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I’m sure that you’ve repeatedly said or heard such phrases from your acquaintances: “I don’t have time to finish that task!”, “I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day”, or “The day is already over, and I haven’t done anything useful!”

Many people think that all their problems consist in excessive business.

However, problems with time management occur when a person doesn’t know how to plan his/her day in order to accomplish everything without making too much effort.

How to plan your day: what do you need to know?

Do you know the dictionary definition of “time”?

Time is duration of human existence, which is measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years. Thus, time is a measure of duration of every finished action.

At first glance everything seems quite simple: 1 hour consists of 60 minutes, 1 week consists of 7 days, etc. However, in reality time is often perceived differently.

Try and remember how much time does a class with a boring professor last? I think it seems to last more than actually 80 minutes.

On the contrary, when you are reading an interesting book, you can spend 3 hours without even noticing how fast time flies by!

How to be successful?

Usually we don’t manage to accomplish many tasks in time not because of our silliness or excessive business, but due to our inability to plan our day in the most effective way.

It is always easier said than done.

First of all, you should be persistent, organized and have some money in order to purchase necessary materials.

How to plan your day: preparation

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

If you are always late, fail to keep your promises, get snowed under with work or don’t fulfill your boss’s orders, you suffer not only yourself, but make other people suffer as well.

In this case your friends or parents may understand your behavior (though their patience also has its limits), but your boss is unlikely to admire such employee, and thus, you’ll never make a successful career.

However, what soldier would refuse to become a general?

Do you know a person who would like to spend all his/her life working as a secretary or a courier?

When you learn how to plan your day, you’ll increase your efficiency and make first steps to a successful career.

In order to start changing your life, you’ll need:

  • Diary – it can be either a notepad where you will put down your tasks for a day, or a simple notebook divided into 2 parts: your to-do list and your newly appeared ideas;
  • Cell phone – it will enable you to create reminders that will prompt you when to finish checking your email and start cooking dinner;
  • Computer or laptop – but keep in mind that they are necessary only for people who often work at the computer! Laptop will help you to create different files: “to-do list for today”, “plan for the weekend”, “Sunday shopping list”, etc.

How to plan your day: what can help you?

You may be surprised, but there are actually many factors that cause sluggishness and idleness, due to which you end up with less accomplished tasks than you’ve initially planned.

Work organization may be improved by:

  • Impeccable order at your working place.

    You have to put away all unnecessary stuff from your table, leaving only those things which you really need for work.

    You may store away the rest of the stuff in boxes.

  • Your home should be clean and comfortable.

    If you work at home or don’t work at all, this is not the reason for making chaos and mess around.

    Everything has to be in its place, and dirt/dust/spiders should be gotten rid of.

  • When you buy a diary for your notes, choose a nice and pleasant-looking one.

    You have to want to look at it as much as possible.

  • Get up early.

    No matter whether you have to go work or not, you shouldn’t spend half of the day in bed.

    Make a habit of waking up early at the same time every morning, and it will give you enough time to get prepared or to correct your to-do list.

  • Keep a healthy diet and get enough sleep.

    A person who lacks sufficient amount of vitamins and doesn’t get enough sleep, cannot be expected to work effectively.

14 effective recipes, how to stop being lazy?

These recommendations are meant not only for teaching you how to plan your day properly, but also for protecting you for small trifles which you rarely notice, but often fall victim to their influence.

How to plan your day: scheme!

When we aren’t willing to do something, we often come up with lame excuses instead of actual reasons. These “reasons” seem very valid at first sight; however, they simply mask our unwillingness to work.

When we say “I don’t have time for this”, we mean that we have more important things to do.

Every person has a right to proclaim suffering from lack of time. However, in this case he/she has to decide what is really important for him/her. Actually, most people do not encounter with a problem of lacking free time, they simply prefer to spend their time on more important tasks.

I’d like to offer you 3 ways how to plan your day properly and manage to accomplish more tasks every day.

You can choose one of these ways or create your own by combining some of these ways below:

  1. Always make a to-do list.

    Diary with a list of tasks should become an essential weapon in your struggle against lack of organization.

    Every evening you should devote some time for making a to-do list for the next day, grouping all tasks by the level of their importance.

    You have to review this list in the morning and to correct it if necessary.

    During the day open your diary from time to time and cross out the accomplished tasks.

    Do you remember my friend Yana from one of the previous articles, who has overcome her habit of being always late with the help of the diary?

  2. Make use of every single minute.

    Sometimes life “presents” us with unpleasant surprises: we may get stuck in the elevator or traffic jam, the lights can go off unexpectedly, or our laptop may hang, etc.

    You should accept these situations as inevitability and avoid panicking!

    Switch to another task. Simply read a useful book or subscribe to my informative articles emailing in order to nourish your brain with new and interesting information every day.

    You can also relax and listen to pleasant music in order to help your organism recover and work more effectively later.

  3. Make real plans and avoid false promises.

    Some people don’t manage to accomplish many tasks in time because they try to do more than they really can.

    As a result, they are snowed under with a pile of unfinished tasks!

    Estimate your abilities and arrange your tasks according to their importance. Some of them will have to be finished first, while others may be postponed for later.

    Don’t be afraid of telling your boss that your article about refugees needs more data, that’s why you’ll finish your report on the municipal sewerage tomorrow in the morning, etc.

However, the best way to learn how to plan your day is to keep strict self-discipline!

If you try to follow steady daily routine, go to bed and get up at the same time every day, avoid such weaknesses as “I’d rather stay in bed today”, plan every single minute and follow your to-do list, you’ll notice the increase of your efficiency sooner than you can imagine!

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