11 signs of true love

Do you want to know what real love is? There are 11 signs of true love. Scientific experiments in one article.


Hello, my friends!

The purpose of this article is to explain what love is and how to differentiate between true love and infatuation.

Have you got a close person in your life, whom you don’t know how to refer to – your friend or your beloved?

Or, maybe, you’ve just met your ex-girlfriend, and you still have doubts whether your relationships were based on true love, or just mutual sympathy.

I would like to express my opinion what true love is. Many people might disagree with my point of view, but I’m okay with that!

Wherever you look, love is everywhere.

Singers perform songs about love; TV is filled with lots of films and series about what? About love, of course!

If you log in into any social network, you will see a great amount of quotations and sayings about love. 

Or try taking a walk past a few many-storied buildings, and you will see that each entrance is filled with different confessions, such as “Nastya, I love you!”, “Elena, I can’t live without you!” etc.

The world has gone crazy talking too much about love.

What is love and does this feeling deserves so much attention?

If you are talking about true love, then obviously, it deserves to be discussed.

The problem consists in difficulty for some people to differentiate between true love, affection or sexual addiction.

What do I mean?

If you want to understand, whether you love a person or not, you have to ask yourself a question: “What do I love him/her for?” If you don’t know the answer, we are talking about true love.

But if a guy says: “I love my girlfriend for her sexual figure”, he doesn’t really love the girl – he simply wants to have sex with her.

In some time he’ll meet another pretty girl, and he’ll say that he loves her even more than his previous girlfriend, because her figure is much better.

However, it doesn’t mean that he’s really in love with this girl; he just likes having sex with her.

This is a good method to differentiate between true love and sexual fantasies.

True love is a very strong feeling that cannot be easily described.

You just love the person for who he/she really is, accepting all his/her flaws.

You want to wake up with him/her in one bed in the morning, and do nothing more but spend time together.

You don’t see any problems or obstacles on your way. Your beloved is with you, and don’t need anything else. Love makes people completely happy.

We may often hear people say: “She stopped loving me”, or “I’ve loved her before, but I’m not in love with her anymore”.

If you also think this way, remember the following: if you truly love a person, you won’t be able to forget a person and stop loving him/her.

Of course, time is the best doctor, and in few months or years your feeling will fade away, but you will never be able to forget a person, because true love is a lifelong phenomenon.

So why do guys often say: “I stopped loving that girl”? It can be easily explained.

Some time ago he liked the pretty figure of a girl and her skinny legs, but later she has gained some weight, and his love has faded away in a spur of a moment.

People simply shouldn’t mix up love and sexual desire.

Features of true love

Distance, it is a test of love, many will fail but for those who can withstand it have the answer: true love.

True love changes a person completely, from head to toe. He becomes really happy and starts seeing everything from a completely different angle.  He/she feels the burst of inner energy, which helps him/her to move forward. 

When a person falls in love, he goes crazy and starts living in the world of dreams.

He starts recollecting precious minutes that he’s spent with his girlfriend.

And, what is the most important thing, this person doesn’t seek attention from other women.

He’s not interested in sexual relationships with another woman, because he’s in love with the best and the most desired woman in the world.

A person in love is likely to feel jealousy and fear to lose his/her love. 

No matter how strong this person is, it will be very difficult for him/her to overcome his feeling of jealousy.

Signs of true love

«When there is true love, there are no regrets of the past.»

Sign of true love # 1: Accepting the person with al his/her good and bad sides

It means that you are ready to deal with somebody else’s thoughts, opinions and manner of speech.

His way of behaving.

His habits both in everyday life and in bed. His right to be alone when he wants it.

His right to be whoever he desires to be. His right to make mistakes.

You have to realize that your partner is an adult person with his own personality.

You shouldn’t try to reform his character.

Your beloved has a right to his own perception of the world, even if you consider it to be weird.

Sign of true love # 2: Taking care of your beloved

This means that you have to be ready to devote your time, your energy and attention to another person.

Do you have a problem with that?

All you have to do is to find some spare time and effort, and give your partner as much love and support as he needs.

You don’t have to put all his problems on your shoulders. You just have to support your partner if he’s having a hard time, or to feel happy for his success.

Sign of true love # 3: Maintaining your individuality

If you want to find true love, you have to maintain your own individuality.

When you give your partner a right to be himself, you also have to stay yourself! Don’t try to merge with your beloved!

We can often notice that some women forget about their own hobbies and habits, but after some period of time such women start regretting losing the part of them.

You have to remember that only a self-sufficient and independent person can truly love somebody. If somebody tries to blend with his beloved as much as possible, it’s not love, it’s an addiction. Be yourself, have your own hobbies, friends and spheres of interest.

So, if you want to ask yourself a question whether your love is true, you have to refer to the 3 signs of love that are listed above.

If you accept your partner with all his flaws and disadvantages, and if you take care of him, managing to maintain your own individuality, then yes, you found your true love.

By the way, true love is always mutual.

