big locks.

    Set the straightener vertically and, keeping the lock, you should turn it semi-circle to achieve the goal.

  4. Carefully move the flat iron towards the ends in order to create a soft wave.

    Do not stop to move your flat iron lest you ruined the evenness of the line.

  5. Using a flat iron you can easily add shape to the long haircut as well as to the short one.

    In order to wave the ends inside or outside, you must keep the straightener at a right angle to the curled lock.

  6. Take the lock and turn the straightener inside and outside depending on the effect you wish to achieve.

    After the perm, you can apply a little styling mousse to achieve the effect of the stylishly windblown frizz.

  7. In order to create more strict and neat hairdos, you should apply styling gel or foam to fix the needed form.

7 steps of how to perm hair at home using rollers

Rollers are the most effective and sparing way to achieve a beautiful result and create a wonderful hairdo without any harmful consequences.

  1. Regardless of the type of the rollers you wish to use, before you begin the procedure or any manipulations, you should wash your head and dry it naturally.
  2. Then you part your hair in the middle and divide it to the locks, the width of which is not more than the rollers’ length.
  3. You pick up one of them, wet it a little with water or styling product and gradually starting from the ends you roll it.
  4. You should keep it by the sides in order to gather all hair.
    Otherwise, your hairdo can be spoiled by the parts which will stick up.
  5. In case you have a long haircut, you should take small parts and if it is short, the size of the locks does not make a significant difference.
  6. After they get completely dry, you should process them with your fingers and finish styling with spray.
  7. As a rule, short or middle-length locks get dry in a couple of hours while the long ones need at least 8 hours.

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How to perm your own hair using a curling iron?

If you wonder how to perm your own hair, you should know that in order to do it with the help of a curling iron, you’ll need only a little time and effort.

However, it’s going to happen only under the condition you follow all rules of how to use this device.

During the work with the iron, your own hair must be clean, dry and without any products for styling.

This is very important because the thermal impact of the device can change the chemical characteristics of the product.

That’s why the result of their counteraction may be unexpected.

In the best case, it’ll stick to the iron, in the worst case scenario, you might partially lose some of it.

That’s why the optimal product to apply before curling may be only a thermo-protective spray which neutralizes the harm of the thermal impact.

You can work with a curling iron only on clean and dry hair and just like for any procedure, you divide it into the small parts and in this case, they should not be thicker than your little finger.

Otherwise, the iron won’t bring the desired effect.

The end is pressed by the iron and then quickly and precisely curled.

In order to get the steady frizz, it’s quite enough to wait for 20 seconds.

However, it may vary depending on the lock’s density.

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How to perm hair at home?

There are plenty of various safe ways how to make the curls at home.

The ways we are going to discuss now will not influence the health of your own hair.

  1. A bun for carelessly flowing waves:

    • In order to make waves, the head must be a little wet.

      That’s why you can start waving after you washed your head.

      If they are dry, you’ll have to wet them with clean water using a vaporizer.

    • Then you gather them in a high bun and create a tight bundle.
    • Wrap it into a bun and fix it with a pin.

      In order to reach a more vivid result, you should make 5-6 small buns on the head.

    • Blend the received frizz using your own hands and finish the hairdo with a hairspray.
  2. Perming with the help of foil.

    An unusual way to make zigzag waves is to take foil.

    • Cut the foil into strips the width of which will be around 3 cm and the length is defined by the hair length.
    • The wet hair is divided into small parts and wrapped in foil.
    • Every part is pleated and fixed by the pin at the roots.
    • As soon as it is dry, you free it from foil and form into the frizz.
    • Finish the hairdo with a special spray.
  3. The tight curls after bunches.

    Bunches are said to be the most reliable way to get waves without any damage to their health.

    • Wet the hair with water and divide it into small parts.
    • Cue all of them.
    • The fashionable girls advise applying some hairspray to them.
    • 6-7 hours later you can undo them and be happy about the result.

Choose a way how to perm your own hair according to the type of your own hair and the goal you wish to achieve.

In this case, the result is sure to be wonderful.

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