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Would you like to know what food is useful for our brain? Eat these 10 products and you’ll never suffer from brain deterioration!


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It seems that we all know the rules of healthy diet.

We’ve been taught what products are healthy and what food is harmful since our childhood.

Obviously, the rapid tempo of life doesn’t allow eating exclusively healthy products; however, I’m sure that all of us try to diversify our food ration with fruits and vegetables, whole-grain bread, fat fish, etc.

Nevertheless, when we consult the doctors because of some health problems, we still hear that very annoying question: “What do you eat?”

Such question would have been proper if it had been asked to a person with poor digestion, but what does our diet have to do with memory contamination, rapid fatigability, drowsiness and sluggishness?

As it turned out, there are certain products that improve brain functioning.

Thus, today my mission is to explain you what good food for brain is!

Let’s go!

Food for brain: nonsense or proven fact?

Nowadays the issue of nutrition is being passionately discussed almost everywhere.

There exist two irreconcilable parties, one of which stands for the healthy way of life while people from the other party always finish their arguments with such words: “Come on, life is too short, eat whatever you want, one day you’ll die anyway!”

Sometimes these parties remind me of sects, which recruit new members in a very aggressive way…

Long time ago I came across a hot argument between vegetarians and meat lovers, while I was surfing the Net. I could not read more than two pages of that discussion.

Having read that talk, I became sure that I wouldn’t ever be able to eat again! 

It couldn’t be even called a simple argument, it was a bloody massacre with the use of dirty language, mutual offences, exclamations “You’re the killers!” and dull anecdotes. The only thing I understood was the fact that both parties were wrong.

You can eat whatever you want, but keep in mind that the existence of special good food for the brain is a judgment that mustn’t be doubted or discussed.

Modern society is sometimes irreconcilable to such extent that it may even become scary!

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I’m a user of a social network, called “VKontakte”, and I often read a column of a famous blogger there. He writes fantastically witty about everything: politics, travelling and even his parents.

There was a time when he wrote posts about vegetarianism. Here is his opinion on this matter: “I’m a strong meat lover (and may my readers forgive me for this), but I think that every single person has a right to decide what he/she wants to stuff his/her stomach with!”

To my complete surprise, most people were not pleased with his words.

They posted pictures of meat and fat and commented them with numerous “Ugh!” and “Gross!”

Tell me, why did they have to do so?

If you don’t like the broccoli smoothie recipe, just don’t read it! That’s all!

As for me, I hope that my readers are smart enough for avoiding arguments with pure science.

What food is good for brain?

«When I was a kid, my mother used to feed me mashed-potato sandwiches, brussel sprout sandwiches; my brain cells were starving from lack of food. I’ll eat anything. I’ll eat dirt.»
Sylvester Stallone

Even if you take the doctors’ recommendations concerning healthy food with skepticism, you’d better include food for the brain into your ration.

Besides, there is no need to keep a certain diet for this.

All you have to do is to add such products to your shopping list:

  1. Walnuts.

    This product and human brain look suspiciously alike, as if the nature itself has been telling us: “Eat me right now!”Walnuts contain many vitamins together with fat and folic acids.

    However, keep in mind that this product is high-calorie, so don’t get addicted to it!

  2. Greenery and leafy greens.

    If you watch a foreign movie, you’ll probably notice how salads are cooked abroad: they contain a lot of greenery!

    On the contrary, we have been used to the statement that the more mayonnaise is in the salad, the tastier it is.

    Besides, if you consider what unhealthy stuff mayonnaise is made nowadays you’ll understand that your body receives only “useful” substances – preservatives and coloring agents, yum…

    Such products, as cabbage, spinach and salad leaves should become the part of everybody’s food ration.

    Apart from the whole package of vitamins, they also contain iron, which is very important for our health.

  3. Cocoa.

    Has your mom made this tasty drink for you? Be grateful to her for this and borrow her recipe.

    Scientists have discovered that flavanol, a useful antioxidant which can be found in cocoa beans, regulates blood circulation and prevents the appearance of such illnesses as sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

    Thus, a cup of cocoa or a few pieces of extra dark chocolate per day may help you to protect yourself from such problems.

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  4. Fish.

    The fact that Japanese are a nation of long-livers and scientific geniuses depends mostly on their way of dieting.

    The main product in their food ration is fish.

    Thus, we can state that the Soviet tradition of making “fish days” on Thursdays was very clever and useful.

    Fat fish with a big amount of Omega-3 fat acids is considered to be the best and the most nutritious.

    Here belong such fish as salmon, herring, tuna, mackerel and capelin.

  5. Whole grain.

    Wheat, bran, barley, brown rice and oatmeal contain folic acid and vitamin B6.

    They improve the circulation of blood into the brain, and, as a result, they contribute to the improvement of mental activity.

    Such products are especially necessary for children and elder people.

  6. Eggs.

    Did you know that brain has a peculiarity of shrinking with time?You can postpone this process if you start eating products that contain lecithin and vitamin B12, for example, eggs.

    However, don’t abuse this product! 1-2 eggs for breakfast will be more than enough for you!

  7. Olive oil.

    Obviously, this product is not cheap, especially if we are talking about extra virgin olive oil.

    Nevertheless, prices on medications are far from normal as well, so don’t try to save on your own health.

    At least you can use this oil as a dressing for salads, and in this way you’ll not only prevent age mental disorders, but also avoid the increase of your cholesterol level.

  8. Blueberry.

    This berry is the main source of anthocyanin, the natural antioxidant.

    The chemical structure of blueberry makes the vessel walls more elastic, normalizes blood pressure, and improves brain functioning, vision and coordination.

    If you eat this berry regularly, you’ll prevent age mental disorders.

    In summer you can eat fresh blueberry, and you can also preserve them for winter time: just grind berries with sugar and keep them in the fridge. With such remedy you can forget about catching a cold!

  9. Apples.

    These fruit are probably the most affordable products from all mentioned above.

    They don’t cost much, but the effect they have on the vessel walls is huge!

    If you eat apples regularly, you can reduce the probability of blood hemorrhages twice.

    By the way, there are plenty of recipes with this tasty fruit.

  10. Products that contain glucose.

    This useful sugar can be found in berries (raspberry, cherry, watermelon, wild strawberry), fruits (banana, plump) and even vegetables (pumpkin, carrot and potato).

    If you eat these products in sufficient amount, you’ll never complain on slow thinking processes and poor memory.

Foods good for brain always have to be on your plates, especially if your job is connected with mental activity or if you want to remain on sound mind for many more years to come!

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