What do you have to do to get married?

If you set your heart on finally trying on a white wedding dress, you should know what to do to get married. Our pieces of advice can be helpful for you.


Most girls chose marriage as their life goal. And it’s quite clear as they desire love, strong relationships, kids, etc.

But often time flies, you get to your thirties but the thing doesn’t go far then few dates.

Though men also became passive and not every girl can wait long for a proposal. What’s the reason for it? – Not even men can answer this question.

So, when you are eager to put on a wedding dress and start a family, you must discover some new methods to use so that to get married.

How to behave yourself? Which tricks to use on the way of reaching your aim? Every single lady will find useful such kind of things.

Reasons for getting married

Contradictions. They are the major brake in settling one’s personal life.

Answer yourself why do you desire it and try to come up with few reasons.

Is it your parents who hint at your age? Or do you wish putting on a gorgeous white wedding dress and boast of your wedding photos to your colleagues?

Or, maybe, the reason is  that most of your friends are married?

Decide what you need!

You lifestyle and purposes may not be directly focused on family life.

If you would like to study, travel, move up the career ladder, then, probably, your subconscious believes that by getting married you can lose all of it.

You may be not ready to reject all advantages of single life.

Getting into actions will be so easy, if you sort it out at first.

How to get married with the right man?

The wish of marriage is a cognitive set up. Sitting by the window and waiting for your beloved one to show up is not enough to put it into life. You have to start your search on your own.

Before the search describe your perfect husband.

Should he be a brave person or a man of decision? Or maybe you wish him to be gentle and good-tempered, smart and promising, active and hard-working.

Many women wish to marry a rich and well-off fiancé.

But you should realize – everything has its dark side. Rich husband would spend much time at work, trying to increase your family assets. Be ready to become his companion and assistant.

You can meet and make acquaintance with your future husband at many places:

  • at the stadium, gym or swimming pool;
  • in the library, at the exhibition or concert;
  • at the restaurant of café;
  • at your workplace or during vacation or journey;
  • in public transport, shop or some other places men usually visit.

What prevents you from getting married?

If you met the guy you’ve always dreamt of, but he didn’t stay long in your life, and this situation repeats itself several times, your behavior is probably wrong.

Male are usually pushed away from long-lasting relationships by such factors.

  1. Overrated self-esteem.

    When you believe you are the best and men don’t deserve you, you are certain to scare them away.

    Surely thing low self-esteem will never attract guys either.

    Who on the Earth will be interested in a girl, who believes she is a simple failure?

    Everything has its golden mean.

    You must value yourself but avoid arrogance.

  2. Former relationships.

    One more crucial thing you can do to get married is get over with non-perspective connections.

    Needless to say, a boyfriend wouldn’t count on long-term relations if his girlfriend communicates with her ex-boyfriend.

    This way he would only think that they are not over yet.  

    So, if you’d like to move on and get married, finish your former relationships.

  3. “Money” talks.

    If you wonder right at your first date how much money your man has, what salary he gets, etc. don’t get surprised when he decides never to meet you again.

    Every man has to feel that his lady is interested in him but doesn’t see just a bag full of money.

  4. Problems with keeping fit.

    If your weight is reaching point “100 kg”, should you wonder why men have no desire to know you?

    The same is about the appearance itself – undyed hair roots, nails of different length, non-plucked eyebrows or cracked enamel have never attracted men’s excitement.

  5. Vulgar behavior.

    Sometimes girls are at loss not knowing what to do to get married.

    Look and see yourself on the third hand.

    Flirting with everyone and bad habits don’t show a women from a better side.

    Not a single one would like to have a wife who smokes like a chimney and is often drunk.

  6. Intellect excess.

    When you are constantly giving your second half advice and telling him you know better, he would probably get a feeling he is an idiot.

    Let’s assume some there are some spheres where you are really better informed, but pretend you have no idea how to fix a computer, for example, even if it’s not true.

    This way you’ll express that you actually need him.

    But if you do everything alone, he will definitely think that you need no one.

Women tips and hips you have to know to get married.

  1. Many women use this secret: if you wish to get married, pretend the opposite.

    Men are hunters by nature, they enjoy winning women’s heart.

    They get satisfaction out of this process, so give him an opportunity to do so.

    Some time later he will realize that the only way to win you over is to marry you.

    But don’t go too far.

  2. This is a great piece of advice for those who don’t know how to act to get married.
    Chose the right man!

    Date only men who are already prepared for marriage and avoid those who don’t value strong family relationships.

    There is no sense knocking on the closed door. Do not influence them anyway, because these men would chose a perfect moment to propose.

    Significant thing is to decide on your desires.

    Those who really want to get married, always reach their aim.

  3. Try to be helpless and weak.

    Representatives of strong sex like being indispensable and simply the best in everything.

    Often express your gratitude for his help and make some hints that after getting married to such a strong and determined man you would live as safely as behind a stone wall.

Get married as soon as possible!

  1. You should always stand your ground and go straight-forward to your aim.

    There is a strong possibility that you’d have to refuse something to your beloved man.

    For example, this can be ban on having extramarital children, i.e. if your second half wants to continue his kin, explain him that having children is wonderful but they must be born in real families.

    And the only thing needed – 2 stamps in the passports.

  2. If there is no talk about kids, you can get stubborn about something else.

    When your boyfriend asks you to live together, gently refuse him.

    A reason for it may be possible misunderstandings with your parents, for example.

    He may get disappointed but now focused on fixing this problem.

    He’d do his best to make you live together by all means.

  3. When you manage to convince your boyfriend that you are the best girlfriend he could ever find, he is yours.

    You have no need to change anything or be obedient and satisfy all whims.

    Just be yourself.

  4. Show him how valuable he is, take good care of him and give all your love.

    Avoid situations where he can get jealous.

    Prove that your man is the best and whatever happens next you’ll always be by his side and give your support to overcome hardships.

Nonetheless, when you’ve tried all these above mentioned methods and now you are searching for some new techniques you have to do or at least try to get married, consider variant where you simply say about your wish to your beloved man.

Probably, you’ll find some golden mean, fulfill your dream and finally get married.

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