Motivation. How to motivate yourself?

Then we are glad to present you 10 motivational tips that will fundamentally change your life. Of course, by improving it. Let’s begin!


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Do you dream of changing your life, but don’t know how to motivate yourself to success?

Then this article is for you!

So, what is motivation?

Motivation is an inner emotional state which stimulates a person to action.

So how can we motivate ourselves to success?

What should we do and what shouldn’t we do for it?

Here, I would like to share with you several smart tips that have helped so many people.

Even today those who used them send me their emails with gratitude…

And, damn it, I feel pleased! 🙂

Remember, motivation is the key component of your future success.

If you learn to motivate yourself daily, success will follow your every activity, every step, every action!

10 tips for self-motivation:

  1. Never let in negative thoughts, get rid of them under any circumstances.

    Don’t forget that thoughts are material and if you keep thinking of evil, if you visualize it brightly and vividly, it can happen to you.

  2. Promise yourself an early rise every morning, be it weekend or not.

    The best motivation begins in the morning!

    Trust me, once you start getting up early, you will have enough time for everything.

    Even if there’s no need for haste or urgent business, wake up early, devote this time to yourself and your development, benefit from an exciting and useful reading…

    People have knowingly said, “An early bird catches the worm”.

  3. Motivate yourself to victory!

    Every time, every day and every minute motivate yourself to victory, become more goal-oriented and remember: in every situation we always have two options – to win or to lose.

    Right after waking up when you are still in bed, set your mind positively for the whole day.

    Say, “Today I will excel myself! Today will be better than yesterday!

    Today small victories await me!”

    Believe me, now you will be full of positive and resourceful energy, stay strong and confident in both your attitude and actions during the whole day.

    Nothing and nobody will hinder you or break your plans! 🙂

  4. Motivate yourself to positive attitude and high spirits.

    Try to think positively in every situation.

    Keep in mind that people are attracted to cheerful optimists, and not whiners.

    Quite a number of readers can start throwing eggs at me saying, “What if someone has really gone through a difficult and uneasy situation? What can be positive about that?”

    And I will calmly respond, “Dears, everything happening to you is your experience, invaluable experience!

    But for these “difficult and uneasy” situations you would have been a loser, a weak person with no guts.

    All these perturbations make you more purposeful and stronger”.

  5. Motivate yourself to assistance!

    Friends, never deny assistance to those who need it.

    Besides doing good to these people, you get positive emotions and gratitude for your effort.

    Isn’t it meaningful?

    When you improve other people’s lives, you automatically improve yours. Never forget it!

  6. Your doubts can destroy your motivation!

    A lot of people can’t keep motivated for a long time even despite their steady life progress. Their lack of self-confidence impedes them. They always wonder whether they do it right and whether they follow the right way.

    Remember, self-confidence is a very important quality for every person and success is unattainable without it. Here is a very simple piece of advice that will improve your self-esteem: always keep your promises. It is the ability to stand by your word given, for example, to your friend that will teach you to keep a promise given to yourself.

    Later on, you’ll learn to trust yourself when setting your mind to a “successful future”.

    And it will keep up your motivation!

  7. Let yourself feel the advancement on your way to a cherished goal!

    Our body is a smart energy-saving machine, so if you don’t see any progress or, moreover, don’t believe that your activity will ever bring it, your motivation becomes too hard to keep up; it weakens and contradicts your basic energy-preserving principles.

    To put it simpler, it can lead to idleness.

    Well, you can contradict anything, you can fight nature, but it is way better to cooperate with it.

  8. Get rid of alternatives. And motivate yourself!

    I think that, whenever there is a choice, a 5 a.m. wake-up can be a challenge for anyone.

    Well, to luxuriate a bit longer in bed or to get up… But a barrel of ice-cold water poured on you at 5:05 will make you jump out of bed like a soldier – swiftly, easily and without lingering.

    Another great way of self-motivation is, for example, a promise to your colleagues that you will shave off your hair and eat it with mayo in case you fail to succeed.

  9. Evaluate your progress. And motivate yourself!

    We always have to provide our motivation with evidence that our business is successful and develops daily.

    Remember, it is the progress, and not the process that must be evaluated.

    For instance, you read 30 pages of George Clason’s useful book “The richest man in Babylon”.

    It is the process.

    Then you answer 30 questions on these 30 pages. It is the progress!

  10. Be your own competitor. And motivate yourself!

    Mikhail Baryshnikov once said, “I don’t try to dance better than others.

    I only try to dance better than myself”.

    This is a truly good quote.

    If you constantly compare yourself to others, it can soon demotivate you.

    Even, when full of enthusiasm and will, you commence striding along a meandering way to your longed-for dream, a constant comparison of your success to that of others will soon lower your energy and diminish your desire to pursue for your goal.

    Stop doing it!

    Quit!Please realize that every individual has his specific life, does his unique job and builds his unique relationships.

    This cannot be compared! When you compete with others, it looks ridiculous, silly and senseless.  

    A cyclist and a soccer player can’t meet on the same track, can they?

    The most challenging competitor, whom you must defeat every day little by little, is you. Overpower and overcome yourself daily!

Each of us creates his own world, and your final creation totally depends on you. The most important thing, my dear readers, is to stay calm, not to lose heart and bear in mind:

“I can do it, I’ll cope, I’ll succeed, this is my and only my goal!”

Our life depends exclusively on us and it’s our responsibility to make it happy.

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