How not to be Boring?

Do you want to know how not to be boring? The article below is sure to provide you with some useful tips, which will help you.


An ability to come together with people, easily communicate with them and be a good interlocutor is a skill, which can make the life of any person much easier.

It’s actually so, because those, who have charm and literally “attract” people, becoming a center of any company, arouse the question of how to get to know this person better and how to communicate with him closer.

However, those who instead of fun, carelessness and jokes prefer organization, regularity and pragmatism, especially in the extreme expression of these qualities, risk that the people around start thinking how boring he is, which in its turn can negatively influence on his circle of communication.

So, let’s learn how not to be boring and what should you do for it?

Why is it so bad to be boring?

Boring people are never satisfied with anything.

Everything, what is going on around, is either wrong or bad…

These people are often called pessimists.

Nevertheless, such trait of character is peculiar not only to those, who paint their world in black and grey colors.

It’s much more difficult to communicate with a bore than a pessimist, because they’ve already got used to complaining about everything and everyone.

Such habit leads to the fact that not only acquaintances, but also close people start avoiding a boring person, preferring to allege on the urgent matters.

You can change this scenario, if you do the main thing – admit to yourself that you are a boring person.

It does not necessarily mean that everyone, who accidentally complained about life, becomes automatically a bore.

Bad mood or discontent from time to time may come to anyone, but bores have it constantly.

For them the whole life is a chain of unsolved problems, difficulties, troubles and tasks beyond their strength.

Even in completely positive things they are sure to find some flaws and savor them for hours.

Besides, they are not going to keep this negative inside!

They need “free ears” and “dry shoulders”.

How to Become an Interesting Person?

Nobody wants to look like a bore, but very often we are seen just like them by other people.

Boring and dreary people try to find sense and logic in any joke or anecdote, they lack imagination and fantasy, they are constantly grumbling and showing discontent towards every matter.

Such people do not notice the moment, when the people taking to them get tired or want to change the subject.

Moreover, it’s almost impossible to get rid of their company.

How not to be boring?

  • Never try to tell the people around about all your problems.

    As an example one can say an old anecdote, which asserts that only boring people answering question “how are you?” start explaining how they actually are.

  • If you see that the interlocutor is not interested in maintaining the conversation or does not want to talk to you – do not try to keep his attention.

    Even if you start switching topics from one to another, it will not make you interesting in his eyes.

    On the contrary, you risk boring him even more.

  • Do not delve into every detail.

    It’s not worth describing something in every detail, especially if it’s not interesting to anyone.

    For example, the people around will not be interested to listen to a detailed course of lectures about something, if they are interested in only one simple question, which needed one simple and specific answer.

  • When learning how not to be boring, learn how to keep balance.

    Try to perceive the information you hear with a note of humor, which will help you not to be reputed to be a boring person.

    Nevertheless, do not go too far. It’s fraught with the consequence that people start seeing you as light-headed or as a twaddler.

  • Do not interrupt your interlocutor.

    In case you do not understand something or did not hear, there is no need to interrupt the speaker every time and demand that he repeat it for you once again.

    If you demand the confirmation of every fact mentioned in the conversation all the time, it will not make you more popular or less boring in the eyes of the people around.

  • Do not give people any advice, if they don’t ask you for it.

    Thinking how to stop being boring, remember – when in Rome do as the Romans do.

    Do not judge the customs, which are accepted in the society or area you found yourself in.

    If you start saying a lot of such things as “but we have…”, “in our time…” and so on, you will be unlikely to earn points for popularity, and as many people as possible will avoid communication with you.

    Try to understand and accept the rules of the society you are in.

Few steps how to stop being boring

  1. Smile.

    A smile on your face will create an impression of a more pleasant person and will call for sympathy from the others.

    It is likely to show the people around that you treat life with optimism and want to make friends with everybody around you.

    It will make you more kind and bright.

  2. Express your point of view.

    When someone does not agree with you, say something like this: «You have a wonderful opinion, but I see things this way…»

    If you accept all views and are not afraid to express your own one, soon you’ll gain respect.

    People are sure to respect your interesting world view.

  3. Talk and communicate with different people.

    Make new friends and acquaintances.

    When a weird pause happened at a party, continue the conversation.

  4. Be more kind.

    Be more kind to the people who surround you, listen attentively to their stories in order to help with a piece of advice or participation.

    A person, who not only talks, but listens to the interlocutor as well, will never seem boring or dull.

  5. Behave naturally.

    Make fun. If you feel a desire to do something, just do it!

    Lie down if you get tired, and it does not matter whether it will be a bed or a floor.

    If you are alone in the street and you want to scream – scream!

    Don’t be afraid to show the world your feelings and actions.

  6. Do not be afraid to look weird or out of place.

    Never fear to dance in a funny manner, watch unusual TV-shows and just make fun.

    All these things will make you more interesting and the surrounding people will be inspired with your love of life.

  7. Develop your skills and broaden the knowledge in the subjects interesting for you.

    Inquire about topics unknown to you, broaden your mind, get abreast of the events in politics and society.

    In order to maintain the conversation, you are to easily find a way in the diverse modern world.

  8. Get plenty of experience.

    Boring people are usually those, who are too concentrated on work.

    Start doing other things as well – go in for sports or travel more.

  9. Travel.


    Travelling broadens our worldview and provides with the opportunity to gather interesting stories, which can be told to the others.

  10. Think positively.

    Boring people usually complain about their life and work, but you must look at everything more positively.

  11. Work on your sense of humor and make jokes more often.

    The importance of sense of humor is often lost of sight, but it is crucial, if you want to live an interesting life – humor attracts others and makes your opinion about things less boring.

  12. Lear how to notice only the best things about you!

    There is no worse enemy than self-destruction.

    First of all, try to become the best friend to yourself.

    Focus on your best traits of character, on the strong sides of your nature.

    Forget all your weaknesses!

    Define which things you are good at, in which not many people are as good as you are.

    Nevertheless, mind, there is always a place for self-improvement, so do not give yourself airs.

    If you treat yourself with respect, others will treat you the same way.

    In addition, they’ll see the best in you; those things you value in your personality the most.

    This is a right way to make new friends.

  13. Work hard on your appearance.

    Look at yourself, choose the most attractive features.

    Conduct some experiments with fashion clothes and find your personal style, because dullness is boring and not interesting at all.

The most reliable and easy way, how not to be boring, is to make a joke in time, to tell an anecdote or a funny story in order to clear the air.

To be a boring person or an interesting one depends only on you!

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