How to Become Happy: 7 Ways to Be Happy

Do you want to become happy? Then you should read 7 wonderful recommendations that will make your life easier and brighter!


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If you don’t know how to become happy and where to find the long-awaited happiness, this article is definitely for you! I’ve already worked out several ways which can help you to acquire happiness.

Try to remember how many times your conversation with the beloved person was interfered by a phone call.

Has anyone called you at the very same moment when you felt total satisfaction, happiness and emotional unity with your partner?

I guess such calls have repeatedly ruined all romantic atmosphere of the evening or interrupted you in the middle of the sentence, preventing you from saying something important.

However, I’m sure that you picked up the phone anyway, feeling irritated and angry.

To my mind, our life totally consists of such details and trifles.

So, why do we have to spend it as it is necessary for somebody else, but not the way it is necessary for us?

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Actually, this is really easy to do. You can be either the author of your life, or the victim of injustice and bad circumstances.

This article includes 7 recommendations which will definitely improve your life and help you to become happy!

7 Ways to Be Happy

  1. How to Become Happy: Be Responsible for Your Actions

    You should remember that only you can decide what can happen in your life, and only you can manage your life the way you think is right.

    Nobody can live your life instead of you.

    If you don’t start controlling your life, sooner or later you’ll notice that your life is just passing by.

    Such things happen when we think too much about our past or future. Our past cannot be changed, as well as our future cannot be controlled by us.

    It is very necessary to think about our present, to live right now and right here, because these moments will never come back and soon will become only the part of our past.

    It is very important to realize that you are living your life right now, and that you have to become happy at this moment, and not postpone it for later.

    If you take control over your life, you will not accuse somebody of your mistakes and you’ll be able to change everything at any suitable moment.

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  2. If You Want to Be Happy, You Should Always Complete Whatever You Do

    Very often when we start something new, we are so over-excited that we are actually confident of our future success. However, after some time, our fervour fades away and we stop halfway to the end.

    And we do this again and again, never finishing what we have started.

    As a result, our life becomes a series of incomplete tasks, and this cannot make us happy, for sure.

  3. How Can I Be Happy: Love Is the Answer

    Even if you think that there is nobody for you to love at the moment, it’s not quite right. Love yourself, other people and the world around you.

    Then life will definitely return all this love back to you. Try to remember that all that you give away will be repaid to you a hundredfold.

  4. How to Be Happy: Find Yourself a Hobby

    The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.

    There are so many different hobbies, such as singing, sewing, dancing, reading, hiking, yoga classes, walking, travelling or even sunbathing.

    Some of us can find 1001 reasons why they cannot fill their lives with happiness and satisfaction.

    The most commonplace reason is that we often don’t know what can make us happy.

    This happens because most of us are not used to feeling happy and pleased. We think too much about our job and everyday routine, and often forget about the need to feel joy.

    What is really necessary for you to do is to change the words “I have to” to the words “I want to”. Of course, it’s not easy to do, but don’t you want to become happy?

  5. There Is No Need to Pick Up the Phone Every Time It Rings

    This makes you dependent on your phone calls and forbids you to live happily and flaccidly.

    If you don’t want to speak to anybody at the moment, just don’t do it. 

    You are not obliged to pick up the phone every time it rings.

    And if you have some urgent things to do, turn off your door bell.

    It can also interfere with your thoughts and affairs.

  6. How Can I Become Happy: Say Goodbye to Some People

    Honestly, do you need to communicate with people who spoil your day? They use you only as a waste-bin where they throw all their negative emotions and complaints.

    Of course, THEY need you… but do YOU need them? Try to think whether you will become happier after such conversation? Then you’ll just have to throw such people out your life, once and forever.

  7. If You Want to Be Happy, Be Thankful

    Be thankful to God, the Universe and your life for everything you’ve got.

    This can be referred both to insignificant and very important things.

    By being always thankful, you open yourself for something new that will definitely take place in your life.

Whatever life throws us at, we should avoid depression and live our life to the fullest, right now and right here.

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