How to Make Yourself More Attractive: 4 Secrets

Do you want to learn how to become more attractive? In the article below you are sure to find pieces of advice on this matter for both men and women.


The secrets of being attractive are very simple and seem uncomplicated at first sight.

However, in order to learn their true sense one has to work hard and much, first of all, on himself.

If you wish to become attractive to the world, you must understand simple worldly wisdom: if you want to change something, you should begin with yourself.

It’s an axiom, which works like a mechanism of the most expensive watch.

Actually, the luckiest people are hard workers, who never, even for a second, lose the reasons to be happy.

Every one of them is sure to say that happiness starts with you.

That’s why, let’s try to figure out how to make yourself more attractive, so that you could attract happiness to your life and feel yourself confident.

What does attraction mean and what advantages does it have?

Attraction as a personal quality is an ability to attract, to win people over by the traits of character, to be liked and evoke interest, to be tempting and exciting, to have something that seems extremely interesting for people, something that raises desire and hope.

  • Attraction is elegance and style
  • Attraction is precise personal and professional image
  • Attraction is the charm and inner light
  • Attraction is your aesthetic phenomenon

Different kinds of being attractive

  1. Physical

    The most obvious is being physically attractive: the beauty of the face, body, and movements.

    Moreover, it also concerns sexual attraction.

  2. Personal

    Personal attraction is defined as being attracted to the peculiarities of a person’s lifestyle, his attitude to people, manners of communication with them.

    This is a sympathy, which is based on the main human values.

    For instance, if you admire people who lead healthy lifestyle or listen to the alternative music, they will probably seem attractive to you.

  3. Interpersonal

    Interpersonal attraction means that two people find each other attractive.

    Aside from it, there exist social attraction, which depends on the person’s reputation, popularity in the society and social status.

The advantages of being attractive:

  • Attractive appearance is able to attach people to you.
  • Sometimes, due to attractive appearance people may forgive you some inner drawbacks.
  • Properly formed image can easily increase trust.
  • Being attractive is a contagious thing; because of it people will be eager to take after you.
  • Successfully formed attractive image is an ability to make people around believe that the bearer of this image is the picture of those perfect qualities, which they would like to have, if they were this person.
  • Attractive people have more social interactions and, consequently, almost always feel psychological well-being and harmony.

Qualities, which a person must develop in himself in order to become more attractive

Many people must have noticed that sometimes the most beautiful girl is dating rather ordinary young man, or on the contrary: a macho is dating the most usual girl.

Somehow all people find this fact absurd.

How can it possibly be true?

The thing is that a person’s attraction does not always depend on his physical qualities.

Here we speak about the magic of being attractive.

9 qualities, which a person must master, in order to make himself more attractive:

  1. Sensuous temperament;
  2. Determination;
  3. Good sense of humor;
  4. Plastics;
  5. Self-confidence;
  6. Decisiveness;
  7. Intelligence;
  8. An ability to be a good interlocutor;
  9. Your own zest.

4 secrets of how to make yourself more attractive

Attractive people know one, or even more big secrets of how to make yourself more attractive, which you should know in order to make this world even more attractive.

  • Secret №1

    The pyramid of being attractive begins from the elementary things – from good mood.

    Your mood is the inner self-perception, which constantly changes depending on multiple life factors.

    It’s extremely difficult to control this balance-wheel, but it’s stunningly effective.

    It is well known that the first trick, by means of which a woman can disarm you, is a smile.

    However, one should agree that men’s smile is not less attractive and charming.

    A smile and constant good mood gives 100% guarantee of pleasant communication with people.

    A smiling person stimulates the people around with his smile and it’s contagious.

  • Secret №2

    Activity is one more secret of how to make yourself more attractive.

    It is revealed everywhere, from going in for sports and gold medals to public demonstrations and roaring speeches to the millions of well-disposed listeners, who are ready to believe and follow you.

  • Secret №3

    Well, an actively smiling person is wonderful! Still, when his mouth is full of bad teeth and his smile smells bad, the rate of attraction is rapidly falling down.

    Beauty is very individual, but health and nicety are the things, which you are able to achieve on your own.

    Beautiful people are insanely attractive.

    People turn their head when they meet in the street, watch them with bated breath on TV, admire and open the doors before them, immediately answer their questions and do all the whims.

  • Secret №4

    We should also remind you of another priceless secret of being attractive – inner beauty.

    Far from all people realize how attractive this beauty is.

