How to succeed in life: 7 motivational tips

Do you want to become successful? Read 7 recommendations from successful people and keep them in mind!


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Due to numerous reasons many people encounter difficulties, trying to deduce the formula of success.

I would like to acquaint you with the most effective recommendations in order to prevent you from joining this group of people with low spirits. When you finish reading these pieces of advice, you will immediately start making efforts in order to succeed!

Tip 1: How to succeed in life — stop being lazy!

It’s hard to believe, but actually there are not so many people who want to change their lives completely!

They like to play a role of a consumer, live quietly and inconspicuously, go to work and cry over their small salaries! Moreover, they are ready to do it every day!

They always find a number of excuses, which prevent them from changing their lives.

However, there is only one reason for this: Changes presuppose acting, thinking and working, WORKINg, WORKING beyond your abilities!

Tip 2: If you want to succeed, you have to start acting!

Often people do nothing, not trying to apply their knowledge in real life!

For example, many people like to read different business books and think: “Tomorrow I will start acting; I will follow the rules I’ve learned from the books and apply them in practice!”

What happens in real life

People finish reading one business book, and automatically start reading another one.

They don’t try to consolidate the knowledge they have acquired, and they do not analyze the book to the fullest!

When we finish the theoretical part of the book and come across the headline “Practical Work”, most of us think: “Oh, come on!

This is so difficult; it’s definitely not my cup of tea! I’ll find something easier! I’d better search happiness somewhere else!”

So why do most people think so?

Because something Will haVe to be done, because somebody Will haVe to make some efforts!

Later people encounter similar words in similar books and start thinking: “I already know that, try and teach me something new!”

Tip 3: Unmotivated people do not reach success!

What does it mean?

Probably, you are already acquainted with the usual scheme of human existence:

Parents usually dictate their children what they have to do in life.

You have to study well; you have to receive excellent marks if you want to enter the university! Then you have to graduate from the university in order to get a well-paid job, and afterwards you have to make a successful career!

What is the purpose of all these?

Parents know the purpose of such words.

They want to be proud of their child, praise him/her in front of their friends and acquaintances, raising their own self-esteem!

But why does a child need to listen to their words?

Why does nobody think about the child?

Those are the words of the parents, not the child himself/herself.

Parents always use such argument: “Everybody lives so. You just have to do it, that’s all”.

Why do they try to impose this “pathetic scheme of success” on their children? Why do parents prevent children from making their own decisions, taking responsibility for their actions and choosing their own way in life?

If you want to help your child, listen to him/her, encourage, help, but never impose something on him/her!

Tip 4: If you want to succeed, sort out your life!

Nowadays most people don’t even know what they want from life, but they can speak about undesired stuff for hours!

They have been brought up by stereotypes, poor education, different TV programs, got stuck with a standard scheme of “success”, but nobody has ever taught them how to listen and understand their own desires and dreams, which is the most important thing!

That’s why I advise you, my dear readers, to read another motivational article – How to Find Yourself in order to get rid of unnecessary thoughts.

Tip 5: If you want to succeed, you need a strong desire and readiness for actions!

«Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, don’t be afraid of experimenting, and don’t be afraid of working hard…

As soon as you start acting, you can expect only two possible outcomes: you will either succeed, or not.

If you do nothing, there is only one possible outcome, that’s why you shouldn’t be afraid!

Act! Try! Work! Study!

Communicate with people who can help you in your undertakings! And work, work, work!»

What can we see instead of that?

We can see people with low spirits and poor energy.

Routine work and monotonous life exhaust people so much that they do not have strength and desire for something else! People become so devastated after day at work, that when they come home, they dream only about lying on the couch and relaxing!

How can they achieve their goals and succeed?

You should reconsider your habits!

If you are ready to do this, read the article “How to Become Rich?” and start following the rules of wealthy people. You will not recognize yourself in a few weeks, I promise! 😉

Tip 6: If you want to succeed, fight your fears!

Various stereotypes, restrictions, complexes and cliché lead to the appearance of different fears: fear of acting, fear of taking risks, fear of making some efforts…

A person, suppressed by such fears, usually doesn’t deduce the formula of success! Ever!

Human is the cleverest being; however, fears prevent people from taking steps forward, paralyzing their will, lowering the person’s productivity and increasing the number of human mistakes.

Tip 7: To succeed in life — stop talking, start acting!

People always look for the easiest ways of achieving their goals!

They dream about a magic pill, which will make them happy, which will help them to own a 20-storeyed house, a car, a case full of money, and get rid of their problems.

Try and remember, have you seen such “magic products” on the shop counters?

For example, there are special shorts for weight loss. You oil yourself with an expensive lotion, wear these shorts, and ENJOY YOURSELF!

You can lie on the couch with a sandwich in your hands, do nothing and expect a huge drop of weight! Unbelievable!

Perfect body will throw itself into your arms!!!

My dear readers! Do something! Start acting! Leave your couches and start making efforts if you want to succeed in life!

You have to do it for your future, for your children and for yourself!

We’ve got only one life, and we cannot go back in time!

If you want to succeed in life, to achieve your goals (even if your deadline is in a few years), you shouldn’t look for easy ways, you shouldn’t look for a magic pill.

You should start acting and proving yourself and others that you are a professional at everything what you are doing!

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