Reasons not to Commit Suicide: 10 Options

If a thought to kill yourself appears in your head, you should definitely read these reasons not to commit suicide. Find inside you the strength to go on living!


Every one of us is sure to have had a situation, when he started to feel completely crashed and realized there was no way out of all these misfortunes.

The most terrible thing is that many people come across the thought to commit suicide then. It starts to seem to be the only way to reach calmness.

This mistake must never be made in your life.

You must eliminate these thoughts at once!

The World Health Organization puts suicide on the 13th place in the list of the main reasons of death among the world’s population and has the leading position in the list of death reasons among teenagers and adults under 35.

Now, let’s consider the reasons not to commit suicide.

How to find the reasons not to commit suicide?

The reasons for suicide may be either unique or typical.

For an impressible teenager it’s quite enough to have the undivided love; someone else is killed by the chain of misfortunes and failures.

The peculiarities of psychic and the strength of the nervous system influence on how badly and deeply a person will accept the traumatic situation.

The hard psychological condition gets still worse by the accompanying misfortunes.

One can and must fight the depression and desire to commit suicide.

Instruction on how to find reasons not to commit suicide:

  1. Firstly, remind yourself of the close people.

    You should think about few people, who are sure to feel the same pain you are feeling now, if you commit suicide, because it’ll be your fault.

    It seems unfair towards them, does not it?

  2. Think, are you really sure suicide is the best way out?

    For no reason you should think it’s painless and quick.

    Before the biological death you are sure to face the clinical one.

    It means you won’t simply turn off right after suicide.

    You’ll still feel everything from several minutes to a few hours or even a day. You’ll feel this pain and understand you are going to be buried.

    It’s cruel to say like this, but we believe it’ll make you reconsider your reasons for this idea.

  3. Regardless of what your mood is right now:

    • Take a sheet of paper and divide it in two columns.
    • In the first column write down all reasons – problems and misfortunes, because of which you wanted to commit suicide, and in the second one try to come up with ideas of how to solve these problems.
    • Do not hurry to answer.

      Perhaps, because of deep depression you’ll be reluctant to do it, but you still should try.

      Treat it like some sort of game.

Contradiction of the wrong opinion on a suicide

  1. Some people mistakenly believe their suicide will hurt only them and won’t hurt others.

    After you commit suicide your close people will suffer for months or even years, feeling traumatic emotional and physical stresses and illnesses for the rest of their lives.

    Committing suicide you will never relieve suffering of other people, but only intensify them.

  2. Some people mistakenly believe committing suicide will rescue them from shame or the feeling of guilt.

    Have you ever heard of a suicide, which freed the family of the killing oneself from pain?

    Suicide will never relieve neither shame nor feeling of guilt.

    Actually it bears the intolerable shame for you and your close people.

  3. Some people mistakenly believe suicide is a right choice.

    It’s an evil and selfish choice.

    This choice is always wrong and it’s a burden for your family and society.

    Those, who commit suicide, think only about themselves and are really indifferent to their families, friends, society and country.

  4. Some people are mistaken, when they think suicide will eliminate others’ burden.

    Actually, it only increases others’ problems.

    Parents, family, friends, society and country – all of them helped you to grow since you were a helpless child.

    Now you are going to selfishly kill yourself.

    Is this the way you want to thank them for the kindness and care they expressed towards you?

  5. Some people wish to get their revenge by committing suicide and hurting the offenders.

    Actually the main harm goes only to you.

    It brings little suffering to those, who wish you harm, but really hurts those, who wish you good – those, who love and care about you.

    Committing it you will just fulfill the wish of your enemy, just like taking the poison and believing your enemy will die.

  6. Some people believe that due to suicide they’ll stop causing trouble.

    Those, who wish to kill themselves, do not think how much others care or realize how valuable they are, because they are selfishly focused on their own problems.

    Suicide is an unthinkable shock for a family, friends, society and country.

  7. Some people mistakenly believe their suicide won’t have a negative effect on others.

    Nevertheless, it’s the worst example of treating your life.

    When someone is killing himself, it negatively reflects on his family, people around and even on pets.

    Some people are mistaken when they believe they’ll become famous and legendary after committing suicide.

  8. Another wrong reason is that suicide is the end to all sufferings.

    Suicide will stop neither your sufferings nor fear to live.

    It’s impossible to prove philosophically or scientifically or to give some evidence there are no future lives.

    Do not kill yourself because it won’t end your suffering and will only create your own hell.

10 reasons not to commit suicide

If it seems you are unable to overcome deep pain, you are likely to have some thoughts about suicide.

The pain may be too strong and suicide will seem the only way out to get rid of the things, which bring you worry and hardships.

In this very moment you must realize there are some reasons not to commit suicide.

