How to Be a Trustworthy Person?

15 pieces of advice on how to become trustworthy. Work hard to improve yourself, be responsible for your words and prove them by your actions.


Aren’t you tired of been considered a dependent, irresponsible, light-headed and actually immature personality?

If you hear such reproaches more than from a couple of people, you’d better think how to be a trustworthy person.

What if you are actually inclined to promising things and then simply don’t carry them out (consciously or subconsciously)?

It’s much more pleasant to know your family, friends and colleagues find you a reliable person, a trustworthy one.

This article covers the information, which explains why it’s so important to form trustworthiness and how to do it.

Who may be considered a trustworthy person?

A trustworthy person is the one, who will never cheat or let you down; who will do what he promised and won’t leave you at a pinch.

A trustworthy person is the one, who bears responsibility for his actions and admits making mistakes, without any attempts to put the blame on others.

All people would like to intervene with trustworthy people, both in personal and business relations.

When a reliable person suggests you a common business, he is sure to describe the situation in all details, brightly, precisely and realistically, so that you’ll have no more questions.

He’ll talk to you politely and benevolently to make your communication effective and successful.

Talking to such people you must also be trustworthy and responsible for your words and actions, and be ready for commitments.

How to become a better person?

Such personal quality as trustworthiness has its own benefits in life:

  • A reliable person is respected and acknowledged by others;
  • Trustworthiness lets other people be confident in you;
  • Trustworthiness is a result of a great job of a man on himself and often implies loyalty to his own words and obligations;
  • In business such quality allows to have high reputation.

How to identify a trustworthy person?

“A man becomes trustworthy when you trust him.”
Graham Greene

  1. Catch his look.

    The first thing you are to do is to look him in the eyes.

    A trustworthy person will answer with a straight, open and benevolent look.

    He won’t look aside or look down and won’t look around or in the space.

    Moreover, you won’t have a feeling he is looking at you and see the empty spot.

    In the eyes of the trustworthy man you’ll read a sincere interest in communication with you.

  2. Watch his behavior.

    If a person talks to you, but you have an impression he doesn’t listen to you or see you and instead is preoccupied only with himself (admiring himself, caring about the produced impression), you have a serious reason to doubt his trustworthiness.

  3. Listen to what he says.

    Listen carefully to what a person has to say to you.Don’t you have a feeling that something wasn’t told you or something may be hidden?

    Maybe, you are guaranteed a king’s ransom with exaggerated optimism and enthusiasm?

    It is not ruled out to be an attempt to manipulate you and a person is not going to redeem a promise.

    He may also warn you not to expect a lot from him and alleges to some circumstances, which aren’t dependent on him.

    Eventually you won’t have even that little you were guaranteed.

15 rules how to be trustworthy

How to identify a trustworthy person

  1. Do as you say.

    The most important step in building trust is to always do what you say.

    Even if it’s a trifle, which you canceled or failed to do, it’s going to crack your reliability.

    There are enough trifles, which can destroy the foundation of your relationships.

  2. Do not underestimate the value of promises.

    Even if this agreement seems small and not meaningful to you, it may have much more value to somebody else.

    If you don’t keep your promise, it’ll become a huge disappointment.

    Realize its value before you decide to break the promise.

  3. Remember your promises.

    If you are constantly forgetting what you said to others (or your brain consciously erases unnecessary information, because you don’t have a habit of keeping promises), start a journal where you’ll be writing whom, what and why you promised something.

  4. Be attentive with your words.

    Now and then it’s better not to say anything at all, than to promise the moon and make humiliating excuses for not being able to help (having made no attempts to do it).

    If you realize you can’t help in some situation, refuse it right away.Honest words are much better than the appearance of activity.

  5. Be efficient.

    Try to do the requested things as qualitative as possible.

    The thing, done somehow or half-done, which needs to be redone over and over again and fixed all the time, irritates more than thing which wasn’t done at all.The thought such as “it’s better to do something than nothing” is right only under one condition – if you put much effort in doing it.

  6. Be always punctual.

    Come in time to the place, where somebody is waiting for you, do all tasks before deadline and carry out all things.

  7. Tell the truth.

    Every lie carries plenty of consequences, which will surely influence your reputation of a trustworthy person badly.

  8. Express your feelings.

    People, who use exact information, will face cold and indifference from the interlocutor.

    While you are retelling facts how something happened (from your point of view), without any empathy or understanding, a person may decide you are savoring someone’s misfortune.

    We are emotional and rational creatures, and we need to preserve balance so that one thing doesn’t outweigh the other.

  9. Share the information.

    Show the interlocutor you have nothing to hide.

  10. Don’t miss important details.

    It shouldn’t be done as the interlocutor may not understand you because of some failures to mention important details.

    People start noticing contradictions in your stories and will probably consider you a liar, even if you failed to say some trifles!Tell people everything they need to know or want to know.

  11. If you lied, admit it.

    Sometimes there is no other way than cheating.

    Try to confess it as soon as possible and explain your motives.

    If you are caught on a lie, do not resist. Otherwise, you’ll have to tell one more lie.

  12. Keep the secrets, which were trusted to you.

    No gossips. Don’t even dare to tell someone!

  13. Show loyalty.

    Demonstrate your ability to protect others and be on their side – both while they are present and absent.The trust gets stronger, when a person is confident in your loyalty.

  14. Show your strong moral ethics.

    It’s the most significant in the relationships.

    A person must be sure that you won’t betray him, even when you are far away.

    Be sincere and loyal.

  15. Be objective and fair.

    When making decisions or taking measures, decide how people will interpret your choice from the point of view of objectiveness and justice.

As you can see, trustworthiness is reached by development and perfection of different human qualities, and this is straightly connected with tough self-control.

That’s why, if you want to be a trustworthy person, you’ll definitely need to work a lot on yourself. Be loyal to your words and prove them by actions!

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