How to Be a Leader?

You want to control your own life, but you do not know how to be a leader, do you? You are going to find many useful tips in the article below.


A leader is a person, who creates emotional atmosphere in a group, controls its mood.

It’s a person, who always has his own opinion and knows what he wants to gain in life.

Leaders are made.

This is quite difficult, but a passable way.

The qualities of a leader (and there are plenty of them) can be acquired during the process of a purposeful work on your beloved self.

A leader, as a rule, combines communicative skills with insight and intuition.

So, how to be a leader and what should you start with?

The following pieces of advice and exercises are sure to help you to become a leader.

Qualities, which help to be a leader

  • Sociability.

    There is no doubt a leader must know how to communicate properly and develop the habit of elocution.

    With the help of words one can win others over, gain support, sympathy and respect of people around.

    Nevertheless, it’s also important to learn how to listen to others.

    A leader should feel the mood of people, be penetrating in order to notice in time his rivals or those, who need his incitement.

    The motive forces of any leader are always the followers, and in order to acquire them, one should not communicate arrogantly.

    A good leader is a person, who talks to everyone on equal terms.

  • Develop managerial qualities.

    A leader must know how to organize the activity of people as efficiently as possible. It does not matter whether it’s a working process or any other performance.

    In order to become a leader, one is sure to learn how to motivate, inspire and group people, so that they were able to cope with the given assignments.

    How to Become an Interesting Person?

  • You should think like a leader.

    Creative thinking is sure to help you be a leader.

    With its help you’ll come to the unusual decisions and find a way out of any situation.

    It’s also useful to listen to people around, who generate great ideas, but because of their complexes do not put them into life.

    A leader must learn how to notice such people, listen and encourage them, developing their ideas into something bigger.

  • The capability to make decisions.

    Be always initiative, because a leader is the generator of ideas.

    Try to make optimal decisions, and in order to do it, write down all ways out of a situation, that deserve attention to your mind, weigh the pros and cons and then pick out the best option.

    If you cannot decide anything, do not yield to the feeling of irritation.

    You must always assess the situation in the most adequate way.

  • Purposefulness.

    In order to achieve this or that goal you set in front of you, you must work hard and move towards the goal with firmness of purpose.

    As a rule, there are no instant results.

    Besides, they do not bring such moral satisfaction, as if you put all your efforts to achieve high results.

    Remember how many positive traits you have, start confidently telling yourself that you will succeed everything you desire, and immediately start accomplishing your plan.

    Let your goals be as clear as possible.

  • Intelligence.

    You should pay attention to it in the first place.

    Do not be grudge spending time on reading books, watching how people, who achieved great success, do their things.

    Learn on the mistakes of others and on your own as well.

    Mind that refusal is also an experience.

    Give more time to communication, look for new friends.

    The more acquaintances you have, the easier you’ll perceive their mood.

    With time, you are sure to understand true thoughts of people around.

    Your knowledge must regularly get bigger and deeper.

  • Responsibility.

    You should learn how to take responsibility for a group of people and, surely, for yourself.

    If you make a mistake, do not be afraid to admit the fact.

    Show an example to other people that the main important things you do not delegate to others, but do on your own.

    Take yourself a little more responsibility than you divide between others – you are the leader, and the leader bears the whole responsibility.

    You must know how to satisfy the interests of separate members of the team, as well as fight for the common business.

    Neither indulge, nor be a tyrant – look for a golden mean!

  • Hardness.

    In some situations you must refuse and say a firm “no”.

    To know how to refuse is an important skill to every person.

    Understand that by refusing in something to your friend you won’t lose your friendship.

    And if you do, what kind of friend was he?

    You must learn how to prove your point of view and maintain self-control.

    If you feel you are pressed on the pity, do not yield to it, and know how to assert your rights.

    Bring up a firm word inside you.

    The capability to refuse must concern not only others, but you should know how to refuse yourself.

    You mustn’t satisfy all your weaknesses; otherwise you won’t become a strong personality.

How to be a leader: step-by-step instruction

  1. Step 1 – define why you need to be a leader.


    There are simply no unsuccessful people, there are no leaders in all fields at once and there are no true leaders “simply because”.

    You must have a Goal – something you really want and desire to get from life.

    Leadership is also a medium.

  2. Step 2 – start your journal of success.

    Every day you’ll have to write down there all your small victories and successes, which help you to become a leader of a team or at work.

    These notes will also be those small victories, which are sure to increase your self-esteem and let you know that you are not sitting on one place, but you are growing all the time.

    In order to do it, increase the level of your targets and your victories together with them.

    You’ll increase your self-esteem and convince yourself that you are actually successful.

    Believe me, it’s a huge deal.

  3. Step 3 – find other leaders.

    In case there are no such people in your surroundings, make new acquaintances.

    Talk to them as often as you can, learn their tips and hints and principles they live according to.

    They can actually bring you much good.

    You will even be surprised how often such people enjoy “teaching” wisdom to those, who ask about it, easily opening all their secrets.

    Do not forget to learn everything you are told.

    It’s quite possible you’ll receive a straight advice directly for your situation.

  4. Step 4 – try to become closer to somebody, who is very successful.

    Ask for their advice, ask to open few of the secrets of success – you’ll be surprised, learning how easily they share their secrets.

    We have probably over learned at school and now we want to be teachers on our own.

    The positive side of all this is that you may get an individual piece of advice, especially for you.

  5. Step 5 – do something to become a leader.

    How is it that you are only getting ready to become a leader?

    Are you doing your Work?

    Have you already started your business?

    Are you into community activities?

    Do something!

    Yes, exactly something.

    Whatever you want, but it’s better to be connected to the leadership.

    Get used to be responsible for everything.

    Get ready for success, but do not get disappointed, if there are no tremendous results.

    Your main goal now is to get a couple of bumps and acquire the initial skills of leadership.

  6. Step 6 – now, when you have some experience, it’s high time you became familiar with experience of other people.

    It’s time you absorbed the information about the craft of leadership.

    Books, auto training and so on.

    You have something to compare to this knowledge and where to implement it.

  7. Step 7 – create your own style of leadership.

    This step is quite difficult, but just from it your real growth as a leader and a personality begins.

    You must create your own style of leadership.

    This is not an easy thing to do, but we are sure to discuss it later.

    The general ideas include:

    • watch yourself from the side;
    • analyze your strong and weak points;
    • look closely to those you respect most;
    • remember the most successful events (you are writing your journal of success, don’t you?).

    All this will allow you realizing which qualities you value in a person and a leader most of all.

    When you distinguished them, you must consciously cultivate them in you.

We hope our pieces of advice on how to be a leader turned out to come in handy.

Use them wisely in your life and you are sure to succeed in everything!

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