Ways to Ask a Girl to Marry You

20 different ways to ask a girl to marry you. Chose the ways you like and embody them!


Pretty often young men don’t know how to make a beautiful proposal to the girl. Usually their vocabulary is limited by the statement – Let’s get married – or even such formulation: Maybe we need to marry.

Don’t postpone this important decision. Besides, many original and beautiful ways to ask a girl to marry you are known to exist.

All these ways are below.

Before proceeding to direct actions, let’s prepare for them thoroughly.

Preparations before asking a girl to get married with you

If you stick to one of the ways we suggest mixing it with your own creative ideas, you’ll be able to make up a romantic and beautiful story your girl will tell the friends.

  1. Inform girlfriend’s parents beforehand.

    Key word here is “to inform”.

    You can ask for their permission but you are not obliged to do it, if they do not approve of the marriage.

    Eventually, in case you give girl’s father an opportunity to say “No”, you can deprive your girl of the right to make the choice on her own.

    Still, good breeding requires parents’ involvement, as it is one more chance for them to take part in the daughter’s important event.

    If the girl drifted apart from the parents (she haven’t spoken to them for several years and doesn’t consider them as a part of her family), you mustn’t inform them.

    Judging by this point of view we strongly suggest avoiding various plans and schemes that involve girl’s parents.

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  2. Chose a ring alone.

    Involving a potential bride into purchasing a wedding ring will be a wrong decision because of two things: surprise and romanticism.

    If you discussed marriage before proposal, you should have found some ways to figure out what kind of ring she wants.

    If not, rely on your memory and quick-wittedness (though, they are not the best advisers on the matter).

    Surely, one more way is to use the help of her sister, cousin or a close friend, regardless of your discussing the marriage or not.

  3. Come up with a thorough plan.

    It must be based on girl’s personality and tastes.

    If you are sure she likes to have many witnesses around, do it exactly this way — the more, the better.

    You can practice a bit in advance.

    The bigger the stage is, the bigger will be the prize.

    Choosing among ways to propose your indecision shouldn’t influence your plan, as you’ll probably hear positive answer if you ask a girl to marry you using sound equipment at the stadium full of people.

    Besides, you must choose a suitable moment to propose. Mind that she cannot enjoy the moment if you catch her in the middle of the hard week or day.

  4. Ask your girl to marry you with formal tone.

    In other words, you mustn’t do it as if it happened accidentally.

    Official proposal requires a definite level of formality from your side and you should start by thinking over the way you speak.

    Stick to the official question: Will you marry me?

    Formalities also include all traditional ways and proceedings including bending the knee, though, you can deviate from the rules.

    Deliver the speech bending the knee if it suits the conditions (meaning you are physically able to do so).

    It’s very old fashioned, but it’s a trace of romantics.

    She will definitely appreciate this action.

    She may be waiting for this the whole life.

  5. Be ready for all possible answers.

    You are to be ready to hear all possible answers: yes, no or I need to think.

    It may seem unfair, but you had your time thinking about the proposal. She may also need some time.

    Every man is eager to hear positive answer, but not all of them hear it, regardless of the ways they choose and level of preparation.

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  6. Watch her reaction.

    Irrespective of your plan, when the proposal was announced you must be near as long as needed.

    Preparations must be substantial, all ways and actions must be thought over lest some unpleasant situations happen.

    The day of offering your hand and heart must be memorable.

20 gorgeous ways to ask a girl to marry you

  • Romance under the rain.

    Rain’s romance makes wonders.

    Walk under one umbrella, wait for the perfect moment and present her with a ring.

  • A proposal under clouds.

    Move your relations up to the clouds by organizing a trip on the balloon.

    This can be a ready platform for the main action – asking a girl if she wants to marry you among clouds.

  • A festive dinner.

    There are some ways of doing it.

    Classics – ask your girl out on a date to the gorgeous restaurant and ask her to become your wife there.

    You can also surprise her with a self-made dinner.

  • A birthday surprise.

    Her birthday may become the best one if in addition to the birthday present she hears the cherished phase – Will you marry me? – and, of course, a ring.

  • A proposal written by a piece of chalk on the asphalt.

    One early morning, when she is still asleep, write with chalk under the window or front door if she marries you.

    Then two ways are left – either sit and wait until she goes to work or call her to look out of the window.

  • In a chic car.

    Rent a chic limousine and go for a ride around city in the night.

    In the end one more surprise will await her.

  • During a romantic journey.

    Ask your girl to spend a weekend in Paris or go to the picnic (depending on your resources) and say those cherished words there.

  • Send your proposal with a delegator.

    Ask your friends’ little son or your nephew for help.

    He can be dressed like an angel and have a scroll with the text, which he will learn by heart or just give your girlfriend together with the ring.

  • Wow-effect.

    Choose a moment to ask to marry you which seems not traditional at all. Let this instant stay in your memory for good.

  • Bubble bath.

    Make your beloved one happy after work by bubble bath with rose petals and champagne with fruits standing nearby.

    Take the bath together and pull out of bubbles a box with a ring.

  • Breakfast in bed.

    Serve your sweetheart breakfast in bed and write down on a handkerchief your proposal.

    You may hide the ring under it.

  • A surprise in a box.

    Make a surprise-box following the principle of Russian dolls – in a big box put a smaller one and so on.

    On every new box put a note with the words of love and appreciation and hide in the last one the ring with the proposal.

  • Sorting purchases.

    When you get back from shop and start sorting items you bought, hide in the paper bag a wedding ring and enjoy the reaction as she finds it.

  • Grand proposal in front of the crowd.

    At the music concert in a small pub come to an agreement with the host that he can spare few minutes for you and give you a microphone.

    Offer your hand and heart in front of the audience.

    She’ll remember such proposal for good.

  • Organize a quest game.

    Make up a little quest game with riddles and puzzles for your girlfriend.

    Let the final question be if she is going to marry you.

  • Place your offer of hand and heart on the Internet web page.

    There are some ways to fulfill it.

    For example, you can do the whole blog with your romantic photos where you suggest her remembering your love story and in the end offer to start in your common book a new chapter called Wedding.

  • Photo collage.

    Present your girl with a photo album filled with your photos.

    Put o the last page a collage your future wedding is depicted and ask her to put it into life.

  • Do it live.

    Make an arrangement with a radio station and make your proposal live.

  • In the theater.

    Go to the theater where towards the end the main scene will be waiting for her – you with a bunch of flowers and a ring will ask her to marry you.

  • Sweet proposal.

    If your girlfriend has a sweet tooth, book a special cake with the text of proposal written on it and rings on top.

Now, all you need to do is to choose the way you want to ask your girl to marry you and carry it out.

We hope you’ll receive a positive answer regardless the ways you choose!

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