How to Love Your Family?

Several useful pieces of advice, which will show you how to love your family. Work hard on your relationships and you are sure to become a happy family.


A normal person is born in a family, lives in a family and dies in a family.

It’s the family that makes him a personality; it makes him the integral part of the endless chain of human generations. It gives him the past, defines his present and future.

Sometimes, you may get bored by your family. Nevertheless, regardless of what they say, they actually love you. The problem is usually in learning how to love them again.

Read this article in order to understand how to love your family and be in the state of harmony and happiness.

How to love your family: how a husband and a wife should behave themselves

  1. Care about your appearance.

    Surely, your chosen one must love you just the way you are, mustn’t he?

    Yes, it’s actually true… But you should not think that they will be really happy to see you in a bad shape or they’ll find it attractive.

    So, for your own good, always wash your hair, take shower twice a day and make sure you look neatly.

    Actually, even if your partner finds you the most beautiful person in the world, he will be more pleased to see that you take care about your appearance.

  2. Say how much you love and demonstrate it.

    Hug, kiss and make a declaration of love as soon as you wake up.

    Do not forget to remind your partner how beautiful he is and how lucky you are to be with him, maybe even the luckiest in the whole world.

  3. Say that you love him/her together with all those drawbacks.

    Tell him this EVERY DAY. It’s actually the truth, is not it?

    Your partner must know it.

  4. Communicate just like friends.

    Communication is extremely important.

    But, for God’s sake, do not say that you communicate thus.

    What are you talking about? Home? Family matters, accounts, children or money?


    You must talk to your partner about things you discuss with your friend.

    Of course, the topics must not be women and football or cooking and TV-shows.

    Discuss your dreams, worries and about something meaningful to you.

  5. If you have problems, you must solve them.

    If your partner did something wrong, you should not yell or scream at him, just sit and ask why he did this or that.

    Speak and share your feelings. Again, communication is the key.

    Eventually, this is not only your beloved man for the rest of your life; he is your best friend as well.

  6. Never say anything bad about your husband/wife in the presence of your children.

    Otherwise, they may get a distorted opinion about relationships and later you’ll regret it.

    Make sure you always talk positive.

    For example: your partner forgot to do something important. You should not say how dull he is or that he thinks about nothing but himself.

    Think twice before you say something bad.

    Instead, you may try to say how much you love him and remind that he should be more attentive towards some really important things.

How to love your family: how children should behave

  1. Ignore the negative comments and focus on the compliments, which your family pays to you.

    If someone in the family offends you, you must know that they are having difficult times right now and they don’t want to hurt you.

    Moreover, when they pay you compliments, accept them.

    They are your family, although they may be rude or cruel sometimes.

  2. If your relatives often play jokes on you, talk to them about it.

    When you explain how much those jokes hurt your feelings, they will probably stop doing it.

    After that, you’ll find it easier to love them.

  3. In order to love your family, devote some of your free time to them.

    You may feel you don’t love your family because you never actually talked to them.

    Devote some of your time to play table games with them or watch a film together.

    Besides, find time to talk face-to-face to every member of the family.

  4. Try not to get angry, if your parents say how busy they are.

    You must understand that they also have a job and remember that they will try to spare some time to you later.

    Make sure you chose an activity for yourself, which does not bother others and you may communicate and joyfully spend time together.

  5. Remember everything good that happened in your family relationships.

    You may be not in the best terms with the rest of the family right now, but when you were younger, you were definitely very close.

    Look through the photo album and remember the good times. Pay attention how many photos you see there.

    There will probably be plenty of them.

    Your relatives take pictures of you, because they are proud of you.

  6. Make a list of things you like about your family.

    Admit that everyone has some drawbacks. Count how many good and bad qualities are there.

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  7. If your parents are disappointed, realize that this is natural.

    They may actually get disappointed, when they learn you are unhappy and start blaming themselves.

    In such case they will seem angry and disappointed.

How to love your family: several steps which show how to create a happy family

  • In order to love your family, create a family identity.

    Creation of such identity will create a feeling of unity and a target, as of a family.

    Start from the search of the family motto and make sure every member of the family makes a contribution to it, whether for the words or ideas, or thoughts.

  • Work together to start loving your family.

    A happy family depends on cooperation.

    Every member of the family must feel that he or she has a share in a wish to have a happy family life.

  • Bring your children to acquire positive traits of character.

    The first step to building stability is to establish positive values.

    The most important of them are love, wisdom, self-discipline, inner harmony and happiness.

  • Focus your children on victory.

    Become an ally of the wisdom in the process of up-bringing of your children and strengthening of the most positive traits of character.

    The best way to support the positive traits is to emphasize them and ignore negative behavior, if possible.

  • In order to love your family, create the conditions for the inner world.

    Inner world of a person is important to every family.

    Protect your children from the overload of feelings.

    It means you particularly must protect them from watching TV for too long.

    Praise them and direct to realization of their feeling of self-discipline.

    A long-term, positive and full life may only be in case we become adults with the clear understanding of self-discipline and the sooner you give all this to them the better.

  • Pay attention to the positive thinking.

    Encourage all member of the family to pay attention to their thoughts.

    Do it by the regular conversations, positive events and traditions, such as a common dinner, telling stories, reading of the spiritual books, singing, praying, meditation, etc.

    Avoid the seduction to use money as a medium of activity and reward.

    Instead of it, look for the inspiration in the search of the inner happiness by the non-material activities, by the support of each other and the common pastime.

  • Be polite.

    Respect is the manners.

    Don’t forget to say “thank you” or “please” to the members of your family.

    For example, if your younger brothers or sisters forget about it, remind them, so that they learned how to be polite.

    Respecting someone means not only be polite to a person.

    Exchanging remarks, rolling your eyes, clicking your tongue – all of it is a disrespectful behavior not only towards the family members, but to other people.

So, now you know how to love your family.

Regardless of all difficulties in life, bad mood and other circumstances, you must do it constantly, because family relationships demand permanent work of all family members.

That’s why you should not argue with your wives/husbands, blame children for not justifying your expectations.

Just love and respect one another.

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