How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Using a Cell Phone?

How to catch a cheating spouse using a cell phone? A regular check of his phone + spying apps will disperse your suspicions.


If you start to suspect a husband is cheating on you, the statistics claims you are probably right.

Nowadays there is a possibility to talk to anyone, send a message and delete it at once, and because of it, a cell phone became an irreplaceable helper in the extramarital business.

Read in the article below how to catch a cheating spouse using a cell phone.

How to catch your cheating husband on cell phone?

In case you have some suspicions concerning faithfulness of your second half, you must start tracking his talks and incoming calls, which may be declined in your presence.

Perhaps, your husband started to use another room to communicate with someone or to text back.

Another kind of signal that you should start to worry may also be a password on his cell phone (especially if there were no password before).

In order to catch your husband cheating, you should try to find a way how to get his cell phone or computer.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find some unknown numbers or even photos.

How to catch a cheating husband on cell phone?

Person’s phone may tell you a lot, including the information about his affair.

Even if the spouse considerately removes the traces of unfaithfulness from his device, there still may be some leads.

When your husband is not careful, it’s quite enough to take his cell phone and you are sure to see how one piece of evidence appears after another:

  1. Call history which is empty, it must arouse some suspicions.

    If his call history has frequent new contacts (even with a masculine name), you should write down these numbers and dial them from another number (what if the owner of the number is a young lady with a pleasant voice?).

    Pay attention to the time of the talks and the behavior of the spouse when he is talking to a suspicious person.

    The reaction of the unfaithful husband on the call (moreover, if he did not master the skills how to disguise from his wife) will be at least weird.

  2. Message log.

    Especially informative are said to be the messages from the provider because they signal that a subscriber is already available.

    Such message usually comes any time of the day and a spouse may fail to delete it from the mobile memory.

    If the numbers are not included in the list of outcoming calls, they must have been removed beforehand.

    Check such contacts and surely the dialogue as well.

    In most cases the most compromising texts are removed at once, but still…

  3. Mobile apps.

    This modern device provides not only with a possibility to talk or text someone; it allows communicating via the Internet (Skype, Email, Chats).

    So, remember to investigate such programs.

    A cheating spouse must have screwed up somewhere.

How to catch a cheating spouse using a cell phone: Mobile Spy App

The Mobile Spy App allows tracking the activity of the device which is interesting for you if you have access to it.

It provides with a possibility to learn how to catch a cheating spouse using a cell phone.

The application registers all conversations and SMS which were made using the tracked phone.

Moreover, you may spy on the cell phone of a cheating spouse checking the taken photos and the activity in the social networks.

Besides, in case you do not trust him, you can learn about his location and surrounding.

7 ways how to catch a cheating spouse on cell phone using Mobile Spy App:

  1. Monitoring the calls because Mobile Spy App registers the outcoming calls and the numbers of the incoming ones, their date, time and GPS-coordinates of every call.
  2. Interception of the texts.

    You’ll get the report on the numbers of the addresser and the addressee, the time and date and the texts themselves.

  3. The activity in the social networks.

    You can trace the exchange of the messages on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.

    You’ll also get the access to the list of videos he watched on YouTube.

  4. Tracking GPS-coordinates.

    You’ll easily learn where exactly your spouse is right now using the GPS-coordinates which are reflected on Google Maps.

  5. Photos and videos which were made on your husband’s cell phone will be saved and you’ll be able to use them.
  6. The list of contacts.

    Every contact from his cell phone is tracked and showed to you.

    The added new contacts are also registered.

  7. Wiretapping is possible if you launch Live Control Panel.

    This way you’ll record everything that is going on near the spouse’s cell phone.

All reports about the activities of the tracked cell phone come to your Mobile Spy App account.

You can watch them remotely from the computer or your cell phone.

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How to catch your husband cheating on cell phone: 3 popular apps

3 popular apps which will teach you how to catch your cheating spouse using a cell phone:

  1. My Family Tracker is the multifunctional application: it notifies you about the location of your husband because it sends the notifications about the places where he is.

    Moreover, the program provides with a possibility to track the history of motions for three years.

    Another doubtless advantage of the program is the fact that it can be used completely for free and there are no installed advertisements or purchases inside.

    Moreover, you won’t even need to register there in order to use all functions.

  2. Flexispy is the progressive software to bug iPhone.

    It includes all basic and a number of unique functions which are typical only of this product.

    Being able to “hide” in the cell phones, Flexispy intercepts the messages and the dates of conversations and can control spouses’ actions.

    It gathers SMS, the list of calls, the information on the activity of the cell phone on the Internet and other data.

    For now, the app can be used by the following devices: Symbian, Nokia, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, and Android.

  3. mSpy is the software for iOS and Android which you may install in the husband’s cell phone and learn almost everything about his private life!

    The application can work almost unnoticed.

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After you install mSpy on a cell phone, you’ll be able to see the following things in the special control web-panel:

  1. the history of calls,
  2. the full list of contacts,
  3. read all his mail,
  4. watch photos and videos,
  5. record all his talks for the further listening,
  6. record the sound of what’s going on in the present moment,
  7. block incoming calls,
  8. read the chats in WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, Skype.

3 simple apps, how to catch husband cheating on cell phone

  1. Talklog.

    The program has the following possibilities:

    • The history of calls – you’ll receive on your e-mail the complete report;
    • The tape of the phone talks – every talk may be recorded and saved on the server;
    • The message log – you’ll intercept all texts from the phone;
    • The location of the cell phone;
    • The web-browser – you’ll get the search history;
    • Apps – use Talklog to record and control his software;
    • Audio control – the program lets you turn on the microphone on the phone.
  2. TrackView.

    The spying program TrackView is also able to track the location of the phone, watch SMS and listen to the conversations and the surrounding sounds, and to watch the picture from the camera.

  3. Cell Phone Spy PRO.

    Cell Phone Spy PRO is an app which is focused on catching a cheating husband.

    It works almost like all similar spying software.

    However, it should be noted that the efficiency of this app may be under the threat because when you launch it, the app requires a password and this leads o the fact that it may be removed from a cell phone.

    Regardless of it, Cell Phone Spy PRO will define the phone’s location, the calls, and the texts.

The question of how to catch a cheating spouse using a cell phone is not the most important one.

It’s important to understand what you are going to do with this knowledge.

Anyway, checking the content of a cellphone and using different software to spy may be with good reason but it must be a secret for your husband.

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