What is Trust in a Relationship?

In the article below you are sure to find the information on what trust in a relationship is. Read about its importance in order to save love for many years.


Deep strong mutual feelings are absolutely everyone’s dream.

All serious relationships between people (both love and friendship) are built exceptionally on trust.

It’s the trust that makes relationships natural, lets people feel protected and be confident in a partner and, consequently, avoid being tormented by doubts.

So, if it’s so important to have no doubts in a partner, let’s try to figure out what trust in a relationship is.

What is trust in a relationship?

Trust being the condition of a person’s inner world is established by the desire to have good relationships with other people.

It’s connected to being open and is focused on mutuality – it’s impossible to trust a person, who is completely closed for you.

The feeling of trust in a relationship allows:

  • speaking honestly and find understanding, due to which a person feels himself psychologically comfortable.
  • making the relationship deeper.

    From being acquaintances people make real friendship, while infatuation is turned into love.

Trust opens us the doors to the world of frank communication.

Can you speak freely, if you always need to guess the partner’s reaction?

Such communication demands mandatory concentration and makes us adjust to each other.

Learn what trust to each other means.

How does trust in a relationship appear?

At first, let’s talk on how trust is formed between people:

  1. When you begin new relationships, trust usually appears on its own: you are somehow programmed to give a new pleasant for you person some kind of “a credit of trust”.

    A partner himself tries to show himself in the most favorable light, too.

    This trust, which is born at the infatuation period, is, unfortunately, not permanent.

  2. Rose and candy stage is over and people lose the feeling of novelty in a relationship and gradually start behaving as usual, showing themselves as they really are.

    This period is very important, because here you are able to learn how to trust each other for real, find common interests and accept a person’s true nature.

    At this stage the level of openness is built in a couple, which will accompany people during all relationship.

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  3. Very often at the stage of getting used to a partner and studying him people break up.

    Why cannot they build harmonious trustworthy relationships?

    In most cases the answer to this question lies in the spheres of family, where a person grew up, the environment, where he lives and works, and in the sphere of the former experience, those situations (mostly negative), which he faced in the previous relationships, etc.

On the formation of trust influence some factors, on which depends the level of quality of relationships you’ll manage to build:

  • If you feel you cannot let a partner closer than to a certain extent, remember your parents: perhaps, the trust in family in which you grew up was far from perfect and now you subconsciously transfer the same behavior model to your relationship.
  • The second factor, which influences the quality of relationships, is the surrounding where you live.

    Moreover, these are not only relatives and friends, but the information environment and media sphere, which also influences on your understanding of perfect relationships.

  • The third factor, in knowing how to trust people, is your own self-esteem: the lower you estimate yourself, the more doubts you have and the bigger challenge your relationship will face.
  • The last factor in our list, but not in life, is the trust factor – the skill to understand the emotions of another person properly, listen to him attentively and sympathize with him.

Why is trust in a relationship so important?

As it was previously mentioned, in the rose and candy period a woman and a man behave not as they usually do.

All of us try to seem better, we do not pay attention to some trifles and new feelings outshine the previous experience.

However, the romantic period is over and our life experience reminds of itself – we start looking at a partner more closely, trying to define how much we are able to trust him.

Having become adults we understand that we cannot trust all people and being cheated once we keep in mind the received pain.

However, it’s impossible to build the full-scaled relations without risk – for true intimacy you need to know your boyfriend and he needs to know you.

That’s why it’s extremely important to understand what trust in relationships is.

It’s not simply the confidence in the act of another person, but a possibility to communicate openly.

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Due to trust in relationship you are able to:

  • In the process of communication you do not need to be tormented by guesses what your partner actually wanted to achieve and how he will react to your words.
  • Having argued you’ll be able to find common language and become even closer.
  • The high level of sincerity allows judging the partner’s actions from the better side (most actions can be treated two-way) and do not make a mountain out of a molehill.

How to trust in a relationship?

Being ready to trust is not genetically built in. It’s much more complicated here, that’s why you need to learn how to trust your partner.

Mind that trust is not an easy labor, and it requires great deal of efforts and time; it’s very easy to destroy it and so hard to restore, but if you do not save your efforts, your reward will be the relationships all of us are used to dream about…

6 tips on how to build trust in a relationship:

  1. Ask and do not think you are sure what your partner implied. As soon as you ask a number of clarification questions, you are sure to understand what was actually implied.
  2. Listen, because the skill to communicate is, first of all, the ability to listen and the skill to foretell the interlocutor’s train of thought.
  3. Make a mental note of being always ready to check the received information.
  4. Share, because giving the information about yourself, you provide the interlocutor with the possibility to understand who you really are and to look at himself from your point of view.
  5. Avoid offences and epithets, because if an interlocutor feels you do not respect him, he simply stops listening to you.
  6. Never believe in gossips!

    Very often gossipry are ruled by simple envy.

How to return trust in a relationship?

It happens that you were cheated or betrayed.

The deceived expectations usually lead to break up and hurt a lot the victim party.

The offence will leave, but it won’t bring back the trust.

Well, if an offence or even unfaithfulness may be forgiven, how can a person return trust to a relationship?

How can one possibly learn to trust people after a close person’s betrayal?

First of all, you need to understand that the recovery requires the participation of both partners.

If only the guilty party tries to restore trust:

  • The guilty party will definitely feel guilt and, as a result, hidden aggression.
  • The victim party will feel righteous anger.

Consequently, the relations are destined to be ruined.

One cannot reach trust again – it’s only possible to build new relationships by common efforts.

In order to restore trust in relationship you need:

  • to realize that your second half also suffers and do not hide your feelings.
  • to be open for a dialogue and avoid accusations and insults.
  • to discuss the created relations, obvious and implicit arrangements as well as the needed changes to build good relationships.
  • not think again and again about what happened and never replay the scenario of the possible future changes.

So, we figured out what trust is.

In order to reach it you need to work non-stop on yourself and relations, share with your partner your worries and fears, thoughts, wished and dreams, tell him what hurts you and brings discomfort and about your real feelings and emotions.

Mind that it does not imply having complete interpenetration.

Leave your partner some of his private space, because every couple has its own perfect distance.

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