Sign of true love # 4: You cannot answer a question “What do you love him for?”

And the reason for this is not your loss of common sense, shame or even memory.

You simply cannot find an answer to this question.

You don’t love your partner for something peculiar; you treasure him for his existence and presence in your life.

Moreover, you feel that your beloved is your other half, and nothing else matters.

Sign of true love # 5: You don’t notice anybody else around

“The fall has come into our yard; the leaves are falling from the trees. I don’t need anybody else but you…”

This is a short but clear explanation of this sign of true feeling. When you’re in love, all your emotions are aimed at one person and it makes you indifferent to other people in your life.

Even if Johnny Depp or Til Schweiger leave their Olympus and reward you with their visit, you will surely be pleased; however, you will never stop adoring your dear Vasya.

Sign of true love # 6: You feel safe

If you have a beloved person, you will always feel safe by his side, despite all possible circumstances.

He enters your comfort zone, and this warmth and feeling of unity of soul-mates makes you calm and relaxed, even if the whole world around you starts crashing down.

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Sign of true love # 7: Your feelings develop and progress

Sometimes true feelings need a bit of time in order to take a definite shape.

That’s why when your initial passion has already vanished, but your willingness to surround your partner with care has started to increase – it’s definitely love.

Sign of true love # 8: Love makes you better

When a person is inspired by this precious feeling, he/she receives a motivation for self-development and self-improvement. Such person usually seems more interesting and attractive to others.

At the same time true feelings do not presuppose impossible efforts or total changes of your own self.

Being in the relationship doesn’t demand hard work. Undoubtedly, you always have to improve and develop yourself, but being in love shouldn’t demand any sacrifices from you.

Sign of true love # 9: You are able to forgive

Nothing good can ever become out of collecting offences during life.

Loving people are always ready to forgive each other.

Nobody says that this is easy to do: sometimes a person needs many years in order to understand and forgive his/her beloved for the mistakes.

Sign of true love # 10: You are a strong team

You play by the same rules and don’t interfere with each other.

You don’t complain about your beloved to others and you can be sure that he/she does the same for you.

Your partner and you are more than two helpless inseparable people united together.

Sign of true love # 11: You know how to be silent with each other

If you have a great time endlessly talking to your beloved over the phone, it’s a first sign of your mutual interest towards each other. Such night conversations usually cause different kinds of further relationship.

However, sometimes silence can say more than a five-hour talk.

I mean the situation when silence is not caused by an awkward pause in conversation, but when it resembles a silent dialogue of two souls.

Signs of true love from a man

Signs of true love from a man
Man also express signs of true love and some of them are quite obvious!

Sign of true love from a man # 1: If a man decides to give up his status of a bachelor, he will vividly express his inner identification with a woman, that’s how male psychology works! In his conversations with his girlfriend and other people he is more likely to substitute the word “I” for the word “we”. This is what we call a subconscious perception of oneself as a member of a couple, not as a separate individual.

Sign of true love from a man # 2: Men are very honest with themselves.

If they don’t consider a woman to be their true love, they won’t even waste their time on this relationship. Such men are more likely to spend much time among their friends, go in for sports, go fishing, sleep for extra 2 hours or engage themselves in their favorite hobby.

Very rarely men spend most of their leisure time on the relationships which seem unpromising to them.

That’s why if you want to determine the quality of your relationships, you should count how much time you and your beloved spend together.

Sign of true love from a man # 3: If a man prefers to communicate with his beloved over every other contact, she can consider herself to be treasured.

The alignment of priorities in this case can show much more than all words (which can often be deceitful, by the way).

In this situation the stable tendency is very important. For example, if your boyfriend cancels his arrangement with his second cousin or neighbor for several times, still it does not say much about his strong affection for you.

However, it means that he is ready to spend more time with you, thus, he’s trying to make you happy.

Sign of true love from a man # 4: If a man has serious plans concerning his girlfriend, he will allow her to play with his favorite toy.

Obviously, when we talk about adults, we don’t presuppose that they play with Lego and wooden horses.

Practically all grown-up men have much serious toys, including different technical devices, computers and even cars. Usually they don’t like to share these toys with strangers.

Thus, if your partner allows you to play with his toy, he definitely respects and trusts you.

Sign of true love from a man # 5: Despite its possible ridiculousness, there is a widespread fact that the first serious fight over something also describes an attitude of a man towards his girlfriend.

That’s a peculiar feature of male psychology: they will never waste their time, effort and nerves on quarrelling with a woman if they don’t plan on spending the rest of their lives with her.

On the contrary, they show a completely opposite attitude towards women who are indifferent to them.

If they feel the upcoming conflict, they simply go away, expressing their unwillingness to sustain further relationships. Obviously, when you have a huge fight with your beloved, you may define his attitude towards you as serious if your fight ends with reconciliation.

Sign of true love from a man # 6: Probably, the most serious indicator of true feelings is the moment when your beloved introduces you to his friends. Usually male company consists of several close friends, where your partner doesn’t have to pretend anything, can relax and feel comfortable.

