How to Overcome Sadness: 10 easy steps

10 easy steps on how to overcome sadness. Discover the reasons for your sadness and follow our pieces of advice to bring happiness back to your life.


Most people are sure to be familiar with the feelings of sadness, melancholy, disappointment and apathy.

In the modern grueling time they visit us rather often because of the elementary stress and our working to the limits.

Those who know this feeling firsthand are sure to know how huge psychological conflict it may bring!

Then, you will definitely want to get rid of suchlike condition.

What should you do?

Let’s try to figure out how to overcome sadness.

Stages of sadness

It’s quite normal and usual to feel sadness from time to time.

One must accept this condition in order to overcome it.

This simple rule is worth efforts of understanding and implementing it in everyday life.

Psychologists and psychiatrists claim in most cases sadness or despair take hold of us in the first half of the day.

In such moments we usually feel powerless and don’t have any desire to get out of bed.

You should be careful lest you were caught by this feeling.

It has several stages:

  • When you open your eyes and wake up, you remind yourself of the things, which embarrass or hurt you.
  • Morning “decrease” takes all your energy and strength, which you need to get out of bed.
  • The first thing you need to do as soon as you notice this “wall” in your cognition is to accept how bad you feel.

    You must realize you have a problem.

    It makes you sad and deprives you from all your power.

    Do you actually hope to overcome it lying in bed?

    Of course, not.

  • You should understand: the last thing you need to do is to stay trapped by the negative thoughts.

    You can overcome sadness and melancholy gradually, achieving small everyday goals: get up and dress so that you were pleased to look in the mirror.

    Admit you deserve much more than to suffer, and the life is made to feel happiness, but not tears and despair.

Reasons for sadness

Any basic emotion has its natural ground of existing.

Speaking about the reasons why this or that emotion appear, you imply those, which are common for all people, regardless of their nationality, cultural or social and economic background and the level of education.

  • Novelty and changes are the universal activators or the interest.

    Separation, or parting, both physical and psychological, is one of the major and the most widespread sadness’s activator.

  • Forced separation with the family and close people triggers sadness, but a person may experience loneliness and be sad even in the crowd of people.

  • Death is said to trigger the deepest sadness in people.

    The death of a close friend or a family member is a tragic loss.

    We lose a person with whom we were tightly connected by the long and strong bonds, to whom we devoted many hours of our life, with whom we shared our joys and sorrows.

  • Another universal reason for sadness is disappointment, especially if it is triggered by the ruin of one’s hopes.

    This way a person feels lonely, when a close friend does not call him for a long time, when the beloved one forgets to greet him a happy birthday, or does not come on the set date, or does not find it necessary to share his happiness with you.

  • A person may be overwhelmed with sadness, if he fails to achieve the set goal.

    However, one should remember that how different people’s goals and aims may be.

    For instance, one student is quite happy when he gets a good mark at the exam or even a satisfactory one, while another student will consider such marks as his failure.

The algorithm of how to overcome sadness

  1. In order to overcome sadness you should make a list of things you are grateful for, and a list of things that make you happy.

    Don’t be too serious and learn how to laugh at yourself.

    Watch your favorite funny videos.

    Do not make any important decisions when you feel sadness or are rather depressed.

    As soon as you feel better you’ll be able to assess the situation objectively and estimate all its advantages and disadvantages.

    You should do more often things, which bring you pleasure or at least are not hateful.

    It may be bringing your flat to order or reading your favorite book (being busy is the best cure for sadness and melancholy!).

  2. Meet with your friends and build some plans for the future.

    You will probably enjoy it a lot.

    Do not expect too much from yourself.

    Every day try to do something that scares you.

    As soon as you learn how to overcome your fear, you are sure to boost your self-esteem and feel much better.

  3. Pamper yourself in order to overcome sadness.

    Buy yourself (or your friend) a small gift. Relax.

    Go for a walk and stay alone with your thoughts.

    Take a hot bath or listen to the favorite music.

    Get enough sleep.

    Exhaustion always makes you feel irritated and evil, even if there are no obvious reasons for it.

  4. Hug more.

    Everybody likes hugging.

    It’ll definitely bring pleasure not only to you, but to the person you hug.

    Mind that your condition is the widespread problem and everybody at least once faced it.

    Talk to someone you trust.

    Together you will probably be able to overcome your emotions and feelings.

  5. Do active exercises in order to overcome sadness.

    When you train, your organism produces special chemical substances – endorphins, which improve your mood.

    You may also eat a bar of chocolate, because chocolate is said to improve person’s mood too.

    Regular physical exercises will help you to maintain the appetite and the sleep schedule, which is significantly important for your health and psychological state.

    Try to do exercises, which will help you to relax: do some yoga, walk more, read inspiring books.

  6. Set real goals.

    Always start doing things, which you are sure to finish. Stop worrying about things, which will never happen.

    Find yourself. Keep the diary.

    Your diary will be something like your interlocutor and you will always be able to tell it everything: how much you worry or fear.

    Besides, it will never judge you.

    Find time to have fun.

  7. Make a kind and selfless actions, such as donate to the local shelter or hospital.

    Think how happy you are, just because you have a roof, food and close people.

    Try to occupy yourself by helping other people.

    Then, you will probably have no time to be disappointed because of your problems.

  8. Do not try to run from bad thoughts (especially when you lost a close person).

    If they come to you, you must fight them!

    Think about them, but never let them overcome you.

    Learn how to control them.

    For example, if you are at work, leave them alone.

    You’ll come back to them when you are alone with yourself.

    If you learn how to control them, you will definitely become morally stronger.

  9. Remember that your mind is like a battle field.

    It must be you who win the battle.

    If you are able to solve all problems and control the thoughts, which come to you, it won’t matter anymore whether they are good or bad.

  10. You can cry to overcome sadness and don’t be ashamed of it.

    Crying may help you to overcome the pain from losing a close person, having quarreled with your family and so on.

    Mind that you are not the only one with suchlike problems!

    All anger, offense and all negative emotions will come out of you together with the tears.

    Do not be ashamed to cry.

In conclusion, it should be noted that sadness and melancholy are not always groundless and subjective.

In some situations there is a sense in changing a job, a spouse or a place of living in order to finally return the forgotten feeling of happiness and the meaningfulness of existence.

Sometimes it’s really hard, but sometimes it’s the only true decision.

Only after you deal with yourself you’ll be able to understand how to overcome sadness and be happy again.

Good luck!

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