Reasons not to commit suicide:

  1. If you read this article, a small part of you does not want to die for sure.

    So, think again, perhaps, you would like to go on living and start enjoying it again.

  2. Suicide is the end and you won’t fix it.

    You won’t be able to come back and change anything.

    So, if you have any doubts, you must continue fighting in order to stay alive.

  3. You can always kill yourself later, so why not wait a little?

    Even if this is only one day, you can find a reason not to kill yourself at the current moment.

  4. Let’s discuss a case, when you are trying to run away from pain and you are looking for a way to find relief.

    Remember – suicide won’t be your best decision.

    You’ll never feel relieved or any other feelings, if you are dead.

    You must stay alive to feel the relief, which you are looking for so hard.

  5. Very often when suicidal thoughts appear in your head, it seems to you that you are very lonely, but it’s not true.

    You are not lonely at all.

    You have found us, have not you?

    Besides, you might turn to your family and friends, or finally to a priest or call helpline – to anyone, who will listen.

  6. Understand that if you stop your life right now, you’ll stop your future.

    You create your future in your own, mind it.

    You have enough power to create what you want to see in your future, but you must be alive to have it.

  7. If you are too sensitive to such pain at the current moment, and thoughts that you do not want to live anymore visit you, think that if you cope with it you’ll be able to help others.

    At first help yourself and then offer your help to someone else.

  8. Understand that you won’t have a second chance.

    All hardships and problems are temporary, and if you cope with them now, you’ll have a chance to have new reasons for happiness; otherwise, you’ll get only death and the end of life.

  9. Do not hurt your close people.

    Just think how much they are going to suffer, and you won’t elementary see them, neither they’ll see you.

    Understand that you do not only deprive yourself of life, but you “remove” yourself from the lives of your friends and family.

  10. Understand that you are not the only one, who faced similar thoughts, but having overcome them you’ll discover the reasons to value life.

How to get rid of the thoughts about suicide?

Suicidal thoughts may appear, when you feel hopeless, lonely and despair becomes unbearable.

You may be filled with pain, because of which killing yourself might seem the only way to set yourself free from this burden you have on your shoulders.

Under no circumstances make such mistake. Get rid of these thoughts!

If you are reluctant to search the reasons not to commit suicide, you should:

  • introspect

    The most important thing you need to fight – is the conviction about lack of sense in the further existence.

    Think when you were born; your mother coped with a difficult period of being pregnant and giving you birth – your life already had sense.

  • be busy

    This is a very efficient way – to keep your thoughts busy with work or physical load.

    Fill your schedule so that you had free time only to sleep.

    Your tired organism will have no possibility to have long and useless reasoning.

  • go in for sports

    Sports and physical culture will not only make you more attractive, but are sure to fill your free time with benefits.

  • find a hobby

    If you are an easily carried away person, hobby will take you much time and attention.

    Try to look for your passion and disposition.

    Perhaps, in childhood you were interested in something or even were successful in it, but then you forgot it.

  • rest

    Let yourself rest – in another city, country, but the best option – in another line.

    The change of scenery and climate will definitely refresh your impressions.

  • take a pet

    Pets require warmth, care, love and attention.

    Without intention you’ll do life-affirming actions and – again – feel yourself needed and important.

Instruction how not to commit suicide

  1. If you believe death is the best way out of a situation and it frees you from sufferings, you should remember there are no ways, which guarantee to take away your life fast and painless.

    However, you can easily become physically challenged after it.

    There are simply no “good” ways to commit suicide, which secure the absence of such kind of consequences.

  2. Think what if an attempt to commit suicide turns to be successful.

    Now, imagine what a bad favor you’ll do to your relatives and close people.

    Any death is a shock, but suicide is usually treated sharper than a death from illness or accident.

    Besides, they’ll need many expenses to cover the funerals.

    However, the case is not over here: your action can shorten the life of close people.

    Heart attack, brain attack, rapid acute exacerbation of a chronic disease…

    As a result you may become not only a person, who killed himself, but a killer, too.

  3. Make up a list of problems, which you wish to avoid – write them down with your hand or print them.

    It is sure to let you escape from them and look at the situation from the side.

    Are there those, which are impossible to solve another way?

    Are there situations which cannot be fixed?

    What is the worst thing that can happen?

    Now, compare it to the risks of committing suicide.

  4. Turn to a doctor.

    An instinct for self-preservation is the biggest for any healthy living being.

    In case you are driven to commit suicide, it’s a definite sign you need medical help and you should not be ashamed of turning to a doctor.

In conclusion, we’d like to say that no matter what hardships and misfortune life can present you, remember how precious and unique it is.

Find reasons not to commit suicide and mind that all problems have their solution, and pain will sooner or later leave you.

It’s important to survive these moments and you’ll find happiness again.

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