How Do You Know if He Really Loves You?

The ways to get to know if he really loves you are innumerable. Chain your mind to his behavior, words and deeds, while you are spending time together.


You can’t be 100% certain whether your partner really loves you or it’s a simple infatuation. Many people are known to look for a way to find out if he really loves you.

So that you do it try to pay attention to what he says and does, and how he behaves, especially when you are together. Everybody percepts concept of true love in a different way, but it has to be distinguished from infatuation, interest or passion.

If you want to know how your partner’s truly feels about you, follow these tips.

Are you positive about his love? – Listen to the things he says.

  1. Does he consider your future together as a matter of course?

    If a person really loves you, the thought about common future is natural for him and he doesn’t feel uncertainty or indeterminacy.

    If you are used to treating you as a couple and decide how you are going to spend next year or 2, 5, 10 years later, you must be really in love with each other.

    If your only wish is to spend every single day together with the beloved man side by side, you realize that this is true love.

    If you cannot visualize a single day, not mentioning the future, without your lover, it’s surely love.

  2. You receive enough meaningful compliments, don’t you?

    A compliment like “It’s a nice hairdo” is a trifle, unlike such meaningful one: “You are the only one who makes me feel better whatever is happening”.

    He is not obliged to do meaningful compliments too often, but he must show how much he thinks about you as a personality.

    In such case quality is more important than quantity.

  3. What does he really imply by saying “I love you?

    You definitely experience different feelings when hearing love ya and I love you.

    You can clearly distinguish the difference in meanings.

    If a person is really in love, he speaks from his heart, looking in the eyes and asks for nothing in return.

    To make a declaration of love no one needs a reason. He must not do it as a favor or just because it sounds suitable at the moment.

  4. He really opened his heart to you, didn’t he?

    A loving man is not afraid to speak about his thoughts, feelings, fears, etc.

    He’ll tell you everything about his childhood, regrets and hard times, dreams and hopes and he will feel comfortable sharing with you all of his secrets.

    When you hear “I’ve told it no one …”, his trust is beyond limits.

  5. Does your beloved one say that he missed you, when you’ve been separated for long?

    You are far away from each other, but still write letters, call and show how much you miss each other.

    It proves you aren’t able to imagine live without each other.However, when you are gone for 3 weeks and haven’t heard a thing from him, it’s probably not love but something else.

  6. How does your sweetheart treat your drawbacks?

    He mustn’t idealize you.

    A person who really loves you can point you to the mistake, inappropriate statement or discreditable conduct.

    Nevertheless, he shouldn’t criticize you all the time. It should be a normal, constructive critic which means that your beloved person knows you far and wide but accepts you with all merits and demerits.

    Make sure he loves real you, but not your perfect image.

  7. He respects your opinion, doesn’t he?

    He cares what you think about everything: starting with a new pair of shoes and up to the political situation in the world.

    A loving person may ask your advice or opinion on every issue, even if he has his own formed view.

How do you know if he really loves you? – Pay attention to the actions.

  1. Does he listen to everything you are saying?

    A person in love would not only open to you, but also listen to what you are saying, even if he heard it before.

    Love means not only talking but listening as well.

  2. Will he help you any minute?

    He is always near you, when it’s time you ate tasty dinner or drank beer in a bar.

    Though, will he take you to the airport when you need it?

    Will he walk over your dog, if you are ill?

    A loving person will share with you happy moments as well as sad ones.

    If he spends time with you, when you are happy, in good mood or with a light heart, and disappears, when you are sad and depressed, he does not love you at all.

    Love is staying with a person despite everything.

  3. Does your beloved one make for you some pleasant things?

    A man in love will fuel the tank, when you are busy, will buy products or cook a broth, if you are ill.

    Such favors mustn’t be permanent and obligatory, but he must be eager to do them in order to make you smile or make your life easier.

    Real love is a skill to take and give something in return.

  4. Does he always want to be with you?

    If you really love, you must tend to be near, even if it seems impossible.

    You shouldn’t stick to each other all the time, but use every possibility to be together.

  5. Does your beloved one give you free space?

    A caring man will always give you time to be in solitude and do your own business.

    If he doesn’t let you on a step, it is a blind attraction.

    Such wish to be always near you doesn’t prove love, but shows that a man is not self-confident.

  6. How well does he understand you?

    He really loves you, if he can feel your mood, knows your likes and dislikes and can make you happy.

  7. Does he wish you the best, even if it’s not the best for him?

    If a man really loves you, he realizes that there are things you must do for yourself and on your own.

    He must know that you need to spend summer on the far island to get promoted to a sea biologist or that you need to go home earlier to sleep before the important meeting.

    Though, if he wants only the best for both of you, it means he doesn’t treat you as a personality with your own wishes and needs.

  8. Does he really support you?

    If he is really in love with you, he’ll stay close not only for entertainment, but will help you achieve your aims and move forward in life.

    Besides, he’ll support all your aims and interests, even if he has nothing common with them.

11 signs of true love

How do you know if he really loves you? – His behavior will tell you everything.

  1. Can he be himself near with you?

    Love means being open to your second half. If a person changes, staying alone with you, he loves you.

    For example, if he is serious and courteous in public, but makes silly actions and plays the fool when he is alone with you, he loves you a lot.

  2. How happy is he seeing you after a difficult day?

    If he had a really bad day, but he enlivens as soon as he sees you, this is a sign of love.

    Your appearance or voice can make him feel better, if he really loves.

  3. Does he look at you with love?

    Have you noticed a blurred look full of adoration on yourself?

    You can easily identify it, if you see one.

  4. Does he enjoy playing the fool with you?

    Love makes people feel silly, inspired and smile with no reason.

    If he behaves like this in your presence, he is likely to be into you.

  5. Does he feel sad, when you are sad?

    If you experience incredible emotional suffering or just feel exhausted because of illness, this state must pass on to your beloved one.

    He’ll absorb all negative emotions to comfort you and make you feel better.

    Though he mustn’t have the same feelings you do, but will be definitely influenced by your mood.

If you are in good relationships with a responsible man and feel his care, tenderness and respect, you can’t possibly arise question “How do I know if he really loves me?” because you know the answer already.

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