Signs Your Husband Hates You

10 signs indicating your husband hates you. Why does it happen and what to do in such a situation? We’ll tell you everything.


It’s the biggest stress for every woman to discover she is not loved anymore.

Still, more difficult it is when he not only feels nothing towards her, but also starts hating a spouse.

What an nasty word – “to hate”! It bears so much negative meaning. There hasn’t been a worse word ever.

What are the signs your husband hates you? What are the reasons for its appearance and how to behave in such situations? You’ll get a complete answer in the article below.

Reasons for your husband’s hatred

  • A husband considers his spouse to be a fool.

    Hatred towards wife more often than not appears, when a spouse thinks she is a fool.

    She doesn’t understand elementary things and doesn’t know much about art/music/cinema/technology etc. She seems to know nothing at all!

    She is able to lie on the sofa all day long and watch soap operas devoted to made-up and sniveling love.

    Watching his beloved one eating sandwiches and watching TV, a man starts to get the first signs of irritation at first and, eventually, feels hatred.

  • A wife doesn’t care about her appearance.

    Men don’t like women, who are always tattered and disheveled at home.

  • A wife doesn’t desire sex.

    Sex in family life occupies so little time that a husband starts thinking of getting it on the side.

    As a result, a husband hates his second half.

  • A wife controls every husband’s step.

    She is constantly grumbling, arguing, and contradicting her husband.

    Moreover, she is jealous and deprives his of his freedom.

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  • A wife who is sure to be an egoist.

    She always spends money on her needs and doesn’t care about husband’s needs, or refuses to clean the house and cook meals.

10 signs which prove your husband hates you

  1. Mutual touches don’t bring happiness.

    Between loving people embrace and unintended touches are a norm, which brings pleasure to both partners.

    Unfortunately, it starts to irritate, when the feelings are lost.

    Is your husband avoiding your casual caress?

    It’s a sign you should think it over.

  2. The absence of respect.

    If in each argument a husband uses some offenses and tries to hurt with words as much as possible, is not looking for the reasons, but has a purpose to humiliate and blindside, it’s a sign to become alerted.

    Especially, if it did not happen before.

  3. Constant jeering.

    Cruel jokes about your cooking abilities, inability to start a car from the first try, style in clothes, make-up or professional skills are also signs that a husband has no feelings for you anymore.

    Now he is saying everything he was silent about earlier.

  4. Nagging about trifles.

    Things your husband didn’t notice and easily ignored become unbearable and burdensome.

    You are always late from work, go to cafes with your friends, wear provocative clothes, sleep frivolously and take the blanket from him, don’t put the keys on their place – it may be anything.

    The higher is the degree of alienation, the more drawbacks he may find.

  5. Having no desire to consult.

    Loving spouses usually make common cause and tell each other different things, which require common decision.

    If a husband does absolutely everything, without you taking part in it, and doesn’t say to you about it generally, you are likely to realize that it’s the sign the love is gone.

  6. Loss of sense of humour.

    A husband is not able to laugh at a joke, when you feel fun and sincerely laugh?

    Or he reacts maliciously and aggressively on the trick you played on him or on a funny remark?

    These are all signs of hatred. If a husband can’t be happy with you, things are bad.

  7. The compassion is gone.

    Yes, he can support you, when you seriously have hard times, but is not capable of preparing a warm bath when you got frozen, or feel sorry for the torn favourite blouse.

  8. Cheating not only physically.

    If a husband has not only found a flame for some time, but a woman, who suits him and satisfies him on a psychological level, he is happy with her, and home seems just a boring routine, it’s easy to see the signs that you are not the loved wife anymore and, maybe, even the hated one.

  9. You don’t feel protected.

    When man’s feelings get cold, he doesn’t care much about the partner’s safety.

    The feeling of the “reliable shoulder” nearby disappears and is replaces by uncertainty and despair.

  10. No desire to settle sexual problems.

    People, really tight to each other, will do their best to solve them.

    In case the man is not interested why you “don’t want” and makes no attempts to change the conditions, the love is definitely gone.

What should you do when a husband hates you?


Spouses, who found themselves in such position, have several way-outs.

1. Keep patience and try to live in such circumstances.

You must remember that you’ll feel psychological pressure and misfortune every day.

In this case serious problems are inevitable, because men are inclined to violence.

They start beating the spouse, drinking a lot and cheating.

Women, on the other hand, fall in deep depression feeling husband’s hatred.

This depression may cause serious diseases.

2. Divorce.

It’s the most preferable way out in this situation, which will safe from suffering both spouses.

Though, this variant may be interfered with different facts, i.e. children or inability to leave separately. They cannot be reasons, which are solid enough for divorce, when the situation reached an impasse and is getting worse day by day.

In this case you must separate in the most civilized way.

Don’t have sorry for yourself.

You must look at the conditions from a different angle.

It’s a nice opportunity to change your life and turn it in another direction.

Having divorced, you may feel free and try to experience new feelings. Many women after divorce look different and become more attractive and sexy than ever, and an ex-husband, seeing it, regrets hating his former beloved one.

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3. Try to fix the situation.

One can make the husband, if not love the wife again, then at least stop hating her.

In such circumstances it is sufficient to find a contact and have a heart-to-heart talk. You shouldn’t ask directly whether he wants to review his relationships with a spouse. More often than not such a situation oppresses him not less than his wife.

Hatred usually appears because the man cannot change the position he found himself in and isn’t able to tell you for some reasons. Trying to return his favour, never try to impose your feelings.

It may make the situation ever worse.

A common trip may help to bring back the former relationships.

If you spend more time together, it’ll do you only good. Nevertheless, you must also understand that a husband must be eager to fix things, too. Moreover, you may try to change your image, appearance, buy new lingerie and make him interested.

Each woman must decide on her own, which way to follow. She must see all pros and cons, think everything through and consult with close people.

Making such decision one may pay a visit to a psychologist. It’ll be even better, if both spouses turn for help.

A specialist can solve your problems and give some good pieces of advice on what to do next. Your husband may find it easier to talk to a stranger and feel after consultation relief, which can lead to the relationships’ normalization.

So, when you are having hard times in the relationships and start noticing signs that your husband hates you, don’t consider the situation not worthy of regard. It won’t fix itself.

You must solve your family problems together with your husband.

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