How to Cheat and Not Get Caught — 10 Principles

You want to find out how to cheat and not get caught. In the article you are going to find out the techniques of how to convince people in your cheating.


A person has different natural talents and the skill to lie is one of them.

It helps us, deeply social creatures, to survive among people.

An untrained liar will reveal himself at once by his gestures, mimics and behavior.

It won’t be too difficult to define such interlocutor, and it’s quite enough to read the simplest physiognomy book.

Let’s try to learn how to cheat and not get caught.

10 secrets of how to cheat and not get caught

  1. Compelling reasons.

    Charles Ford, a well-known psychologist and the author of the book “Lie, lie, lie” says that prisons are overcrowded with bad liars.

    According to his words good liars are always at liberty, they run companies and the whole countries.

    The main principle of a successful liar is to cheat very little and only when it is required to achieve your goal.

    He also states that pathological liars do it too often and, naturally, sooner or later they get caught.

    While the professionals of this business will never cheat without a serious necessity.

    Surely, the most important here is not to go too far and remember that the mystical reality, which exists in your mind, lives only inside of you.

    If you play too much, you might get for the session to the family psychologist, who will have to get you out of the serious troubles.

    As a rule, it’s much more difficult than to learn how to stop cheating it time.

  2. Prepare your lie.

    You should not wait for the moment, when you will have to come up with a story at once.

    A lie prepared beforehand has more chances for success than spontaneous cheating, because it is thought over in details and there are almost not weak points in it.

    Just like in any other matter, practice makes perfect.

  3. Speak the truth in order to confuse.

    It is the most difficult thing to distinguish a lie, when there is no lie.

    You do tell the truth, but so that the interlocutor thought you were cheating.

    Technically it’s just a simple deviation from the direct answer.

  4. Know your target.

    Good liars have the same skill that good family psychologists have – a talent to get inside people’s heads. It helps them not only to understand, what a victim wants to hear, but to avoid conversations, which may arise suspicion in a certain listener.

    It’s easier to cheat the person you know well.

  5. Strictly follow the asserted facts.

    One of the problems of the successful cheating is that it’s extremely difficult to learn how to stick to all details and facts during the long period of time.

    Cheaters very often get caught only because of the differences in details, when they repeat their stories.

  6. Never lose concentration.

    Really skillful liars enjoy the process of convincing another person in their rightness and that’s why they won’t get caught by long interrogation.

  7. Watch the signals you produce.

    People tend to reveal their intentions with the help of the non-verbal signals, such as a closed pose, avoiding direct visual contact, being nervous, some other individual gestures like scratching your nose every time you cheat and so on.

  8. Increase the tension.

    If your victim obviously feels something is wrong, it’s high time you raised the emotional heat.

    Skillful liars know how to manipulate perfectly well.

  9. Counterattack.

    The truth is that many people feel uncomfortable, when they cheat.

    Nevertheless, those, who accuse others in cheating, also usually feel ill at ease.

    Professional liars are aware of how to use this fact successfully.

    This way a liar changes the subject of the conversation, lest he had more time to get ready for the next accusation.

  10. Bargain.

    Even when everything goes according to the worst scenario ever, you can escalate down the satiation using the technique, which psychologists call

    The aim is that you lower the level of responsibility and understate how harmful the cheating really was.

    In such situation it won’t cause too much rage and anger, which is definitely for the liar’s benefit.

How to cheat and not get caught — 10 principles

  1. Fool’s principle.

    Create the reputation of a fool.

    Be simpler, more understandable, seem a bit naive and foolish.

    Try to show how trustful, honest but earthling you are.

    A charming smile, positive behavior, kindness and trustful speech tone – these are all your weapons.

    Create the intellectual superiority over you.

    When people think they are smarter than you, you’ll easily cheat them.

    Attractive girls often use this method.

    They are ready to seem “a dumb blonde” to live calm and put her plans into life.