Thus, not every woman deserves to be welcomed into this “male world”. If a man introduces his girlfriend to his friends, it means that he wants to know their opinion about his choice. Besides, such introduction expresses his true attitude, seriousness of his plans and his trust towards his beloved.

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Sign of true love from a man # 7: There is one more indicator of the presence of the beloved in the man’s heart, and it’s the moment when a man initiates an activity which he wants to do with his girlfriend.

If you watch a cartoon about cat Matroskin, you’ll hear him saying that mutual activity unites people, and this statement is very true. It is a well-known fact that working on the same thing makes people closer to each other.

It is desirable to do something else apart from the professional activity: go hiking, go to the countryside, clean the garage, and so on.

Psychologists state that when a man does something together with his beloved, he starts respecting her more, because such mutual work proves that this woman is good not only for entertainment, but for everyday routine problems as well.

Sign of true love from a man # 8: If a man not only talks about living together, but also starts taking serious steps in this direction, his woman may rejoice and relax! This is the main sign of true feeling from a man.

It means that he has already made a decision about their joint future, and now starts doing everything for the realization of this plan. Psychologists recommend determining the real attitude of the man according to his actions.

You cannot disagree that words are quite easy for saying, but only actions can prove the responsibility of the man and his willingness to solve all problems that arise in his relationship.

There is no difficulty in the ability of the man to hold his girlfriend’s hand, to open the door in front of her or to pay for her at the restaurant. Moreover, such behavior can be considered to be a simple courtesy which shouldn’t be overestimated.

However, if your beloved helped you to move from your old apartment into the new one and started the process of refurbishment there, you can define such behavior as the intentions of your future husband.

Signs of true love from a woman

Signs of true love from a woman
While men try to hide their real feelings from their other halves, women act in a completely different way. You won’t have difficulties recognizing signs of true love from a woman.

Sign of true love from a woman # 1: A woman will discuss her beloved everywhere: with her friends, with his friends, with parents, with her colleagues or group mates.

Every one of them will definitely know what her boyfriend said or did, and what color his eyes are.

Sign of true love from a woman # 2: Every single woman will find tons of sweet and pleasant words of her appraisal towards her partner.

Thus, if a girl starts to praise you, take a closer look at her: what if she’s your destiny?

Sign of true love from a woman # 3: There is no doubt that a loving woman will try to make her boyfriend feel as much comfortable as possible. She will cook, clean, decorate, place all the objects in the house according to the “feng-shui” studies, and then start over again. Moreover, don’t expect her to cook simple macaroni with meat, she’ll definitely choose “pasta carbonara” and other dishes with complicated names.

Sign of true love from a woman # 4: The state of being in love makes woman spend more money. Why? Because she’ll have to be the most beautiful girl around in order to catch her boyfriend’s eye.

And if she catches attention of other men, it will be the evidence of what a great and beautiful woman belongs now to the man by her side.

This strategy leads to purchasing new dresses, shoes, perfume, change of haircut and big amount of make-up.

Sign of true love from a woman # 5: One more sign of true feeling is when a woman starts questioning her beloved with stupid questions, or irritating him with complaints and even offences.

In this way she tries to catch his attention in order to spend every single minute with her boyfriend.

Sign of true love from a woman # 6: A peculiar sign of true feeling is a woman’s willingness to give up some of her habits for the sake of her beloved.

She’s ready to quit smoking, meeting her friends on Friday nights or working late hours.

Sign of true love from a woman # 7: A woman likes to watch her beloved every single minute, and she enjoys looking at him face-to-face for a very long time.

Sign of true love from a woman # 8: Besides, a woman will try to touch her partner as often as possible. She will enjoy kissing him on the cheek or even simply holding his hand.

She’ll try to snuggle up with him everywhere they go together.

A loving woman usually glows with happiness. She often receives compliments from her friends, acquaintances and even strangers in the streets, and moreover, she’ll try to make her beloved happy as well.

Does true love actually exist? The scientific research

True love indeed exists.

Such conclusion is based on the research, which has been made by the employees of New York Stone Brook University.

Their research has proved that love has no term of expiration.

The experiment involved both young couples and couples that have been married for more than 20 years.  With the help of tomography, the specialists examined chemical processes that were happening in the patients’ brains.

The results stated that every 10th couple experienced as strong passion as at the beginning of their marriage. Love toward their partners has not faded away with a flow of time; no matter how many years they’ve been married. The analysis of brain functioning has proved this fact.

Specialists say that when older people are shown the picture of their life partner, they experience the same strong emotions, as the newly-created couples. 

However, many scientists think that chemical processes that are responsible for the state of affection start slowing down after 15 months of marriage, and completely disappear after 10 years of marriage.

But we can see, that not everything can be explained by chemistry.

Conclusion: True love will never fade away and disappear!

Have you experienced true love? What do you feel when your beloved is near?

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