How to Get him to Marry You?

You wonder how to make him marry you? Follow our tips and soon you’ll become a married lady.


Every woman dating man believes that it would lead to a big happy marriage. But men are subconsciously afraid of starting a family.

That’s the most frequent reason woman are interested how to get him to marry you.

It’s very difficult to make him do it, but you can set him on the right path.

If you have finally decided to put your tricks into life, remember that men hate obvious hints about marriage and may be pushed away by them.

Use our pieces of advice to make your dream come true.

What you shouldn’t do if you want him to marry you?

  1. Don’t say how hurt you are and do not yell at him for playing tricks on you or making you waste your time.

    Be responsible for all your actions.

  2. Don’t even consider turning to the psychiatrist to discuss his fear of commitments.

    Men are capable of them if they really love their women, but women follow “Rules”.

    Though if a woman is chasing a man, leading a dissipated life and a man is not that much into it, a phobia of marriage appears instantly.

    What do you have to do to get married?

  3. Don’t let your boyfriend convince you of his inability of marrying you only because he was married once and now needs time to overcome the divorce.
  4. Don’t let your second half, whom you are dating for a long time, persuade you to wait until “everything is settled” at work or some financial problems are solved or something else is coming.

    Some money hardships or problems will always take place.

    A man in love, who actually wants to marry you, hopes you wouldn’t notice these problems or help him find the solution.

What you should do to get married?

  1. Find out his attitude towards marriage.

    As it was previously mentioned, most men are afraid of marriage and your target should be to learn what he actually thinks about wedding, starting a family and if he is planning to get married one day.

    You can do it by asking leading questions after watching a film which ended in marriage or just discuss your friends’ marriage.

    Ask him what’s his opinion and attitude to such kind of people’s decision.

    Crucial here is to avoid being obsessive and asking too many questions at a time.

  2. Give your arguments.

    Let’s assume that being at a previous step you found out that your boyfriend is not in a hurry to marry you and don’t believe that marriage would change his life for the better.

    In this case you should do a great job trying to persuade him.Your target is to give him as many arguments of becoming so happy after starting a family as possible.

    Films with happy endings which finish with gorgeous and romantic wedding will definitely help you.

    You can choose such types of films in the cinema or watch them at home.

    If your man likes to read, present him a book with romantic plot or sent some articles on the Internet.

    Try to communicate with happy couples more and, perhaps, in such company your beloved one will realize it’s high time to start a family.

  3. Try to make friends with your boyfriend’s relatives.

    It’s necessary that you not only have good relationships with your men’s family, but also produce an unforgettable impression.

    Your main ally will be his mother.

    You must show her you are the perfect wife for her son.

    Agree with her on every matter and like everything she likes.

    Just be a good friend.

    It’s a well-known fact that a man chooses a wife who reminds him of his mother.

  4. Be the main person to rely on.

    Let him feel you are literally his second half and he can’t live without you. Give all your support in everything, try to encourage, praise him, and take good care of him.

    Always trust him and never limit his freedom, don’t forget about pleasant surprises.

  5. Make your life various.

    Be interesting, intriguing, always find some new hobbies.

    It’s important for every man to be with a woman who is constantly into different things.

    Monotonous life would bring boredom and he is sure to forget about marriage.

  6. Imagining a family life.

    Working with people’s beliefs psychologists use the so-called technique “if only…”.

    It means that you should build relations with your boyfriend as if he was already your husband.

    If you live together, concern yourself with warm and tasty dinner and a clean flat that would always be ready for his coming home.

    Don’t forget to be caring and smiling.If it’s important for him and he feels being taken care of, keep up such atmosphere and he won’t be afraid of having a new step in your relations. He will realize that he’ll feel good even after marrying you.

Risk is also a way to get him to marry you.

There are plenty of ways to reach things you desire.

Though choosing this or that variant remember that you are responsible for your actions and their results.

  1. Get pregnant.

    This way has almost 100 % results, even if your pregnancy is a fake.It’s quite easy to convince your boyfriend that you are pregnant.

    Representatives of strong sex don’t really understand much in those tests.

    And when your darling hears this happy news, you won’t have to do much to make him marry you.

    This technique is especially effective when the young man is considering the possibility of marriage but hasn’t decided yet.

    Most men find it very serious to become a father.

    That’s why having learnt about your pregnancy he would immediately propose.

  2. Get separated for some time.

    If you live together and can’t get him to marry you, suggest living apart for some period of time.

    It’s unlikely he would like to lose the opportunity to stay with you all the time.

    You may say that before more serious phase of your relations you want to give him and yourself some space to make the important decision.

    This will probably push him to create a family.

  3. Present him with an ultimatum.

    When talking, come up with the thought that either he marry you or go wherever he wishes.

    You may also explain that legal relations are very important for you and since childhood you’ve been dreaming of a beautiful and unforgettable wedding ceremony.

    Though, this way you can get him to marry you only if his love is very strong.

  4. Make him jealous.

    Men’s psychic works according to such pattern: when he is afraid to lose his chosen one, he’d go to any length to stay with her.

    Only the thought of his beloved one spending time with the others make him use his internal forces.

    A guy starts to do such things which will definitely show his perfection over the rivals.

    And getting him to marry you in such situation is not difficult at all.

  5. Be self-sufficient.

    The essence of this technique is to stop thinking about marriage.

    Stop telling yourself over and over again that the most important thing is to get married.

    Turn to other stuff: go in for sports, become a volunteer or focus on your career.

    Then your beloved man will see you not like a whining, weak- willed woman, who is begging for a stamp in the passport, but like a bright, independent personality.

    This will get him to marry you.

Maybe he is not worth being married to?

If you tried all traditional methods, but your beloved one still didn’t led you to the altar, you should seriously think whether these relations are reasonable.

When you are ready to start a family but he wants to be a bachelor a bit longer, define whether you see both of you together in the future.

At first it may seem that if you couldn’t get this man to marry you, others wouldn’t like to do it with you.

But soon if you meet a congenial soul, it will be quite clear, there is no need to compel.  He will propose and you’ll have to decide whether to accept it or not.

So that you shouldn’t be obsessed by the question how to get him to marry you, listen to your heart attentively.

If it says that a reliable, loving man is beside you, you will definitely hear from him: “Honey, will you marry me?”

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