  2. The principle of information flow.

    It’s not obligatory to cheat; you can only change the information flow to the conditions, which are beneficial for you.

    You can hide the information, distort it, or present it in the chosen method, juggle with the facts and emphasize the useful ones.

    Such cheating is more convincing and it’s much easier to control it.

    In case you get caught cheating, you won’t suffer as much as you would in case of a direct lie.

  3. The principle of parallel reality.

    Create the required “smoke screen”.

    Distract the victim from the most important thing and create the background you need.

    A lie looks more natural on the basis of the parallel reality.

    Use more colors to make your cheating more convincing and to avoid been caught.

    Create a situation, when the circumstances confirm your words and honesty.

    Such method, for example, is used by the people, who went broke.

    They throw their money about and lead a luxurious lifestyle fooling the people around.

  4. The manipulation principle.

    Make sure you created such conditions, when the opponent acts according to your plan.

    Push him to making certain conclusions, which are favorable for you.

    You are not cheating; a person came to such conclusion on one’s own.

    Tell the truth as if you were cheating.

    This principle works well in the personal relationships.

  5. The principle of clear cheating and treachery.

    It’s not necessary to hide behind the facts your cheating or lying.

    You can cheat openly.

    Just be treacherous saying one thing and doing completely the other one.

    Such kind of cheating requires good memory and being careful, lest you want been caught.

  6. The principle of distracting humor.

    Hiding cheating or lie you can distract others by a bright fact.

    Give an interlocutor fall for the hook and distract his attention.

    Make it just like the illusionists and charlatans do.

    They do their tricks, distracting you by the talks and hand’s manipulations.

    You can also add distracting facts and hide how you cheated.

  7. Disguise the cheating.

    Hide your cheating under the layer of kindness and care and you will never be caught.

    You can hide even the biggest lie under the noble intentions.

  8. Plant a thought.

    A person believes more to the thoughts he has in his own head.

    Do not say anything directly, give only hints and influence the person indirectly.

    People will believe in things they come up with on their own.

    The planted seed will lead them to the needed thought.

    No one will remember that you planted it.

  9. Use the person’s wishes.

    Give a person what he wants.

    Promise him to help with his problems and hint on the successful outcome.

    When the wishes become more real, a person forgets about everything.

    A person, who is helping, cannot cheat.

    Then you’ll be able to stab him in the back and easily cheat.

  10. Weak points.

    Every person has a key.

    It will probably be not his noble, but sinister side.

    Play with greed, envy, jealousy, ambitions, enjoyment, foolishness and voluptuousness.

    Use the most sinister and dark person’s instincts.

    You’ll easily cheat him and manipulate without getting caught.

Why Do Men Cheat and Lie?

Recommendations on how to cheat and not get caught

A liar is often revealed not by his words, but by the actions.

How to behave lest you got caught?

  • Neither look away, nor straight in the person’s eyes.

    You should look at his face and body in general.

  • Smile (scientists confirm that when people tell the truth, they smile more).
  • Watch yourself – a cheating person more often touches his buttons, clothes, unconsciously scratches himself.
  • Control your voice.

    Cheating is an energy demanding process and it requires much concentration of all systems in the organism, that’s why the voice becomes colorless and monotonous (your brains have no more sources to control it automatically).

    So, you should do it on your own.

    Add some color to your voice, raise and low the tonality, change the speech tempo – try to sound honest, i.e. differently, just as you would do telling an interesting real story.

  • Wave your hands, if it’s typical of you.

    A cheating man unconsciously limits himself with the movements and mimics.
    If you want people to believe you – do not limit them.

Cheat properly and qualitatively!

We hope our pieces of advice will help you to figure out how to cheat and not get caught.

Almost all famous people owe their success to the ability to cheat and lie.

However, even the most honest people sometimes have to lie, though they may not like doing it.

It’s much more pleasant to speak the truth than to cheat.

Nevertheless, if you decided to cheat – do it right!

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