How to Invest in Yourself: 7 Important Tips

You are eager to improve yourself and become a better person, but you do not have the slightest idea how to invest in yourself, do you? Read our advice.


You often hear such word as “investment”.

In most cases it is used to speak about investing in definite projects, which later, in the nearest future, will bring you rather good passive income

This income will help you to bring most of your dreams to life and is sure to improve your life.

However, only few people speak about the main investment in your life.

It’s investing in yourself, because if you invest in yourself, you will definitely get much bigger profit than from investments in other projects (where you even risk losing all your savings).

So, how to invest in yourself, so that you could see the results?

We suggest you reading our recommendation on this matter.

7 tips on how to invest in yourself

  1. Arrange your curriculum.

    Creating a curriculum is the first task you must complete.

    Define, which skills you wish to develop or acquire, how to gain them in the most convenient way, and how much time you’ll devote to this.

  2. Surround yourself with more successful and smart people.

    Perhaps, you’ll feel bad because of it from time to time.

    People always feel ill at ease, when someone from close people achieves more than they did.

    Nevertheless, it’ll surely pay off in the long-term perspective.

    The people’s experience is going to develop you even if you believe you are just communicating.

  3. Make your communicative skills better.

    A person is able to learn something new from three different sources: from one’s own experience, by working with information and from the experience of other people.

    According to this, if you wish to communicate with successful people and learn their experience, you must offer something in return.

    At least you must have good communicative skills, because the interlocutor must be pleased to talk to you.

  4. Do not be anxious about spending money.

    The unwillingness to invest money in self-education has started to decrease lately.

    Every day people begin to understand more and more the importance of courses, seminars and business trips, which are sure to improve their professional skills.

    Buffett, for example, advises to invest 10% of your income in your education.

    It’s up to you to decide what it is going to be – courses, books or business trips.

  5. Develop yourself not only professionally.

    We know that it’s not an easy thing to do, when your work takes from you the better part of your day.

    However, here is a small secret.

    When you discover the activity interesting for you, you’ll magically become able to find time for it every day.

  6. Learn foreign languages.

    It’s obligatory to know a foreign language in the modern world.

    Even if your job does not require it, the knowledge of foreign languages will always come in handy in life.

    You should not be grudge on time and efforts when learning a foreign language.

    Learning it on your own demands high self-discipline and regular exercises.

    However, the control must also be present, that’s why language courses are still the best way to master a foreign language or a couple of them.

  7. Teach yourself how to be self-organized.

    At all times and in all places, whatever profession you have, you need the skills of self-organizing.

    It means you must know how to plan your time, do not be distracted when you work on a certain task, do not let others bother you, and how to organize not only your work, but your rest as well.

    One should better learn the basics of self-organization still in the childhood and all life long continue to learn and improve them (how to make plans, do exercises, read the necessary literature).

How to invest in yourself and your skills?

We all have a certain set of skills, which we acquired at home, in schools or other educational establishments, at work or on our own.

If a person is eager to achieve something in his life, no matter how much he learned, it will never be the reason to stop on the achieved.

How can a person get additional knowledge?

  • Read books and communicate with wise people.
  • Attend postgraduate courses or some other paid courses (including online ones).
  • Participate in conferences (online conferences are also very useful).
  • Learn from the more experienced colleagues.
  • Look for the needed information on the Internet.
  • Self-education is also rather helpful – you may study magazines and books, which concern your profile.

Scientists believe that changing several professions for a life will become quite normal and it means that not only young people will start education from scratch, but adults and rather fulfilled people, too.

How to invest in yourself and your health?

If a person does not have good health, he does not need anything else in his life.

That’s why you should preserve your health, while you are still young.

This is not only investing, but a great opportunity to save money.

Any illnesses are the money wasted on nothing, the money you could spend on more pleasant things than medicine and hospitals.

Here are some tips on how to improve your health:

  • Excess weight is the reason for many diseases.

    If you have a problem of overweight, you should get rid of it with the help of the specialist – nutrition specialist.

    It’s not the best choice to lose weight on your own fulfilling the doubtful recommendations and sticking to the diets from the Internet.

    Only a specialist is able to provide you with correct information and give you valuable pieces of advice.

  • Life is a motion, they say.

    If you do not like running, you should swim, ride a bicycle or horses, or even dance.

  • Good eyesight.

    Those, who spend much time in front of the screen should learn special gymnastics for eyes and let them rest from time to time.

    One can also buy special glasses, which will lower the load.

  • Useful food.

    It includes not only beet and oatmeal.

    It concerns almost all cereals, fruits and vegetables.

    A person can cook plenty of tasty meals from them.

    In case you wish to treat yourself, you should remind yourself that fruits are not less tasty than cakes and sweets.

  • Organize your working place.

    Buy yourself an orthopedic armchair, if your work is computer-related, and a big screen.

    Put it properly on the table and secure the correct distance to the screen.

    Back pain and illnesses are the hardest to cure.

    It’s much better to prevent them than treat them.

How to Be Proactive: 7 Tips

Your main rule must become – the health is more expensive than any money.

Always remember it and if you have some extra money – invest them in your health.

Believe me, it’s the most profitable investment.

How to invest in yourself and your appearance?

You should watch your appearance in order to look good all the time.

The first impression about a person is always made from his appearance.

However, it does not necessarily mean you need to buy only expensive clothes from famous fashion brands.

Well, investing in your appearance, you should at least have the following:

  • A wardrobe of high quality

    Your clothes and shoes must fit you perfectly, be fashionable and clean.

    A basic wardrobe will serve you the best, because it is multifunctional and does not require much money.

    Then you are only left to choose the accessories to match.

    If you are not sure in your taste, you can consult a stylist.

  • Float time.

    Make at a habit to come everywhere a bit earlier than you have set: to work, a business meeting or even a date.

    You must have a couple of minutes to bring yourself to order (including shoes), to calm down and set yourself on the interlocutor.

  • Beautiful smile.

    Good teeth and fresh breath is a possibility to smile widely and feel yourself comfortable.

  • Nice head

    A good haircut is the required component of any successful person.

As you can see, you can always invest.

If you do not have much money yet, you can always invest in yourself.

Be sure that such investments are definitely win-win.

They do not depend on the stock market or the world’s crisis and whatever happens they’ll stay with you.

Nevertheless, as in any other financial businesses, you should know when to stop.

That’s why invest in yourself only that part of income, which will not bring damage to your budget.

We hope that our pieces of advice in how to invest in yourself will help you to manage your money properly, so that in the future you’d see great results.

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