How to Be Proactive: 7 Tips

Are you feeling how strength is leaving you and want to know how to be proactive all life long? Useful at the same time, recommendations for you.


It is scientifically proved that really successful people are more active and positive in their nature.

In most cases they achieved success due to their aspiration, activities and the ability to cope with laziness and make a step forward.

We all want to make everything in time, that’s why it is significant to learn more on how to be proactive and where to get such enormous energy.

Follow our simple recommendations and you are sure to succeed.

Factors, which influence on how proactive you are

Active lifestyle definitely helps to achieve much.

An initiative and proactive person can achieve success in both career and private life.

If you feel lack of proactive energy, you’d better estimate the influence of the four main important factors:

  • general physical condition;
  • the duration and number of periods for recovery;
  • the quality of sleep;
  • the food.

How to become proactive by working on these factors?

  1. How to become proactive and keep fit?

    What is the first sign of being old?

    It’s the loss of strength.

    Have you noticed that as soon as people retire, they start to age quicker?

    It happens because the physical load is rapidly decreased.

    A person must always move for the energy to circulate.

    It looks like a bicycle – until you are moving, there is a balance, but the moment you stopped you fall at once.

    That’s why, if you want to be proactive and cheerful, you must work at full capacity and train your body.

    The stronger a person is, the more energy he’s got; and the more energetic he is, the more energy he is able to spend.

    Which exercises are you able to do to become proactive?

    It’s not obligatory to go regularly to the gym to keep fit.

    Look through the list of our conclusions, which will help you choose the exercises to do at home:

    • physical exercises – any movements, which require efforts and take you out of comfort zone.
    • any physical load, which leads to muscular tension and can last some time more, after the pain is felt, will lead to the power growth.
    • the perfect exercise to develop your strength is isometric.

      You press or push the immovable object.

    How can you train your heart to stay proactive?

    • any load, which comes with the shallow breathing and can continue for some time, leads to strengthening of the cardiovascular system.

      It means that there may be plenty of various exercises.

    It’s not necessary to run in the morning, if you do not like it.

    • In order to achieve the goal in question you can just make a habit of going out of the bus a couple of stops earlier and return home in a quicker tempo (when you can speak only abruptly).
    • However, if you want an advanced training, you should run or ride the bicycle.

      A piece of advice: during the strengthening exercises you should take turns doing them quickly and slowly.

      Such training is much more effective.

  2. How to rest at days to be proactive?

    Even a short-term rest increases the person’s efficiency in average on 16%.

    That’s why you can stick to the rhythm 90-20-90.

    At first, you work for an hour and a half, and then you rest for 20 minutes and continue working.

    What should you do within these 20 minutes?

    • Close your eyes and completely switch off everything around, or eat a snack.

      It will restore your energy at least partially.

    • Try to walk in the fresh air to rest a bit after two working sets.
  3. How to improve the quality of sleep to stay proactive all day long?

    The special part in the level of proactive energy belongs to the sleep at night.

    If only you deprive yourself from sleep or reduce the time on it, you will definitely notice how dull your next day will be.

    That’s why if you want to be active and cheerful all day long, you must pay attention to the quality of your sleep at night.

  4. What should you eat to increase efficiency?

    Have you noticed that the previous pieces of advice were targeted at energy’s restoration and ways how to boost your “fuel tank”?

    The question remains – what serves as fuel for the organism?The answer is obvious.

    Things we eat influence on our efficiency and productiveness during day.

    The energy comes to our organism through glucose, and it comes with food.

    Such food may help not only your body, but your brains as well.

    You should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and it will be even better if you learned the basics of the healthy diet.

    A nice piece of advice: do not be lazy and make up your meal plan one week ahead.

    Everyday dilemma of what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, sucks out much energy, which could be spent on something important.

    Just try to eat according to the planned schedule and you’ll be surprised how much additional energy and time you’ll have.

7 tips on how to be proactive

  1. Reconsider your own behavior.

    Remember the cases, when your passive behavior prevented you from achieving the things you deserve.

    In order to achieve more, you should spend energy and show initiative.

    As soon as you understand how many things depend on you, makeovers will begin.

  2. Forget about your laziness.

    There are no excuses for really proactive people.

    If they want something, they simply work.

    While you complain on your destiny, lying on the couch, more enterprising people do everything possible to change their reality for the better.

  3. Become a more organized person.

    Think why some people manage to do more things than others.

    Time management is rather important here.

    You should learn how to separate the main things from the secondary ones and set the life priorities.

    Be self-disciplined and divide big deals on smaller tasks.

    Do not postpone doing even small things, which do not require much time.

  4. Mind that your activity depends a lot on the condition of your health.

    It’s hard to be proactive, if you have such bad habits as smoking or alcoholism.

    Lack of physical load, not enough sleep and harmful food will not improve your activity either.

    In order to change the situation, you should improve your lifestyle.

    Do morning exercises, eat more of the healthy food and spend time in the open air.

    You are sure to see how your spirit improves, the general tonus raises and the strength for new achievements appears.

  5. Take an active social position.

    Communicate with interesting people

    Do not be shy to express your point of view.

    Show initiative at work.

    Let people see how initiative and bright you are and do not stay in the shadow.

    If you have some ideas, you should not bear them inside you for years.

    Find a way to bring your thoughts to your bosses and fulfill the ideas.

  6. Be an all-rounder.

    If you are interested in various life spheres, you should not be limited by one sphere.

    Do not be afraid that you won’t have enough time for work and hobby.

    The more exciting life you live, the less time you waste on unnecessary things and the higher becomes your general efficiency.

    Devote some time for your hobbies and self-improvement.

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  7. Let yourself rest and relax from time to time.

    Rest is a very important element of the working day.

    People who think that it’s better to do everything at once and go home earlier, are very mistaken.

    If a person works non-stop for several hours, he loses his alertness, energy and working speed.

    So, it seems to you that you’ve done a lot, but actually you did less than you could, if you had some rest.

    Moreover, very often people, who work without breaks, involuntarily rest during work.

    However, it’s not useful and full-scale at all and it sponges on our time.

    Besides, you should remember about active rest and entertainment.

    They bring much joy and pleasure, and that influences good on our mood and desire to be better and achieve more.

    Discos and merry companies help a lot to rest after hard working week-days.

These are all simple recommendations on how to be proactive.

Now, you should use them and you’ll be filled with energy!

You are sure to see that it’s not so difficult to have a proactive lifestyle.

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