    It does not catch the eyes, does not scream or bulge.

    It is hidden under the veil of simple actions and words, which usually speak of a person much more than his appearance.

How to make yourself a more attractive man?

Man’s attraction cannot be explained – some women like athletic men, others have trembling knees from usual men with upcoming belly.

If you are looking for the information on how to make yourself a more attractive man for women, get ready, because you’ll have to work a lot. The changes will concern not only your appearance, but the character as well.

In order to make yourself a more attractive man you need to:

  • Watch your cleanness

    For the most women cleanness plays the most important role.

    That’s why you must watch it.

    Your clothes must not necessarily be from the latest collection of a famous designer, but it must definitely be clean and ironed.

    Your haircut must not be made by a well-known stylist, but the hair must be clean and shiny, without dandruff.

    The same is with your shoes; you may buy them not in the most expensive boutiques, but learn how to take good care and keep them clean.

  • Watch your figure

    It’s important not to go too far in this matter.

    Firstly, actually, it’s not very aesthetic, and secondly, it’s time-consuming.

    You can overtake the efforts concerning figure only in case you are actually ready to spend time on training for sport.

    A persuasion that your success among women depends on the size of your biceps is definitely a mistake.

  • Possess men’s qualities
    A woman is attracted by originally men’s qualities: responsibility, nobleness, care, keeping the promises.

    Let people say these terms are old-fashioned, but being slouchy, angry, moral and soul untidy will never cause sympathy.

    Another very important men’s quality is the ability to make decisions, and accept responsibility for these decisions.

    Any woman wants to be weak sometimes, and hide behind the man’s shoulder, feeling protected and safe.

  • Be confident in yourself

    Girls seem not to notice guys with low self-esteem, thinking they are sexually unattractive and weak.

    Such guys are afraid to come up to the beautiful girls because they fear to be rejected.

    They are unable to start the conversation with them and get to know them better.

    A shy guy, without sense of humor, finds it extremely difficult to start communicating with gregarious girls.

    So, in order to make yourself more attractive for a girl you must work on yourself and improve your self-esteem.

How to make yourself a more attractive woman?

According to the psychologists’ studies, attractive girls find it easier to get a job, earn more money, their mistakes are easily forgiven (or people simply do not notice these mistakes at all). Moreover, in any company a pretty girl is always the reason for attention and admiration.

In order to make yourself a more attractive woman you need to:

  • Learn how to look after yourself

    If you have some drawbacks, which can be fixed by physical exercises, start doing them.

    In some situations it will be enough to get light physical activities, and in some others – you should turn for help to a personal couch in a fitness-club.

    Stop making too obvious and bright make-up and emphasize the naturalism, picking new modern image.

    It’s very topical and fashionable nowadays!

    In clothes, you should stop at the elegant classic suits.

    Simplicity and femininity attract gazes and keeps the attention.

    Find out how to reach the proper balance between sexuality and chastity, avoiding vulgarism.

  • Love and believe in yourself

    You still need to love yourself as you are.

    Be self-critical, when you study your qualities, put up with the drawbacks and change things that prevent you from controlling the situation of communicating with people.

    Emphasize your attention on the inner world and learn whether you are versatile, well-read, and modern enough.

    Perhaps, you need to improve your knowledge in some directions and spheres.

  • Constantly develop

    Pick a hobby you really enjoy: it may be studying foreign languages, going in for yoga, swimming or dances.

    Read as much as possible, be interested in the news.

    Try not to sit in one place: go skating, hiking, to the ice rink, visit museums and modern exhibitions – the most important you like it.

  • Learn how to present yourself and discover the norms of ethics.

    For instance, if you are a good interlocutor, you will definitely attach a person to yourself.

    Obviously, it’s not enough to know how to build the logical chain of thoughts.

    Learn how to listen, because a rare person does not like to talk.

    Use it and remember that you’ll have enough time to speak out.

    Speaking about the unspoken ethics, aside from the basics like “in which hand you must have a fork and in which – a knife”, there are plenty of other topics like “how you look when you are drunk or with a cigarette”.

    Forgive us for the rude example, but moderation must be present everywhere.

Well, now you know how to make yourself a more attractive person.

All secrets of attraction are this or that way interconnected.

All of them are the sides of the person’s entity.

Stay in harmony with yourself.

Look after not only the outer shell, but always feed your inner world.

Then you’ll become not only attractive but you’ll surely bring happiness to your life.

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