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Passive income: 7 passive income ideas

7 great ideas for your passive income are available to you. Save them!


Today we are going to talk with you about passive income.

What is it and what is it for?

So, passive income is such a method of making money that doesn’t require your daily efforts and work.

You receive your money even while watching TV and crunching your favorite cookies with tea! 🙂

Most of us dream of doing their favorite job together with receiving money from a personal source of passive income.

Well, guys, it isn’t that easy.

Your passive income will initially require a very competitive activity which will bring a good interest.

Certainly, you’ll have to work hard on it, promote and develop it as well! Your quality work will be a guarantee for the deserved income you’ll be proud of in the future.

Passive income. Passive income ideas

«The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right. Which one are you?»
Henry Ford

Passive income idea # 1: real estate lease

This is a great opportunity to receive passive income with the least effort.
Pros: You don’t need any special qualification and this business is rather stable.

Cons: Firstly, you have to buy the real estate you are going to lease.

Passive income idea # 2: open a bank deposit for your savings

Pros: You don’t have to do anything except choosing a trustworthy bank.

Cons: Low income (on the average – from 16 % to 24 % annually).

Passive income idea # 3: securities

Invest your savings in companies’ shares at stock markets (open-end funds).

Pros: Good availability and a good (high) income (minimum 30 % annually).

Cons: You’ll have to be well aware of economical nuances and be able to build financial plans for long-term investments.

Passive income idea # 4: royalties

If you owe the copyright for some publication or invention, you have every reason for getting royalties from your work!

Pros: Great income with no investments.

Cons: At first, you’ll have to create something useful and then patent it.

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Passive income idea # 5: create your personal website

Be sure to create a useful site and regularly fill it with information interesting for your visitors. Improve and upgrade it all the time! Your personal site will give you the opportunity to make money on contextual advertising, affiliate programs, teasers and so on.

Pros: It’s a good passive income that can be considerably increased!

Cons: It will require much of your time and effort as well as specific knowledge in the fields of SEO, online advertising, and content management.

Passive income idea # 6: circulation of publications

You can write a book and it will provide you with a passive income. Of course, everything will depend on the demand for your masterpiece. Probably, your unique discovery will make you a billionaire the very next morning!

Pros: A book can be published an unlimited number of times.

Cons: You will need unique skills for writing a book, much time and experience in working with professional publishers.

Passive income idea # 7: start your business

At first, you start your own business, organize it, invest your capital as well as your work and time, and develop it.

That’s how it begins.

Later, when your business takes off, you’ll be able to hire people to work for you. And meanwhile you will be planning and building strategies for further development and implementation of more substantial ideas.

Pros: You can “copy” a certain business system and then only improve it.

Cons: You will need certain leadership skills in a specific area of business.

It is really interesting that the majority of people don’t know a thing about passive income!

They can’t imagine their life without a full-time drudgery or even two backbreaking jobs, still being well provided for living.

Why is it so? It’s all because we are too afraid of taking risks and don’t have courage to make the first step on the way to our financial independence.

It’s much easier for us to follow the same routine and do the same job!

But it’s never late to dare a change! Think well: are you satisfied with what you have?

If not – start your journey to a better future!

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