How to Leave a Married Man?

How to leave a married man fast and painlessly? Real advices for women who want to get rid of this burden.


Every woman can fall in love with a man who has a family.

The best thing you can do is to leave a married man and stop such a doubtful relationship. But often the women fall in love, and sometimes it’s too late when they understand their mistake.

The heart is full of feelings and it’s not easy to get rid of them. At this moment for sure you have no ideas to leave a man even if he is married.

No matter how strong is your wish, a relationship with a married man has no future. That’s why you should think of how to leave a married man without any hope to have a happy end.

You have almost no chances.

Why haven’t you left a married man yet?

  1. Soul mates.

    Probably, you consider him your soul mate and you match each other so well.Look attentively at his behavior and think properly about it once again.

    And then answer the questions:

    • Can a person be your soul mate if he gives you the role of “another wife” or his love mate?
    • Can a person be your soul mate if he leads a double life, prefers playing honesty and trust «games» with his family and other people?
    • Even if a man promises to leave his wife because their relationship is finished, why he doesn’t solve all his problems first and doesn’t finish one relationship before starting the other.
    • Why does he make so many difficulties for you?
  2. A promise to marry.

    Married men don’t let some women leave promising to leave their wives and marry them in the future.

    But you should remember about life at this moment but not in the future.

    You don’t have any guarantees that one day he leaves the wife.

    The investigations show that the relationship which is built on husband’s cheating exists in 5 per cent of such cases.

    If a man cheated his wife with you, most probably he will cheat you with somebody else too.

    If he lies now how you are going to trust him in the future.

    Pay attention to how he speaks about his wife. Are his comments concerning her regardful and fair? Why doesn’t he want to be with his wife anymore?

    If he offends his wife and finds her the only one to be guilty, probably, it makes you sure for a while that he doesn’t love her anymore. But one day the same can happen to you. And you will be found guilty too.

    Would you like him to be spoken about like that?

  3. The status of the «second woman».

    If you are ready to have a status of the «second woman» and wait your turn, you agree to play the secondary role and to lower your self-esteem.

    If you happened to be in a relationship with a married man, it’s high time to change the situation. May be it’s the only one moment to think how to leave him.

Why should you end a relationship with a married man and leave him?

  1. You will have to keep your relationship with him private, you won’t be able to share anything with your friends and relatives as you could do with usual relationship.

    You won’t be able to get acquainted with his parents, with his relatives and friends, probably only after his divorce in the future, but don’t forget that we are living now at this moment.

  2. One of the most important parts of any relationship is ability for personal growth and development.

    A relationship with a married man which has no development, not only doesn’t give you a chance to find a man to get married, but prevents your personal growth as you don’t know what is waiting for you in the future.

  3. You will spend your vacation alone, and he will be with his wife and children but not with you.

    You can be easily offended at this time.

  4. Some part of his life will be spent far from you and you will feel yourself isolated.

    You will live in the shade of his life.

  5. Very often married men convince the women that they don’t have any intimate relations with their wives anymore and sleep in separate beds.

    As a rule if they are still married and live under the same roof, there is no doubt that his wife has no idea about your existence.

  6. A person whom you are interested in and probably love is a husband who lies.

    Whether you want to see it or you don’t want, a relationship with a married man influences your view of life.

    If one, whom you believe and trust, can lie, then all the rest men can do the same.

    Your opinion concerning the men and a relationship begin to change even if you haven’t noticed it yet.

    The relations with a married man change your outlook and view of life worse.

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How to leave a married man fast and painlessly?

  1. Don’t stop meeting with other men.

    Lots of women, who have a relationship with a married man, make the biggest mistake when they stop meeting with other men and give him all their attention spending time with him.

    If you fell in love with a married man tell him that he has to divorce first otherwise you leave him.

    Don’t stop looking for the other candidates.

  2. Pay into account real time limits.

    If a man swears to divorce with his wife soon, tell him how much time you are ready to wait.

    If he doesn’t tell you the date when he is ready to file for divorce and obtain it, it says about his unwillingness to divorce.

    Very often men use their children saying that it is better to divorce when the children grow older or something like that.Think about it properly if you don’t want to lose some years of your life.

    If you aren’t ready then leave him with a status of a married man.

  3. Concentrate on your interests.

    Don’t be ready to meet with a married man each time as soon as he has an opportunity to escape from his family only because he is free now.

    Don’t put him in the first place while he lets you be in the second.Concentrate on your interests instead of thinking where and with whom he is now or spending all your free time and efforts on this guy.What is the most important thing in your life?

    What does make you happy? May be when you answer these questions you leave your so to say love without any regret.

    For sure you don’t need to live in the shade of a married man waiting for his attention.

    Start doing what you like or start learning something new, think what you can do right now to improve your life.

  4. Make a group of support.

    Sometimes it’s really too difficult to leave a married man.

    Most probably he will try not to let you leave using your weak points so skillfully for this purpose.You will need a support.

    Try to be in the company of people whom you trust. Then leaving a married man doesn’t become a problem.

  5. Seek for professional help.

    In some cases when you depend on a married man and you feel you aren’t enough strong to leave, ask yourself: why did it happen?

    What motives, needs and conflicts you are moved by?Expert’s advice is a good support at this time. Very often women who have some problems with self-esteem and can’t find themselves in their life are happen to be in such a situation.

    They can’t so easily leave a man who is married.

    If the therapy was chosen correct you have all chances to start living a new life.

  6. Prove yourself that you deserve more.

    You should think all the time that you deserve more than a secret relationship with a man, who lies his wife and other people.

    The more you are sure of it, the more you are ready to leave a married man easily.Make a list of those things which you deserve as a woman in a relationship with a man and convince yourself in it.

    You will see how your attitude to the situation will start changing.

A relationship with a married man is a situation which is painful for women and makes them suffer.

It seems their case is unique and they met a man of their dream at last, they feel the same to each other and their feelings are unusual and worth fighting for.

Unfortunately, in most cases such stories rarely if ever have a «happy end». That’s why you should think about how to leave a married man and solve this problem as soon as possible. It is be the best decision in such a situation.

You don’t want to be disappointed and hurt, do you?

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