12 Rules, How to Build Trust in a Relationship

How to build trust in a relationship by learning 12 rules of how to rebuild trustworthy relationships + 3 rules how to gain trust back in a relation.


How to regain trust in a relationship or what should you do if the lack of trust prevents you from family happiness?

You should also know how to work on trust in a relationship because sooner or later every person faces these questions.

In order to find the answers, you must figure out the essence of the relationships and study how to rebuild trust in a relationship.

7 rules, how to trust in a relationship

Relations are usually built on trust but in order to get the confidence in the partner and rebuild your relationships, you must follow some simple rules:

  1. Develop the feeling of reliability.

    If somebody is not confident in his reliability, others won’t rely on him either.

    You must never take the unbearable duties or give empty promises.

    If a person is confident in what he is capable of and knows that after he promised something, he’ll do everything possible to fulfill it, other people will also feel this confidence, too.

  2. Avoid even the smallest lies.

    Confidence in being reliable is achieved as a result of actions which prove the noble intentions.

    However, if the person does not justify confidence even in the insignificant questions, he won’t rebuild trust in the more serious matters.

  3. Do not aim to prove your reliability with the words.

    This is the simplest and most efficient way how to rebuild trust in a relationship.

    Some moment the people around will believe your words but this illusion of trust will quickly disappear.

    Only actions can prove or disprove person’s reliability.

  4. The absence of trust always has its reasons and you must discover them.

    Very often people project the negative experience from the past to their present.

    For example, if a partner was cheated on in the past, in the future he is likely to suspect his second half.

    Do not blame each other for distrust but simply sincerely talk about it and find a way how to rebuild trust in a relationship.

  5. You should not demand trustful relation towards yourself and believe others without ground.

    All people have their own life principles and points of view concerning unfaithfulness and cheating.

    That’s why the reasonable trust may appear towards the people who have the similar principles and views or those who proved their reliability many times.

    Until a partner is not sure his second half shares the views and beliefs, he will doubt everything.

  6. Do not project your views on the partner’s actions.

    If a partner made a mistake, you should not look at his action from your point of view.

    At first, you should hear him out attentively and together find the reasons for what happened.

    Only a sincere talk will help you understand each other’s motives, rebuild the relations and avoid the similar actions in the future.

  7. Communication must be sincere and targeted at the situation’s improvement.

    If the partners are sure they can share their worries with each other, such relationship will become stronger day by day.

    However, if a partner shared his problems and heard the critics and accusations, perhaps, next time he’d try to cope with the problems on his own.

    Eventually, the trust will be ruined.

How to gain trust back in a relationship: 3 rules

If you only started your relationship, you should follow three simple rules to gain the trust of your second half.

  1. More communication.

    We are all used to answering the questions about business and health by the expressions like fine, all right or great.

    Such approach is suitable only for the strangers.

    Your partner won’t probably trust you if you hide from him some unpleasant episodes of your life.

  2. Do not give him reasons for jealousy.

    If there is a reason, he’ll suspect you of cheating.

    Show him that though you are pleased with the men’s attention but you will not answer them.

  3. Show how much you trust.

    Show that you trust your partner.

    Do not drive him crazy by the complete and constant control and scandals.

    Otherwise, he may suspect that you are not a saint, either.

How to rebuild trust in a relationship if you betrayed someone?

Trust is the ground for the good relations.

In case it was lost, both of you must be eager to rebuild it and these are the things you must do.

  1. Speak about everything frankly.

    Admit all of your mistakes and even if there are some things which you are able to hide and avoid punishment, you must still admit everything.

    Only completely admitting your mistakes, you’ll have a chance for forgiveness.

  2. Expect the emotional reaction from the second half.

    The confession in cheating won’t change the situation for the better instantly.

    Quite on the contrary, you must expect the burst of emotions from the person who is going to realize that he was betrayed.

    Mind that the best way to move on is to say everything frankly.

  3. Ask for forgiveness.

    Let this person understand the reason why you regret.

    If he understands how sorry and ashamed you are, he will probably forgive you.

  4. Forgive yourself.

    Always remember that no one is perfect.

    If the mistake in your understanding was imperceptible, it only proves you are a human.

    Accept this defeat and go on living.

How to trust in a relationship if you were betrayed?

  1. Estimate the situation and before you start to trust someone again after he betrayed you, answer to yourself first whether you wish to rebuild relations with him.

    Ask yourself the following questions which are sure to show you how to rebuild trust in a relationship:

    • Has this person betrayed me for the first time?
    • Will I be able to trust him again even if everything is going on swimmingly from this moment on?
    • Am I able to forgive?
    • Are the relations with this person so important to fight for them?
    • Is it only a mistake or a manner of behavior?
  2. Observe the reaction of the person to the situation.

    Is he really sorry for what happened or asks for forgiveness only because he was caught?

    Is he ready to hear you out and take all the efforts not to let you down next time?

    Does he admit he is guilty?

    If it seems to you that a person is not sincere and does not really regret the betrayal or is unwilling to change, your relationship is not worth the time you spend on them.

  3. Watch lest the lie repeated.

    Keep estimating the situation as you move forward.

    It’s quite difficult to catch someone lies, but the following pieces of advice are likely to help you catch a lie:

    • Liars answer the question longer and tell you less than is needed.
    • Liars tell improbable stories without details.
    • Liars are usually tense and it provokes the raised voice or lack or perseverance.
  4. Express your feelings.

    Let the traitor know how deeply he hurt you by his actions.

    It’s even more important to make him understand what offended you so much.

    Tell him what he must do to rebuild your trust.

How to Trust Your Husband?

5 useful tips, how to work on trust in a relationship

  1. Do not hold onto the past.

    The most frequently occurring reason for the absence of trust in a relationship is the past love experience which made you too cynical.

    No matter what, do not let your past influence your present.

    Get rid of a load of your past experience and enjoy the present moment.

  2. Show your uncertainty.

    Another extremely widespread reason of the absence of trust in a relationship is your own uncertainty and the expectation of the danger.

    The best option will be sharing all your fears and doubts with your partner.

    He’ll help you become confident and feel safe.

  3. Do not be a proprietor.

    A proprietor will never think logically and her jealousy can destroy any healthy relationship.

    Every person wants to be sure that aside from the love affair there is also another life, and he is not just someone’s slave.

    In order to rebuild real trust in a relationship, you must overcome your possessive instinct.

  4. Share your feelings.

    One of the best ways to rebuilt trust in a relationship is to share your feelings with other people.

    When you hide your feelings, it may evoke the suspicion in other people.

    It’s extremely important to share your real feelings to rebuild a strong match.

    The more you share the closer you’ll become and it cultivates the trust.

  5. Fight your fears and negative emotions.

    Distrust is the result of the hidden fears and negative thinking.

    The problems of trust most frequently occur among people who cannot make themselves think positively.

    You must fully control your fears if you wish to trust your partner completely and utterly.

All relationships are so unique that only an honest and sincere talk can help the partners find a way how to rebuild trust in a relationship.

Only the mutual desire to save the relations, work on trust every day and respect towards each other’s feelings and wishes can help a couple find a way how to build trust in a relationship.

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