How to Find a Wife?

You want to start a family, but don’t know how to find a wife, do you? Our useful tips are going to help you find a woman!


No matter how much men boast or beat their breasts saying they are the true and confirmed bachelors, you must know – it’s not quite true. There are simply no confirmed bachelors in the world.

There is no such a man who would come home day after day in the empty, not cosy flat and felt happiness that nobody was there.

Every creature on the planet wants to be loved and treated kindly and warm.

Bachelors are not the exception either.

Still, many men do not have even the faintest idea how to find a wife of their dreams and live a happy life together with her.

Nowadays, 80% of all families get a divorce after 2 or 3 years of life together.

That’s why it’s obvious that some problems with the search of wife happen.

In the article below we will cope with the question of how and where men can find wives, with whom they are likely to be happy.

How to find a wife in everyday life?

  1. Sign up on a dating website and create your profile page there.

    For the last five years dating websites have become almost the main way to meet a potential future wife.

    Statistics may differ, but in average dating websites have helped in starting a family to the numerous couples (about 19 – 35% from all).

  2. Get acquainted in the streets.

    This is not so difficult to come to a girl you liked in the street and start a conversation. Nevertheless, it’s not a definite fact that she’ll desire to maintain the conversation with an unknown person.

    In addition, there is a possibility that the pretty woman you like is already married.

    Some girls do not pay attention to the trivial ways of acquaintance, such as – Could you say, what time is it? – or – Lady, would you like to meet me?

    But if you want the meeting to be a successful one, you are to be a brave and charming person with the gab.

  3. Look for the future wife among the colleagues.

    Having learned the politics of the company about relationships between the colleagues, try to ask the employee you liked out for a walk or dinner, where you could talk and explore the possibilities of the future relationships.

    If she is hesitating with the answer, you can suggest more neutral option, such as going to a restaurant together with common friends and colleagues.

    Nevertheless, try not to date your subordinates.

    In many companies such situation may be estimated as “buddy-buddy manners” and considered to be a reason to fire you, because a head or a manager must not have the favorites among the subordinates.

    In some cases such invitation to a date may also put a subordinate in an awkward position and you will be accused of a sexual harassment.

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  4. Spend time with your friends and get acquainted with the friends of your friends.

    Almost 19 per cent of the married men met their wives through the friends or acquaintances.

    If you do not like blind dates, you can always visit home get-togethers, dinner parties, go to the common journeys to broaden your circle of communication by spending time with friends.

  5. Treat a woman with a drink.

    Nearly every tenth man met his wife in a club or a bar.

    If you enjoy club life and want to find a wife with the same interests, you must work hard and learn how to get attention of the potential partners, which will be occupied by music, lights and other visitors.

    In order to improve your chances for success, you can try to combine clubs and pubs with other methods of a wife’s search.

    Bars’ visitors often hope to meet somebody, but it doesn’t guarantee you will find serious relationships.

How to find a wife by means of hobbies and social life?

  1. Sign up to a sports class or some courses.

    The more people with the same views are around, the higher are the chances you meet the woman of your dream.

    Besides sports classes, one can sign up for the following courses of interest:

    • Cooking;
    • Writing courses or pencraft;
    • Dances;
    • Photography;
    • Art courses;
    • Variety comedy.

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  2. Recommence the communication with people from childhood.

    The common past may create a tight connection between you and a potential wife.

    You can resume the communication with an old friend or classmate on the homecoming or in one of the networks. Look through the pages of the graduates from your school or university, find familiar faces and try to reach out to some of them.

    The common past usually makes it simpler to find a reason to meet over a cup of coffee or a dinner.

  3. Accept the invitations to the weddings.

    Weddings are the happy gatherings of people, where the thoughts of many guests are constantly coming back to the own family status.

    Thanks to this they are the perfect place to look for a wife, who is eager to marry as soon as possible.

    Ask lonely girls on a dance, then exchange phone numbers and set  meetings.

  4. Attend museums, libraries, theaters and cinemas.

    The places, where you can find a worthy wife without excess selfish qualities, are surely theaters, museums, exhibitions, cinemas and other cultural places, where most often normal women are.

  5. Take part in volunteer organizations.

    Public works are not only useful for your health (they allay chronic pains and lower the risk of heart diseases), but also they are the place of gathering of people, who share the same views.

    This fact is a perfect ground to build strong and harmonious relationships, and then even a marriage.

    You may meet a future wife on such occasions:

    • Public gardening;
    • Local fairs and festivals;
    • Street beautification, for example, a public community work day.
  6. So that you met a wife, attend social events.

    It’s logically that such events will attend women, who have similar interests as you do.

    Many people go to such events to take part in social life, which makes the acquaintance even simpler.

    If you are shy to attend such evens alone, here are several solutions of the problem:

    • Make friends on the picnics.
    • Talk to the women on the local concerts or art exhibitions.
    • Visit festivals and national celebrations.

3 pieces of advice on how to find a wife

  1. Understand why you need a wife at all.

    • A wife is not sex, money or even children.
      She is the necessary second half, which makes you whole.
    • A man realizes he needs a wife, when he understands that his personality has some limits.
    • A wife helps to see and hear things, which you’ll never see or hear.
      She supports your self-improvement.
    • A wife is the support, which provides a man with the confidence.
  2. Search for a wife, but not a perfect woman.

    • A perfect wife is the one you adjust to, when you think not about things you may get, but when you think what you can give her and your children.
    • A perfect wife accepts her husband as a perfect type and supports him in everything, but “elevation to an ideal” must be mutual.
    • Any wife is perfect, if you chose her.
      Any woman, who is near you, is versatile.
    • A perfect wife is an image in your head.
      If a real image doesn’t coincide with the ideal in your mind, it is likely to lead to some mistakes in the relationships.
    • Society and family create the image of a “perfect” wife.
    • A perfect couple is the couple, where partners aim to become the best for each other.

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  3. How to make your life perfect?


    • Talk to each other more and do not be afraid to speak about your perfect types.
      The abilities to hear each other and gain mutual understanding are very important.
    • If two people have the desire to become needed to each other or to set a common goal (it does not matter which one), their relations will get better.
    • A man and a woman mustn’t look at each other, but they are to look in one direction.
    • Compromises help to connect to each other.

Now you know practically everything about how to find a wife, including places of meetings and general tips how to choose a future partner.

We hope it will help you to choose that one and only woman, who will spend with you the whole life in love and warmth. We wish you luck in all this!

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