What is the purpose of life?

What is the purpose of life? How to define your purpose in life? Valuable advices from a psychologist. Save for yourself.


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The purpose of life is the biggest goal that you want to achieve in your life.

A person may have a lot of big goals in life: to get a good education, to live in the apartments by the sea, to raise children, but the purpose of life is the most important aim among all of them.

Do all the people have their life purpose? — No, only a few.

Why? Because, unlike dreams, a purpose of life involves a lot of daily work that is necessary for getting closer to your goal.

If you think about things that are important to you every day, if you do something to go ahead in this direction — you have a purpose in life.

If you don’t know what’s really important, if you set different goals every new day, if you think a lot, but do a little – it means that you still haven`t found your purpose in life.

Why do I need a purpose of life?

Your answer depends on your philosophy of life and your personal development.

Many people live without any big goals, and do not complain – they really do live well, safely, without feeling tension.

Those who have a purpose in life experience more stresses.

Do you need this? I think you do.

When a person has a purpose in life, he takes life eagerly. Only dummies do not set any goals.

Having a purpose of life is usually the characteristic of energetic people, but simply being energetic won`t help you to get what you want.

You can vigorously move to the top and then find that all these efforts were useless because it was simply not for you.

If you are not only energetic, but also able to think, you can find the purpose of your life.

Purpose of life is necessary for those who need a lot in life: either to get a lot from life or to do a lot for life.

To simply get what you need, it is enough to become a parasite, but to get a lot and achieve goals in life you need to become a consumer.

In order to do something for life, you can be either a romantic or a creator, but the creator will always achieve more.

A developed person doesn`t want to live like a plant or an animal, he or she wants to have a human life and to leave a trace behind.

Those people, who have set their goals in life, live better, achieve more and feel balanced.

First of all, we need to deal with concepts of «purpose» and «dream»!

People often do not see the difference between them.

Wikipedia states that the purpose of life is the real object of the conscious efforts of the person; it is the result of the activity;

And at the same time it defines a dream as a wish, which brings happiness to a person who fulfills it.

For example, what do we want from the future?

You would say: we want an apartment, a car, a dacha, a desirable vacation (a trip to Hawaii) — all of these mostly relate to the goal than a dream! These are the real objects of the conscious efforts of the person!

We come to a conclusion that if you treat your desires as goals, it will be easier to achieve them and to do something instead of lying on the couch dreaming: «what if…»!

A dream is something huge and hardly accessible, while to achieve the goal it is necessary to make a plan of future actions.

Okay, this is settled. Let`s go ahead…

What is the purpose of life: considerations…

The purpose of life is not something specific that can be achieved and accomplished once and forever.

Purpose in life is the life itself; the main question is what kind of life it is…

Everyone chooses his own path in life. For some people it is important to be successful, for others — to become famous or to have a family.

In other words a purpose in life is the direction of your way through life.

Imagine that you are standing at the crossroads with not only 4 roads, but thousands of them. You don’t know where each of them leads, you don’t know how far you can go, and you only know how you will go.

Now you are on the road which you have described.

If this road brings you enjoyment, if you are satisfied with everything that happens with you, then that is your life’s purpose.

Generally, when you have chosen the wrong path, it becomes pretty obvious: you often get into trouble, you have lots of failures and everything goes wrong.

If you feel contented that means you are on the right track.

The main thing is to be able to distinguish whether you are out of your way or not.

Then, even if you don’t know what the purpose of your life is, one day you will understand what it is and say, «Yeah, that was the purpose of my life, and I have pursued it all along»

Purpose in life should rock!

Your eyes are sparkling, you can’t settle down, you urgently need to run somewhere and to do something to achieve that very purpose…

You should feel the passion, be on fire, burn with fever!

The right way of setting goals must make you feel the drive. You are ready to work round the clock to achieve this goal, and that is right!

It will be hard, isn`t it? Happiness doesn`t come easily.

What you need is to overcome difficulties!

People are able to achieve aims only when the desire, drive and confidence go full swing!

What is the purpose of life: real example from life

I have a friend who needed to buy a house, since the family was large, and they lived in a shared apartment…

He has found the right house, but he couldn’t afford it! My friend didn`t get scared, he gave his last 150 thousand rubles as a deposit! The house was really necessary for him! He has turned on the heat!

In 3 months he paid the remaining 9 million rubles without taking any loans!

He worked hard; he thought much, he was looking for a solution of his problem! He needed it! And he was willing to do a lot of things to achieve his aim! He was on fire!

Now let’s take, for example, a common employee. How does he want to achieve goals?

He is asked: «What do you need for complete happiness?», he gets quiet and finally replies apathetically: «Well… probably an apartment…It would be nice to move from my parent’s apartment to my personal, and to improve the conditions of my unfair life this way…»

And after answering he gets back to watching TV and eating his mayonnaise sandwich…What a conversation!

Our life must be very boring.

I very rarely see people who have the burning desire in them!

Only thanks to the goal, which will inspire us, which will give us wings, there can be dramatic changes in the life of humanity! This kind of goal is usually called the absolute idea. But you need to understand that it will only be absolute for you!

Another person might be motivated by something entirely different!

For one person the absolute idea is to buy a house, for another it is to buy a fur coat! It all depends!

No need to search for dozens of ideas, try to find the only one, but the one which is really important.

The one implementation of which will bring you pleasure!

As soon as you achieve one goal — look for the next!

Now stop for a moment and think whether you get moved by your absolute idea. Or you need to look for the other one?

P.S. I advise you to read books by Paulo Coelho, especially «the Alchemist». If you cannot figure out what the purpose of life is even after reading this book, don’t despair, you will understand it when the time comes. The main thing is that you have made the first step – started looking for an answer.

Lao Tzu once said: «A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step».

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