How to Be More Desirable: Tips for Men and Women

Do you want to discover how to be more desirable? In the article below you are sure to find useful tips, which can be easily put into practice.


To feel desirable is a huge responsibility before you and the beloved person, which demands eliminating even the smallest hints on selfishness’s expression.

To be desirable means to be worth love and your partner, and it implies every day, and every minute work on yourself.

So, if you wonder how to be more desirable, perhaps, you have some problems.

That’s why we suggest you studying our pieces of advice.

How to be more desirable in different spheres of live?

Everybody wishes to become more desirable.

However, in various situations a person should be desirable according to the certain case.

What should you do in every one of such cases?

We believe it’s better to start with learning in which spheres you can be desirable, and then we’ll pass to the theme of relationships between men and women.

How to be more desirable in communication with other people:

  • The most important thing is your mysteriousness, which creates your personality, unfamiliarity and the modest attentiveness to the people around.
  • Show how much you are interested in people’s problems and successes, but only reasonably.
  • Declare your own interests, but only true ones instead of socially accepted – show how good you are at something.
  • You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

How to be more desirable for the marriage:

  • It’s important to know about those ambitions and expectations, which your potential partner is looking for.
  • Take into account the compatibility of the interests and take into consideration that temperaments should better be different, and in the rest they must complement one another.

    This simple formula is enough to have a confident life together.

  • Someone can attract people more by creating the myth about richness.

    It’s rather easy to do and, probably, your beloved boyfriend or girlfriend will jump at the bait, i.e. your money.

    Be careful – such marriages are short term, and you can lose a part of your capital along with having plenty of nerve-racking.

How to be more desirable for the collaborative work:

  • In this situation the most important part belongs to your peculiarities, i.e. to have some skills in doing something of very high quality.
  • Show your attention and respect not only to the company management, but to all members of the team.

How to be a more desirable man for your woman?

In order to become a gentleman, with whom a lady will always want to be together, one should not take some supernatural efforts.

It’s quite enough to remember and follow in everyday life several main recommendations, which are listed below.

7 Tips on how to become more desirable:

  1. You must always be attentive towards a woman

    Let her understand that you noticed her new dress, hairdo, and pay her a compliment about it.

    Mind that if you notice all these changes, but do not tell her about it, she assesses it as a sign of lack of attention and comes to the conclusion that you do not care about her, you do not love her and soon you won’t be desirable for her at all.

  2. Try to make all responsible decisions on your own

    However, do not forget to take into account lady’s interests as well.

    She’ll definitely appreciate it and will feel your reliability, feeling no need to solve some global issues.

  3. Always aim to improve your financial situation

    A guy who barely makes the end meet has much fewer chances to be desirable.

    Try to take good care of your financial well-being.

    If currently your business does not go well, try to speak about your plans on how you are going to fix everything.

  4. Do not give way to your jealousy

    Remember that a lady, who is satisfied with everything in her partner, almost never has any thoughts about unfaithfulness.

  5. Try to look in her eyes as a man who has everything always under control

    Do not complain about the life and some misfortunes at work.

    Be always confident in yourself.

    If you actually have some misfortunes and you are worrying about something, a girl will certainly feel it and will try to calm you down and distract from the stress.

  6. Watch your language

    Try to control your emotions and never use foul language in front of your lady.

    You should use it only in the men’s company.

    Fair sex treats such expressions as disrespect towards themselves.

  7. Try to work on yourself and constantly develop yourself

    The worst effect on your relationships may be produced by alpha alcoholism.

    Broaden the circle of your interests and hobbies.

    It may help you to get distracted from the dreadful habits.

    Watch your physical shape and do the exercises regularly.

How to be a more desirable man from the woman’s point of view?

As you know, women always have their own point of view.

If you wish to find out how to be more desirable, all you need to know is what they want and precisely what kind of person they would like to see with her.

10 behavior principles, which will definitely help you to be more desirable in the women’s eyes:

  1. Show more men’s gestures.
  2. Care about your appearance, if you demand perfect appearance from women.

    If you do not demand it, you should still care about your appearance.

  3. Stick to your word and keep the promises.
  4. Devote your attention to a woman and do not take her “no” as the real one, maybe, she simply wants to be talked into something.
  5. Answer all the calls, and in case you were busy, always call back or text that you cannot talk right now.
  6. Never compare your girlfriend with others, otherwise, she won’t wish to see you anymore soon.
  7. Tell your lady how much you love her more often and do not forget to pay her compliments.
  8. Be happy for her success and then she’ll be eager to achieve even more for your sake and you’ll stay desirable for her forever.
  9. Never take the woman as your personal nanny, help her and take care of her.
  10. Set goals and build common plans, and then a woman will feel that you need her.
    You’ll be the most desirable man in her life.

