Time management: what is time management?

Want to manage your time easily? Then learn what a time management is and learn 12 basic rules of time management. Change your life for better!


You have probably noticed that most of us are so overloaded with work and personal matters that we don`t even have any idea how to cope with it and not to be in a hurry.

We experience a kind of emotional tension, panic attacks, and discomfort. All of this leads to apathy and a depressed mood.

Everything goes wrong and you don`t want to be involved in any activity.

If you don’t want to suffer from depression — you need to learn how to manage your time, you have to deal with a time management!

Psychologists believe that there is a way out of the time-lacking situation.

The most important thing is that you have a desire to change yourself and to change your attitude to personal time.

What is time management?

Time management is the ability to effectively manage and control your own time!

It is the ability to choose most essential points, to divide your activities into primary ones, which cannot wait, and secondary ones, which can be finished a few hours later.

Once a person begins to realize it, he/she immediately stops making a fuss.

You might think that to manage your time is pretty difficult – in fact, not a bit!

The main thing is that you make a particular decision about what needs to be done and when it must be done!

What is the purpose of time management?

Many people believe that those who use time management strategies find time to do much more and go faster!

This is a misconception…

Time management helps us to significantly increase our productivity, and also teaches us to throw away all unnecessary things.

There appears to be an additional time — and it’s up to you what you will spend this time on!

People, who have already learned how to effectively manage their time, are able to save a third of their lives!

Amazing, isn’t it?

Time management: 12 rules

То choose time is to save time.


1) Time management: Imagine that today is your last day.

You may believe it to be a ridiculous rule, but still…

I want to share my personal question with you.  

I ask myself this question before going to bed and as soon as I wake up! Thanks to this question I wake up easily every morning and manage my time reasonably!

And here is my question: «If I knew that today was the last day of my life — what would I do and how I would I behave this day?»

My advice to you is to take a piece of paper right now and answer this question frankly for yourself.

I think it will be interesting for you!

2) Time management: Start planning!

Those people who were able to gain recognition and success in life were constantly planning.

Daily planning is NECESSARY to increase your effectiveness throughout the day.

Make a rule to plan specific tasks in a notebook all the time! Remember, if your goal is not written, it simply doesn`t exist!

When you work with the list of things you need to do, you immediately increase the productivity of your time by 25%.

Make it a habit to write down your plan for tomorrow in the evening (before going to bed)!

As soon as you come to work, you will already know where to start.

Work with this list throughout the day: as soon as a new task appears, include it into this list and indicate its priority in comparison with the previously recorded tasks.

Once you have successfully finished any specific work — cross it out from the list!

This way you will be satisfied with the work done and will be proud of the fact that you haven`t wasted time!

Complex tasks should be divided into several subtasks. Only losers try to grasp everything at once.

3) Time management: Get rid of «time killers»!

It is probably the biggest problem that prevents all of us to effectively and efficiently control our time! We STEAL our time and KILL our time; we waste much of it to check the email, to chat in ICQ and on facebook!

Don`t you experience self-reproach for that?

Does being lazy make you feel comfortable?

Take my advice: if you are going to do any useful work (for the future) – get rid of all these time killers, do not let them distract you!

Focus on your important job, hold yourself together and be patient!

In one of my articles I’ve already mentioned the very interesting fact that to form a useful habit you need to repeat the same thing for 66 days on the condition that you do it on a DAILY basis!

Therefore, choose a special time for doing only useful things, get rid of all the distractions (TV, social networks, a cup of coffee with a friend and useless talks) – and GO AHEAD to conquer the peaks and create good habits! 😉

It would also be useful if you could have a separate diary, where you would record the worthless activities that destroy your time, distract you from your aim and do not do you any good!

4) Time management: Learn to set priorities!

Sort your tasks by importance and urgency; write them down in a personal notebook!

Don’t spend much of your time on small and unnecessary things!

5) Time management: Concentrate on a single job.

The more tasks you perform simultaneously, the faster you try to do that — the worse results you will get.

Never start working on a new task until you finished the previous one!

6) Time management: Filter the information.

In order not to overload your brain with a huge number of unnecessary information and not to waste your precious time — learn to choose the most important and useful! Learn to search quickly, to scan through the pages of the World Wide Web without reading everything from the beginning to the end!

Make pauses and remember only important information!

7) Time management: «Take a frog for breakfast!»

What does it mean?

A successful business consultant B.

Tracy calls the most complex cases that need to be done during the day «frogs».

By constantly postponing them during working hours, you create an unpleasant emotional strain for the whole day! You should always start with the most difficult — and your day will be smooth and effortless.

8) Time management: Say «NO» to unnecessary tasks!

Learn to say no to certain people (who have no goals and want nothing from life, who only know how to complain), and to unnecessary tasks which do not and will not bring you any benefit, which will just be a waste of your time.

9) Time management: Sort out the mess on the desk!

Rich people and successful businessmen always work at a clean table!

The absent-minded people have complete disorder on their tables.

Develop a habit to sort your papers, throw the unnecessary ones out and clean your table all the time. Scientists have proved that we spend more than 30% of our time trying to find the right document.

Having basket for collecting rubbish is a good method to manage your time!

10) Time management: You must have a comfortable working place.

When you work at home — you have a lot of opportunities to get away and to distract.

It is especially relevant to those who do not live alone.

Having an individual workplace will significantly increase your productivity, and will help you to concentrate on your own business.

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11) Time management: Work at a certain time.

If you carefully observe yourself, you will be able to determine your biological clock (biorhythms) which identifies your activity peaks!

You should make every effort to solve the most difficult tasks in this period, because you will be full of energy and most efficient! Don’t waste this time — use it!

For example, my peak of activity falls between 7 a.m. – 11 a.m. and I try to do as much as possible in this period, because I understand that my quickness of reaction and working efficiency will decrease at the other time.

12) Time management: Take a day off, you deserved it!

When you have time to relax — never neglect it!

This is an important factor for effective time management! When a person is resting, all the resources of his/her body get restored.

When a person is tired to death — it is unlikely that he/she will feel well and will efficiently complete a specific task.

So when you rest, you are actively engaged in time management!

Time management teaches all of us to effectively manage our lives, to enjoy every moment, to find time for family and close people, to allow time for self-development — life will get brighter and much more interesting!

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