How to Combat Laziness?

To become truly successful you must know how to combat feeling of laziness and start leading more efficient life.


Laziness usually concerns lifestyle. You may not live healthy and efficient life. It’s crucial and extremely useful for your future life to plan and organize your time.

Only imagine how successful you could be but for your laziness.

The image looks not very difficult: find a target, plan your actions and this is it – start conquering peaks. Unfortunately, every one of us faces this subtle enemy – one’s own laziness.

So, if you want to become a very successful person, you need to know how to combat laziness and live more constructive life.

What types of laziness are there and how to fight them?

While talking about laziness everyone has his own image on his mind.

All have their own types and symptoms:

  1. Low level of self-motivation.

    A person is not confident why he does something.

    Either this isn’t for himself or he expects that somebody else does it instead of him.To combat this symptom of laziness a person has to higher his motivation.

    One sure fire way to do it is to think over if you truly need it and find all pros and cons.

  2. Not enough power of will.

    When, after thorough thinking, you came to the conclusion that this is significant, but laziness is still with you, it is surely your kind of laziness.

    The serious thing here is to start. Beginning is 50 % of success.

  3. Intuitive laziness.

    There are some cases when we are lazy about doing something and avoid doing it.

    Luckily it turns out there was no necessity to do it.Though, you shouldn’t rely on such kind of laziness, especially with some difficult cases.

    It deceives a lot.

  4. Fear of being responsible.

    As a rule, it begins in childhood when parents separate children from the responsible work.

    Mind that you can change yourself and combat such feeling.

  5. Laziness as a defense reaction from overwork.

    Such type of laziness is more appropriate to workaholics.Once they simply can’t work and begin to think they are lazy. Feeling of guilt and irritation comes along with it. You honestly need to relax and rest; laziness will vanish.

  6. Some people consider laziness as their style of activity.

    They get a task and devote much time to think how to do it better and quicker.

    People think that a man is lazy.

    The worst here is that being influenced by the surrounding people he starts to think that he is absolutely lazy bones and tries hard to change himself and it makes the situation worse.

    However, when the right time comes, this man successfully and rationally copes with the task.

  7. Freud spoke of the laziness as a way of getting pleasure.

    When you work, you enjoy the results of the work, but when you are lazy, you enjoy the process.

How to combat laziness and improve health?

Laziness may be conditional on your care (or lack of it) towards yourself. Study the following advice that can help you become more energetic.

  1. Sleep.

    It will be perfect if you sleep for 8 hours a day and have a regular schedule.

    Changeable sleep and sleepless nights can lead to the feeling tired and make you even lazier.

  2. Wash your face.

    As soon as you got up in the morning, wash your face to freshen yourself.

    It is the most elementary way to wake up and start new day on the right foot.

  3. Go in for sports regularly.

    Even such simple exercises as a quick walking or jogging can bring you energy and will help you produce endorphin, which is known to be responsible for good mood.

    This may also give you some additional motivation to finish everything necessary.

  4. Watch what you eat.

    Lack of vegetables and health food in your diet can influence the amount of your energy.

    Do your best at reducing the amount of junk food and eat regularly all day long.

How to combat laziness with the help of good mood?

Our laziness is often connected to the way we feel and how we treat our life.

There are plenty of ways how to combat your bad mood.

  1. Clean the house and your working place.

    Getting rid of the mess, which is all around, will help you clean the mess insight your head and stay more organized and motivated.

  2. Start every day with a positive promise to yourself.

    For example, “today I’ll start running”.

  3. Listen to the energetic music.

    Create a playlist full of music which makes you move and feel active.

    This will definitely combat laziness and bring good mood for the whole day.

  4. Change the scenery.

    Different places influence our efficiency differently.

    If you try to work in the bedroom, don’t you feel sleepy? You may need to find a proper place to do different types of things.

  5. Surround yourself with effective people.

    Those who surround us influence our behavior. Spend as much time as possible with successful people, who are full of energy.

    Their energy will “infect” you.

  6. Tell the others about your aims.

    You’ve always dreamt of running a marathon or finding a new job? Tell people about it! Notwithstanding when you meet these people again, they will wonder about your progress.

    It is a nice way to learn being responsible for your actions.

How to combat laziness and make yourself do your work?

You usually have plenty of things to do, but you don’t know what to do first and then actually do nothing.

Here are some tips how to organize your time.

  1. Make a “to do list”.

    If you have few things to do every day, make sure to write all of them on paper forming a list. Divide your tasks on several categories: “Must do”, “Need to do”, “Desirable to do”.

    Start with “Must do”.

    When you write all tasks on paper, you’ll find in a lot easier to cope with them.

  2. Don’t choose the most unpleasant task to be the first.

    Until you broaden the limits of your energy, put off the most difficult and unpleasant things to the end of the day.

    If you concentrate on the easy tasks in the first place, it will be easier to deal with difficult ones later. Things you don’t want to do usually take more time.

    It creates a barrier in mind and you can’t even do simple things as you are stuck on difficulties.

  3. Choose all activities carefully.

    You don’t want to feel lazy any more. So, choose a task or two and focus on them.

  4. Divide your work on pieces.

    One more way to combat the workload is to divide it into pieces and do them one by one.

  5. Form a detailed schedule.

    If you have a project and know only the final date, it’s so easy to postpone it to the last second. Arrange a timetable where everything is enumerated step by step and fixed with time.

    Find enough time to finish each step.

14 effective recipes, how to stop being lazy

How to make more productive day by combating laziness?

  • Eliminate the source of laziness.

    If you know what slows you down and deprives from feeling energetic, get rid of it.

    For example, if you waste your time surfing the Internet, find a job with no connection to it.

  • Develop punctuality.

    If you say that you’ll start working at noon, start exactly at noon. Do not make a habit of being late and putting things off for 30-40 minutes.

  • Arrange a timetable: work and rest.

    It’s fine that you need a break while working. However you should remember that the time is limited.

    For example, you can work 50 minutes and get 10 minutes of rest.

  • Learn to keep yourself busy all the time.

    Discover a new hobby or interesting activity. Life gets more colorful, when you are busy.

Just do it! There is no universal technique to combat laziness anyway. The possible conclusion is to make your mind on doing work and do it. Be disciplined.

Later, you’ll wish to come back to your state of laziness. Don’t yield to this feeling.

If these pieces of advice didn’t help, you are probably having depression. Seek medical attention immediately!

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