How to Become More Attractive to Women?

7 secrets how to be a more desirable woman

In our everyday life there are plenty of examples of how an attractive lady cannot settle her personal life and the “ugly duck” is surrounded by the best males.

Does not it mean that if you really wish for something, everyone can become desirable and more attractive to men?

Having learned the latest researches and analyzed the advice of various degrees of antiquity and life’s observations, we’ll try to make a list of those secrets, which every woman should know in order to be desirable.

Secrets of how to be more desirable:

  1. Love men.

    Here you should understand love in the widest meaning.

    To love all men means to sincerely consider them good friends, husbands, colleagues, fathers and just wonderful people.

    Males answer with mutuality, when they feel good relation towards them.

  2. Move a lot.

    Sport is, surely, a useful thing, but in this case it concerns flirting.

    Flirting is impossible without movements.

    Light touches, as if accidental, touching with your arms and hips (dancing or just “accidental clashes”) fascinate guys.

    It’s the movements that let us express our attitude, which is almost imperceptible on the subliminal level.

  3. Be illogical.

    Our incoherence is the men’s reason for concern.

    They do not even realize it, but they need the state of hunt, and winning our hearts over again and again.

    Just a minute ago well-disposed, and, suddenly, completely indifferent.

    You can use this secret very easily – show complete affection one day and a light cold on the next one.

    It’s very important not to go too far and do not use it as a manipulation, because guys do not like it at all.

  4. Widen your circle of communication.

    Independence and the joy of life are the qualities, which are very attractive for the strong sex.

    Femme fatale are never alone, preserving faith towards the one and only, and crying over the breakups.

    Even if you believe the person is not from your dreams, you should still make acquaintances and communicate.

    There should be many men around you (so that you could have a choice).

    Men’s company attracts other boys, potential competitors and increases their desire to fight for you.

    The more men, the better will be your experience in communicating with them and seducing them, too.

  5. Do not be too available.

    Women who are dressed in the revealing clothes are desirable not for long.

    As soon as a guy gets what he wants, he’ll go to look for another prey.

    That’s why, attracting the representatives of the strong sex, do not go too far.

    Behave openly, friendly, but at the same time with dignity.

    Do not fall for the first person you meet.

    He’ll decide you are glad to have any relationships and it means you have a drawback, which does not allow you staying for long with one boyfriend.

  6. Watch your language.

    Speak in calm, soft, quiet voice.

    It will make him listen attentively to you.

    This move allows being heard much better than screaming loudly.

    The reaction on the whisper is to hear what a woman is saying.

    Guys usually try to keep distance and run away, when they hear screams and hysterics.

  7. Pay compliments to men.

    The most vivid flattery is sure to make them happy.

    They take everything in good faith and believe you speak the truth.

    Mark even the lightest achievements and you’ll be the most desirable.

How to be a more attractive woman from the point of view of a man?

If you dream of staying attractive and desirable for your beloved one for many years, just like in the first days of your acquaintance, you should not neglect men’s advice.

They know better what kind of woman they wish to see beside them.

Men’s tips on how to be a more desirable woman:

  1. In order to stay desirable a girl needs to develop herself.

    If you do the things you like, a guy will never be bored with you.

  2. Read books, memoirs of those, who had successful personal life and plenty of adventures, absorb and learn from them.

    Study the music, art, furniture or clothes’ styles.

    If a woman wants to keep the partner, she must become an interesting thoughtful interlocutor, but not only the sexual object.

  3. Preserve those qualities, which your boyfriend admired when he first met you.

    Remember what he liked in you at the first meeting.

    Try to restore those traits of character, peculiarities of your appearance, etc.

  4. Do not become his second mother.

    By protecting him from all domestic problems you put him in the position of a small boy.

    If your beloved one takes you only as his mother, sooner or later you’ll stop being desirable for him in the sexual sphere.

  5. Do not lose your sexual attractiveness and always care about your appearance.

    Do not forget to remove from your home wardrobe all old-womanish robes and sports pants with the stretched knees.

Love and feeling of being desired take a person over his imperfection, clearing the path to revealing the man’s or woman’s dignity, showing all talents and abilities.

We hope our pieces of advice on how to be more desirable will help you and return to your life the feeling of happiness and need to your partner.

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